Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 618 – An Encounter, King Chu’s Care

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Chapter 618 An Encounter, King Chu’s Care

Feng Yuran did not stay in Anhe Palace for long. When he had calmed down, he chatted with Mo Xuetong for a while and then, left with the eunuch sent by Emperor Zongwen. Mo Xuetong straightened up her clothes and did not stay idle. She went to the Empress Dowager’s Cining Palace. When she was ill, the palace had sent gifts to her. Of course, she had to express her grat.i.tude.

The reason she had entered the palace earlier because she wanted to express her grat.i.tude first in case anyone accused her of being rude due to this matter.

When she was ill, others would not fight about it. However, now that she was fine, she had to give an explanation to several big shots in the palace. No matter how the outside fight was, those people were elders and Feng Yuran had to take on filial duties. Since he wanted to go far on that road, Mo Xuetong could not drag him down.

The reason why she chose Cining Palace first was because it was the Empress Dowager who lived there. In the entire harem, the Empress Dowager had the most respected status.

The matter of Consort Zhao and Consort Yu had just happened in the palace. The battle between the two favored consorts had resulted in both sides suffering. Everyone in the harem felt insecure. There was no longer any lively and laughing scene. The Empress was still paying respect for Buddha. Two imperial n.o.ble consorts were in charge of the harem, but since either of them was the Empress, they lacked the status to work.

However, no matter what, King Chu, Feng Yuxuan’s status was much improved. He was the Emperor’s eldest son and his mother had a n.o.ble status, and was also in charge of the harem; besides, he had made great achievements in the court. He seemed to be the most powerful prince among all the princes. Now, he was popular in the court.

However, Mo Xuetong did not know why he appeared in the palace now. Furthermore, he was coincidentally standing on the path she had to pa.s.s.

Mo Xuetong stopped and looked up with her watery eyes. It was King Chu, Feng Yuxuan who was coming toward her. She had never seen him since the incident at King Chu’s Manor.

Feng Yuxuan was also wearing a light purple royal robe today. Even though it was also purple, it was completely different from Feng Yuran’s flamboyant purple robe. It was much plainer, bringing out his elegance and grace. He was still the King Chu who was as gentle as jade.

“Greetings, King Chu.” Mo Xuetong retracted her eyes lightly and gave a slight bow according to the curtsy.

Feng Yuxuan walked up to Mo Xuetong and swept his gaze across her jade-like white face. Even though she did not look very healthy, she was still extremely beautiful. Furthermore, there was a hint of natural delicacy in her body. Her watery eyes were beautiful and attractive. No one would forget such a woman, including him! What was more, this woman was so smart!

Before he married Ling Fengyan, he had been having a crush on her. However, it was a secret and he had never told anyone about it.

He smiled and said gently, “Consort Xuan, please rise!” However, he did not move away and was still in Mo Xuetong’s way.

“I heard that you’re feeling better, Consort Xuan? I think you’re still too weak. Why don’t you have more rest?” He stood at the intersection and said those caring words with a smile. His handsome eyes were filled with affection. He did not feel that it was too much for him to care about his sister-in-law so much.

“Many thanks for your concern, King Chu. I’m almost cured.” Mo Xuetong’s smile was as light as water and she seemed distant. She took two steps back and kept a distance from Feng Yuxuan.

Feng Yuxuan looked as if he did not notice Mo Xuetong’s alienation at all. He continued to smile gently and elegantly. “Do you know that Father is about to bestow a marriage to Old Eight today? Princess Caifeng from the Southern Barbarian Lands is about to enter and host King Xuan’s Manor. What are you going to do?”

His voice carried a deep sigh of concern that could not be ignored. If it were another woman, she might be dazzled by him. However, Mo Xuetong would not. The smile on her lips was as cold as ice. “Your Highness, how did you know that Princess Caifeng is going to marry into King Xuan’s Manor and that she will take my place?”

Feng Yuxuan deliberately got in her way. Did he want to find out more about Princess Caifeng? Given Feng Yuxuan’s character, it would be perfect for him to do such a thing. He had come to King Xuan’s Manor every day during the past few days. Even though he also chatted and laughed with Princess Caifeng, compared with the other two, he seemed to be a little too perfunctory.

Whenever Feng Yulei and Feng Yuzhen arrived at King Xuan’s Manor, they went straight to find Princess Caifeng to have fun and chat. Feng Yuxuan usually went to Crown Prince Xieyue first and said a few polite words to Princess Caifeng before he left. He did not seem to be in a hurry. Instead, it seemed that it was about etiquette and he did not seem to want to b.u.t.ter up to Princess Caifeng.

Didn’t he want to marry Princess Caifeng and increase the strength of his side?

Mo Xuetong had long heard that Feng Yuxuan had been to Ding General Manor. Then he must have talked with Ding General Manor and they had reached an agreement!

“It’s well-known that Eighth brother is very handsome. As long as Princess Caifeng has eyes, she will definitely choose Eighth brother. Eighth brother was the one who picked her up when she entered the city. I heard that the two of them had a happy talk at that time. One of them was in the carriage while the other was on the horse. Princess Caifeng lifted the curtain and chatted and laughed with Eighth brother. Everyone in the capital knows that. Don’t you know that?”

Feng Yuxuan did not answer her question, and instead, he lowered his head to look at her and asked softly.

“And Father also has the same intention. You know that Eighth brother is Father’s favorite son, but your ident.i.ty…”

Mo Xuetong’s status was a little low. As for the other princes, even King Ning married the daughter of a first-grade official. Only Feng Yuran was married to the daughter of a third-grade official. From this point of view, Feng Yuran had already lost the advantage. Furthermore, in the Mo family, only Mo Huawen was capable; the younger generation was not as capable as he was and his son was good-for-nothing.

It was normal for the Emperor not satisfied with her.

Mo Xuetong did not expect every word Feng Yuxuan said today to be related to her. He not only pointed out Feng Yuran’s loose manner, but also thoroughly understood Emperor Zongwen’s thoughts. If she had not known that Feng Yuxuan was very shrewd, even she would had thought that he really cared about her. She looked up and her beautiful eyes rolled slightly. There was a hint of sadness in her eyes. “If Princess Caifeng wants to marry into King Xuan’s Manor and become Consort Xuan, will His Majesty agree?”

The sadness made her look even more pitiful. Coupled with her delicate body and slightly furrowed brows, these things all hinted that she was helpless and aggrieved. Feng Yuxuan’s heart tightened and he could not help but reach out to touch her. Fortunately, he reacted in time. He waved his hand in the air and put it behind his back. He clenched his hand tightly. It was not the right time yet. He could not be anxious in case he would scare her.

He had seen her many times in his dreams. The person in front of him was clearly the woman he had been missing very much, but he couldn’t act rashly.

“Princess Caifeng has been living in King Xuan’s Manor for the past few days. I heard that she has long treated King Xuan’s Manor as her own courtyard. Some of the flowers in the manor had been plucked to her liking. Eighth brother didn’t seem to say anything. If she really marries into King Xuan’s Manor in the future, even if you become a co-wife, you will still be a concubine. I’m afraid it will be bad for you!”

Feng Yuxuan held back the desire in his heart and his eyes grew darker, but there was gentleness hidden deep in them. Most of the people knew how Princess Caifeng was during these days. She was arrogant and unreasonable. If such a woman were to enter the back courtyard, she would be able to destroy all the women in the back courtyard.

If Princess Caifeng really married into King Xuan’s Manor and became Consort Xuan, Mo Xuetong would have a hard life. Given Princess Caifeng’s character, it would be hard for her to survive.

“If you want to leave King Xuan’s Manor, I can help you!” Feng Yuxuan stated softly when he saw the sadness in Mo Xuetong’s cold expression.

Mo Xuetong looked up at him quietly. There was deep darkness in her eyes. Even though his gaze looked gentle, it was very complicated, so complicated that she could not understand it at the moment. However, there was something she did not like inside. It was a kind of strong desire to be in possession. He had hurt her again and again, and if she had not died once, and had not been able to bear it, she might have died many times already.

The person who had tried to hurt her had appeared in front of her with warm pa.s.sions. He looked as if he wanted to help her sincerely. How could Mo Xuetong not mock him in her heart? King Chu really could not bear to see her and Feng Yuran being good. She lowered her eyes slightly to hide the mocking and disgust in them.

“He wants me to leave King Xuan’s Manor? Does he want me to doubtfully become a mistress?”

Not to mention that it was impossible for Princess Caifeng to enter and host King Xuan’s Manor, even if Feng Yuran had to marry Princess Caifeng under the pressure of the Emperor, Mo Xuetong believed that he had enough means to suppress Princess Caifeng, making her unable to act. Although the Southern Barbarian Lands was a strong aid, they might become enemies in different circ.u.mstances.

“There are two choices here for you to consider. If you still want to stay in King Xuan’s Manor, Princess Caifeng will definitely not allow you to stay. Given Sir Mo’s status, even if something happens to you, he will at most send someone to create trouble. Father will not punish Eighth brother. Furthermore, Princess Caifeng comes from the Southern Barbarian Lands and cannot be hurt easily. Think about it. Even if you stay in King Xuan’s Manor, you can only die in vain. The other way is to leave. Only if you leave will you have a chance to survive. Eighth brother has always been a playboy. It’s right about the limit for him to be so kind to you for so many days. You cannot ask him to be loyal to you all the time.”

Seeing that Mo Xuetong did not say anything, Feng Yuxuan thought that she faltered a little. He started to point out his reasons calmly. He believed that as long as she was smart, she would definitely choose to leave. And he had always believed that Mo Xuetong was a smart woman. A smart woman would always choose a path that would benefit her.

One of the roads had been cut off, and there was still hope on the other road!

“I have a courtyard and it happens to be outside the city. I’ll take you back when the matter is settled in the future. I promise you here that I won’t treat you badly. Although I can’t make you my wife, I’ll definitely give you the position of second consort. Except for the position of the first consort, I will give you all the other things that I can give you, and I won’t let you be bullied by the first consort.”

“King Chu, do you know what you are talking about?” Mo Xuetong looked up calmly. The sadness in her eyes had disappeared. Her expression suddenly turned calm and she asked lightly, as if she did not know that Feng Yuxuan was using this chance to tell her about his feelings.

Mo Ye took two steps back and looked around warily because if someone heard this, it would be hard to explain!

Feng Yuxuan felt a little depressed when he saw her calm eyes. He frowned slightly and looked at Mo Xuetong’s pale and weak face carefully. He had a bad feeling that it was beyond his control. Did what he had thought was an easy matter go wrong?

“Tong’er, I know what I am talking about. I will definitely do what I promised you just now. Do you still remember when we were in Cloud City? At that time, I’ve already fall in love with you. I wanted to ask Father to bestow the marriage upon us. However, due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, we missed each other. If it were not because Eighth brother was injured seriously and your Eight Characters were in line with his, you would not be Consort Xuan but my consort.”

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