Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 619 – Provoke Him, Feng Yuxuan’s Anger

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Chapter 619 Provoke Him, Feng Yuxuan’s Anger

Feng Yuxuan thought that his words were full of affection. Furthermore, this was also the truth. He had always wanted to tell those words to Mo Xuetong. He had hoped that she would be as gentle and shy as him when he said it in front of her. However, he did not expect Mo Xuetong to still look at him coldly and distantly.

There was no surprise, no shyness, not even fluctuation, as if she did not care about his excitement and joy at all. She was so calm that Feng Yuxuan had an impulse to break her calmness. How could that be? With his status and appearance, no woman had ever been so cold to him.

For no reason, there was a wave of annoyance surging in his heart.

“Many thanks for your kindness, King Chu. But I am now Consort Xuan and will be Consort Xuan in the future. I do not intend to give up my position to Princess Caifeng. Sorry to bother you, King Chu.” There was not a hint of warmth in the smile on Mo Xuetong’s lips. She ignored Feng Yuxuan’s words and curtsied to him again. She took two steps back and made way for him, signaling for him to leave first.

“You…” Feng Yuxuan did not expect Mo Xuetong to treat him in such a manner. The smile on his face slowly faded away, replaced by a hint of coldness. He took two steps forward and could not help but reach out to grab Mo Xuetong’s hand. However, Mo Xuetong took another two steps back and avoided his hand. She looked up with her watery eyes and her tone was cold.

“Your Highness King Chu, are you sure you want to hold your sister-in-law’s hand here?”

This was not a question. Even though her voice was still soft and slow, as if she was very gentle, her tone was cold and determined. Her words reminded Feng Yuxuan. He paused and stopped chasing after Mo Xuetong. They were in the imperial palace where many people came and went. No matter who saw this scene, it would not be good.

Although he was in an advantageous position now, he didn’t dare to mess around in the palace at this time, lest someone caught him.

It didn’t matter if he said a few words to Mo Xuetong, but if he really manhandled her, it would be inappropriate. He had chosen the road ahead, which was a little remote. However, he didn’t expect that it would be a little later when he ran into her even if he had measured the time. Although it was also secluded here, there was a main road not far ahead. Maybe someone would see them.

Even though he stopped chase after her, he did not make way for her. He could not help but land his eyes on Mo Xuetong. Ever since he saw this woman, she was the one he had been dreaming of. No matter whether it was the most beautiful woman Ling Fengyan or Ling Rui’er, she was the only woman in the capital, who had won his heart and become his dream. He seemed to have become more and more obsessed with her.

His eyes fell on her calm and slightly angry eyes. It seemed that no matter what expression she had on her face, she was always the most beautiful woman in his heart. She was extremely beautiful, and even her cold and angry eyes were full of charm. He just didn’t understand why she suddenly became angry when they talked peacefully just now.

Looking at her face, which was as delicate as a flower, he suddenly had an idea. His face softened and with a gentle smile, he asked, “Don’t you want to be a second consort?”

Just now, he said that he would give her a t.i.tle and become the second consort in his manor. Could it be that she was unwilling to accept that position? It made sense. She was Feng Yuran’s first consort, and would feel bad to become his second consort. Furthermore, he heard that his eighth brother loved her very much, and only doted on her among all the women in the back courtyard. So she would not be happy to have someone above her!

“…” Mo Xuetong was speechless for a moment. She did not know what King Chu was thinking. How did he tell that she was unwilling to be a second consort? Of course, most women were unwilling to be concubines. Who would like to be a concubine instead of the first consort?

Feng Yuxuan thought that he had guessed correctly when he saw that Mo Xuetong remained silent. He relaxed and his voice grew softer as he said slowly, “If you don’t want to be a second consort, it doesn’t matter. But I can’t make it right now. When I can really make the decision in the future, I won’t let you down and make you below others. I can even make you Empress!”

The future Empress of the country? Feng Yuxuan really dared to think about it. He really thought that he had everything in his hands!

Mo Xuetong smiled slightly and glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. Her eyes were as bright as two pieces of dark glazes. “Your Highness King Chu, didn’t I make myself clear? I am Consort Xuan. Then, I will be Consort Xuan for the rest of my life. No matter what I will face, it is a matter of King Xuan’s Manor. It has nothing to do with you, King Chu, doesn’t it?”


“Your Highness King Chu, I am Consort Xuan, your sister-in-law. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to call me that?” Mo Xuetong interrupted Feng Yuxuan coldly. There was a hint of distance and displeasure in her eyes.


“Your Highness King Chu, I’ve already understood what you mean, but I’ve already made it clear. I am going to visit the Empress Dowager now. I wonder whether she will be unhappy if she finds out that Your Highness is stopping me here,” Mo Xuetong interrupted him once again. She raised her beautiful brows slightly, with a hint of sharpness hidden between them. Her eyes were still watery but seemed to be soaked in cold water, without any warmth in them.

“You are using the Empress Dowager to suppress me!” Feng Yuxuan was first stunned by Mo Xuetong’s att.i.tude. Then, his eyes widened and he glared at Mo Xuetong coldly. He snarled, “If the Empress Dowager finds out that you are talking with me here, the first one to be punished will be you. She never likes you very much.”

What he said was true. Every time she saw the Empress Dowager, the older woman took a lukewarm att.i.tude or made trouble. Furthermore, some of the concubines Feng Yuran had ordered to be beaten to death were the Empress Dowager’s people. So, it would be strange if she was nice to Mo Xuetong!

“You said that I was the one who stopped you, but others would only think that you were the one who stood in my way shamelessly and stopped me from leaving. Other than the maidservant beside you, who else would defend you? Even if the maidservant speaks for you, since she is your maidservant, who will believe that? Do you think the Empress Dowager would believe what I say or your maidservant says?”

Mo Xuetong stared at him with a cold look in her eyes, but she did not answer.

Feng Yuxuan continued, “The two of us have been standing here and talking for a while. I didn’t bring anyone with me, and you only brought a maidservant. Even though we are not a single man and a single woman, it is almost the same. Besides, we have spoken for such a long time. What would others think? There are many smart people in the palace. As long as I say that you stopped me intentionally, how would you defend yourself?”

It was not a part of Feng Yuxuan’s plan. It was what he naturally thought after he was provoked by Mo Xuetong. Then he spoke these words to threaten her. When soft methods failed, hard tactics were used. Unless Mo Xuetong agreed to his request, he would not let her go today.

He wanted this woman wholeheartedly. Even if she had married another man, he still missed her. Then he would not let her escape. Mo Xuetong had no other choice but to choose him.

This man had tried to frame her, and endanger her life over and over again. Now, he was acting so affectionately. Mo Xuetong only felt that it was satiric. He even wanted her to be with him wholeheartedly. She really did not know why he was so confident and felt that she could only rely on him.

She lifted the corners of her lips slightly to form a bright and mocking smile. “Your Highness King Chu, I don’t want to be your first consort, not to mention your second consort. I don’t even want to have anything to do with you. I just want to walk through this road. Your Highness, you have a high status. You’d better not make things difficult for both of us. Otherwise, I will not be the only one to lose face then. Furthermore, Your Highness, are you sure that Princess Caifeng will marry Yuran!”

Since Feng Yuxuan had stated his purpose, Mo Xuetong did not want to hide anymore. It was better to reveal some things, lest Feng Yuxuan would think of any other speculations. No matter what happened to Princess Caifeng or the Southern Barbarian Lands, these were all variables. Who could control these variables was nearly successful.

Feng Yuxuan was trying to trouble Feng Yuran! He wanted to make Feng Yuran unable to take care of himself. Perhaps, Feng Yuxuan had his own selfish motives. However, it made Mo Xuetong feel even more disgusted! She did not like to be plotted against. It made her feel as if there was nowhere to run and she could only follow the path he pointed out.

This reminded her of her past life. In her past life, she had followed the path Auntie Fang and Mo Xuemin had given her. That was why she had ended up in such a miserable and hopeless situation. In this life, she did not want anyone to interfere in her life. Furthermore, this person was King Chu, Feng Yuxuan, who had a bad intention. Did he think that taking her away would be as simple as breaking off a flower by the roadside?

Feng Yuxuan really looked down on her and Feng Yuran. It seemed that what had happened in the harem and the court had made him have the upper hand in every aspect recently. That was why he had such an idea and wanted to get Mo Xuetong. The thing about Princess Caifeng was originally just a pretext.

“You really don’t want to be with me?” Feng Yuxuan’s expression darkened. He had completely skipped the topic of Princess Caifeng. He was truly angry. A hint of viciousness flashed across his eyes. His eyes were dark and he no longer looked gentle and calm. Looking at Mo Xuetong, he asked word by word. The air around him also became a little cold.

No longer caring about her surroundings, Mo Ye walked up to Mo Xuetong and looked at Feng Yuxuan warily.

“No, I don’t!” Mo Xuetong answered firmly, which made her soft voice more sonorous and powerful. However, it also angered Feng Yuxuan in an instant. Feng Yuxuan’s eyebrows were already covered with thick gloom and coldness, and uncontrollable beating.

“Good, good, good, since you don’t want to obediently enter my manor, then I won’t let you off the hook even if you die without a burial ground. You bring it on yourself.” Feng Yuxuan flicked his light purple robe sleeves as if he wanted to break something. He rushed up suddenly and grabbed Mo Xuetong’s sleeves to pull her into his embrace.

“Do you think that Eighth brother’s manor will still have you there and Father will still be able to tolerate you after someone sees that you throw yourself into my arms?” He laughed coldly and pressed his fingers hard. There was a heavy haze in his eyes. His att.i.tude was certain and his words were vicious. He was completely different from how he usually behaved in front of everyone.

Mo Xuetong was already weak. And she did not expect Feng Yuxuan, who had always been thoughtful and keeping his thoughts to himself, to be so crazy. Her wrist was immediately grabbed and before she had time to exclaim, she was pulled to Feng Yuxuan’s embrace. Mo Xuetong hurriedly reached out to the side. If she were to really into Feng Yuxuan’s embrace, she would not be able to explain it. With Feng Yuxuan’s usual att.i.tude and the Emperor’s favor, she would be really forced into a dead end.

Feng Yuxuan had lost control of himself to this extent!

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