Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 622 – Hatred, Princess Caifeng’s Obsessiveness

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Chapter 622 Hatred, Princess Caifeng’s Obsessiveness

Princess Caifeng was unwilling to accept the ending!

She couldn’t accept the ending any way!

She had been looking forward to it for such a long time, and she had thought that it would be natural for her to marry Feng Yuran. However, Crown Prince Xieyue had thought that she was being unreasonable. How could Princess Caifeng, who was determined to marry Feng Yuran, not be angry? She hated Crown Prince Xieyue as well!

She felt as if she had been abandoned by Crown Prince Xieyue. This kind of feeling burned in her heart so badly that when Hu Qianyue came over to help her dress up, she still looked gloomy. She pursed her lips angrily, and her face was full of hatred and rage. Her maidservants had been beaten just now. At this time, they were trembling and didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. They came and went with light steps.

“What’s wrong, Your Highness? Didn’t you dress up happily today? You’re going to get your wish. The Qin Kingdom’s Emperor will bestow the marriage on you, and you’ll really become Consort Xuan. In the future, you will take charge of the inner and outer courtyards of the manor. Why are you unhappy now? Don’t you like the handsome King Xuan anymore, Your Highness?”

Although Hu Qianyue had already known the reason, she smiled with a confused look. Her every move looked sincere, and it was impossible to tell that she was deliberately stabbing dagger to Princess Caifeng’s heart.

When she finished speaking, she still had an envious expression on her face, as if she was very envious that Princess Caifeng could marry such an outstanding husband!

Hearing this, Princess Caifeng was so angry that her liver hurt. She violently put the hairpin in her hand on the table and said coldly, “Didn’t you and Elder brother always want me to marry King Yan? Why are you talking about this at this time? Are you deliberately trying to provoke me?”

If King Yan hadn’t helped her up last time, her elder brother wouldn’t have wanted her to marry King Yan. This matter had something to do with Hu Qianyue. Thinking of the whole thing, Princess Caifeng wouldn’t have been kind to Hu Qianyue. She looked at her coldly in the mirror, with a trace of cruelty flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes.

Being able to stand out among so many princesses and escape from the marriage with the man of a desolate country, Princess Caifeng was not that stupid and ramstam.

At that time, she didn’t keep blaming Hu Qianyue for it, but in her heart, she was far from being as close with Hu Qianyue as when they came here. Sometimes, she even had some vague vigilance to her.

“King Yan, how could that be!” Hu Qianyue exclaimed and stood up in shock. She covered her mouth with her handkerchief in disbelief and said, “Your Highness, didn’t King Yan say anything that day? Furthermore, if it got out, it would damage his reputation. How could he use this matter to force Your Highness to marry him? It’s too hateful. How could it be?”

“Force me?” Princess Caifeng frowned as she looked at Hu Qianyue.

“Ah, no… I, maybe I got it wrong. It isn’t what I thought!” As she found that Princess Caifeng had noticed the word “force”, Hu Qianyue put on a nervous look. She stammered to explain. However, the panic on her face did not carry any conviction at all. On the contrary, it made others even more suspicious of her.

“Tell me, what happened?” Princess Caifeng’s face turned cold. She turned her head sharply and stared straight at Hu Qianyue. “You’d better not give me the runaround. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Elder brother is the boss here. No matter how powerful Third brother is, he can’t reach the Qin Kingdom. Even if something happens to you, Third brother won’t be able to blame Elder brother.”

On the way to the Qin Kingdom, the envoys of the Southern Barbarian Lands had encountered from time to time, and even Crown Prince Xieyue had been missing for a while. As the daughter of a minister, it was not unreasonable for her to have an accident. If they said that she had been, no one had evidence to deny it.

Princess Caifeng’s words caused the smile on Hu Qianyue’s face to freeze. An imperceptible panic flashed across her eyes, but she quickly returned to normal, as if she had not heard the threatening meaning behind Princess Caifeng’s words.

“All right, all right, Your Highness, I’ll tell you, but I’m not sure. Some of them are my own guesses. Don’t blame me later!”

“Don’t worry, I can tell!” Princess Caifeng replied.

“Yesterday when King Yan came, I went to the back garden to wander about. As I was resting in a pavilion, I heard two maidservants pa.s.sing by and talking. They said that King Yan and the Crown Prince were resting in the east courtyard and they had a good chat. The Crown Prince asked King Yan to treat you well, and said that no matter what, you are still the princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands.”

Hu Qianyue stated with a frown, as if she was thinking about something.

“Why did you say that he forced me?” Princess Caifeng asked coldly.

“In fact, this is just my thought,” Hu Qianyue said bashfully. Looking at the displeased expression on Princess Caifeng’s face, she immediately added, “I’ll tell Your Highness about it. If you don’t think so, then just forget it. It may not be true.”

“Say it!”

“Your Highness, you should still remember what happened that day. Originally, the matter was over. However, Crown Prince Xieyue later asked King Yan to go over and forced him to leave a token, and if King Yan refused, Crown Prince Xieyue would go public with it. I heard that King Yan had no choice but to leave that token. In… my opinion, it seems that…”

There were some things that she, as an official’s daughter, should not say. However, she had already made it clear what she meant. By the time she paused with an awkward expression on her face, Princess Caifeng had already gritted her teeth.

She had understood what Hu Qianyue meant. How could she not understand?

It was a threat! It was indeed a threat! She was determined to marry Feng Yuran, but suddenly, someone told her that she was going to marry Feng Yuran’s elder brother. Furthermore, the reason was because of her elder brother. This made Princess Caifeng feel a hatred that had been abandoned by her family. This hatred was so strong that it almost destroyed her rationality.

Since she was a child, she had been warned by her mother that she had to rely on her elder brother, the Crown Prince so that she could survive in the palace. There were many princesses and princes in the harem of the Southern Barbarian Emperor, especially a princess whose mother had a humble background. Almost no one cared if she was alive or dead. But since she sincerely attached herself to Crown Prince Xieyue, she found that she was also a n.o.ble princess.

The daughters of the officials who looked down on her in the past couldn’t be compared to her!

Moreover, Princess Caifeng, who had known what it felt like, had wholeheartedly treated Crown Prince Xieyue as her own elder brother. She knew that if Crown Prince Xieyue did not treat her as his younger sister, she would be like a servant in the palace, and might even humbler. And because of her being sensible, Crown Prince Xieyue treated her very well and even tried to find a way to get her out of that deadly marriage.

But now, Princess Caifeng was mad!

Her mind and heart were full of hatred for Crown Prince Xieyue. She only thought that he deliberately wanted to ruin her beautiful marriage. She didn’t remember how Crown Prince Xieyue protected her in the past at all. She didn’t even remember that the reason why she took Crown Prince Xieyue as her own elder brother was that she felt that standing on Crown Prince Xieyue’s side could make her live freely, arrogantly, and really like a princess.

In essence, she had taken advantage of Crown Prince Xieyue to get benefit. At this time, she found that not only did she not get any benefits, but she had also ruined her original plan. How could she remember any benefit that Crown Prince Xieyue had brought to her in the past?

Unknowingly, Hu Qianyue had thrust the thorn in Princess Caifeng’s heart!

However, she also knew that it was impossible for Princess Caifeng to defeat Crown Prince Xieyue at this time. Moreover, she could not let Crown Prince Xieyue know what she said; otherwise, she would lose her life. To this deep Crown Prince, Hu Qianyue did not dare to fight against him. She immediately changed the next subject and comforted Princess Caifeng with a smile.

“Your Highness, don’t be angry. Maybe what I thought is wrong. Maybe the Crown Prince is doing this for your own good. Look at how weak Consort Yan is. She will definitely give you the position of the first consort. Even though Consort Xuan is ill and weak, she is not easy to get along with. I was reprimanded by her when I went to see her today. It seems that she will not give up the position of the first consort. Even if you marry King Xuan, you can only be an ordinary second consort.”

“What? How dare she not give up the position of the first consort? She’s just a third-grade official’s daughter. How can she fight with Elder brother?” Princess Caifeng’s attention was successfully diverted and she vented all her anger on Mo Xuetong. She gritted her teeth and could not get rid of her anger. She only felt that if Mo Xuetong did not allow her to be Consort Xuan, her elder brother would not have asked her to marry King Yan.

Wasn’t that woman going to die? Princess Caifeng had thought that when she died, she wouldn’t have to kill her in person. However, it seemed that she had to do something. If she didn’t get rid of this woman, she couldn’t marry King Xuan at all. Her elder brother wouldn’t agree to let her, a princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands, be a second consort. It was a slap in the face of the Southern Barbarian Lands if she became a second consort!

When she thought that Crown Prince Xieyue was her backing, Princess Caifeng no longer cared about the hatred and anger she had for him!

After she found someone to vent her hatred on, Princess Caifeng, who was blinded by anger, only wanted to deal with Mo Xuetong. However, she was pressed for time and it was too late for her to send someone to kill Mo Xuetong. Furthermore, Mo Xuetong had already entered the palace. Even if she had a few highly skilled guards around her, they would not be able to kill her in the palace, and instead, they would trap in there.

“What should we do? That s.l.u.t has already entered the palace, right?” Princess Caifeng’s eyes were bloodshot as she asked Hu Qianyue through gritted teeth.

“Your Highness, this… is really hard to deal with!” Hu Qianyue also frowned and looked helpless. “Since the Crown Prince has said that to you just now, it means that he has already made up his mind. You have only one chance now: to deal with Consort Xuan before the Qin Kingdom’s Emperor grants you a marriage. In this way, the Crown Prince might give you a chance.”

Her words sounded like she was trying to persuade Princess Caifeng, but the urgency in her words made Princess Caifeng unable to sit still any longer. Princess Caifeng stood up and started to walk back and forth in the room.

Hu Qianyue hesitated and said, “Your Highness, maybe there is still a chance…”

“What is it? Say it.” Princess Caifeng’s eyes lit up. She hurried over to her and stopped to ask.

“That South Pearl necklace…”

The Duo La box that was sent to the palace of the Qin Kingdom? Princess Caifeng’s eyes widened and joy appeared on her face when she heard Hu Qianyue’s reminder. She heard that the Duo La box that was sent to the palace as a national gift had been sent to the palace a while ago and had become an item of the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager would definitely take a look at such a precious item, so the box had definitely been opened once.

Having met the air, the medicine in the box must have changed…

“Go to the palace, go to the palace immediately. I want to pay my respects to the Empress Dowager!” Princess Caifeng sat in front of the dressing table and knocked on the hairpin beside her excitedly. She ordered, “Qianyue, come to the palace with me this time!”

“I…” Hu Qianyue didn’t expect she had to go with Princess Caifeng, so she was stunned for a moment.

“Yes!” A cold smile flashed across Princess Caifeng’s eyes. How could she not bring Hu Qianyue with her to go to the palace this time? Without her, she would not be able to continue with the show!

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