Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 632 – Princess Caifeng’s Mind

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Chapter 632 Princess Caifeng’s Mind

“Mo Ye, what did you find over there?”

Mo Ye lowered her voice and answered, “When I went to the Sixth Princess’ palace, I didn’t go in directly from the front door. It seemed that the palace was heavily guarded. Any person who entered the Sixth Princess’ palace has to be inquired clearly. I saw that a palace maid of Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was coming from her mistress’ palace, and entered the Sixth Princess’, accompanied by palace maids.”

After she wore the palace maid’s clothes, she realized that she could not enter that place at all. She did not expect that the Sixth Princess, who was gentle and even weak in usual days, would guard her palace so tightly. It was really suspicious. Finding that she could not get in from the front door, she turned to the back hall, where was outside the back door.

As the front door was tightly guarded, she became more vigilant when she was about to go through the back door. She deliberately stopped on a tree outside the wall. After observing for a long while, she found that it was not so easy to enter. There were two palace maids capable of performing powerful martial arts inside, and they cruised the backyard from time to time. These two palace maids appeared to be wandering around casually, but in the eyes of a martial artist, they were obviously patrolling.

The two of them happened to appear one after the other. Almost one of them went away as the other came.

The inspection was very close.

“It means that the Sixth Princess has a secret that she doesn’t want others to know. That’s why she ordered people to guard her palace so tightly!” Mo Xuetong lowered her eyes and said after thinking for a while.

“I also think so. Originally, I wanted to sneak into the palace and have a look, but it was too late, so I came back first. Although the two palace maids were equipped with martial arts, they were just better than ordinary people. They should not be the royal secret guards.” At that time, it was really too late. Previously, since she was not familiar with the place, she wasted some time. Later, she had waited for a long time beside the back wall.

They were not the royal secret guards? It meant that the two palace maids who were capable of performing martial arts were chosen by the Sixth Princess herself or Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen? They had secretly sent them to the palace! Since the Sixth Princess was not a prince, what secrets did she have to keep? Furthermore, she had taken two palace maids who were capable of performing martial arts into the palace to protect her palace.

An idea came to her mind and she immediately thought of the scene that she had suspected before. Her slightly lowered eyes looked a little shocked. She thought quickly in her mind. “The Sixth Princess is not simple, and Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen seems even more scheming. But what do they want? Not wanting to marry into a foreign country? After all, if she is going to marry into another country, even a princess might not have a good life.”

But that was not right. This matter would be decided by the Emperor alone and had nothing to do with the palace maids who could practice martial arts.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen did not have a son, so she was not involved in the fight for the throne. In the future, no matter who became the next Emperor, she would be the Consort Dowager. It did not matter how high status she had. If the Sixth Princess married close, she could go to her mansion with her. If the Sixth Princess married far away, she could only stay and die in the palace.

If she did not want the Sixth Princess to marry far, she had no choice but to curry favor with the Emperor. It was nothing if she did this! She was just an imperial consort without any sons. Could it be that she was involved in the fight for the throne?

Mo Xuetong was suddenly shocked when she thought of that. A ray of light flashed across her eyes. She remembered that when the Empress mentioned two topics about the Sixth Princess in her palace today, she was all interrupted by Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. However, Mo Xuetong could still sharply sense that the Sixth Princess seemed to know medical skills. So what if the Sixth Princess knew medical skills? Bai Yihao had once been well-known for his medical skills, so even if the Sixth Princess knew a little about medical skills, she did not have to keep it a secret.

The Sixth Princess seemed to be really mysterious!

She had to pay more attention to her in the future. She would tell Feng Yuran her thoughts later so that he would not ignore Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. She always felt that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, who had a better reputation than the Empress in the palace, was perfect. Such a person almost did not exist. Then, it meant that she was pretending. What was the purpose of her pretending?

She had been pretending for decades, and she must be ambitious!

If she would only give a push during the fight for the throne, even if the new Emperor ascended the throne, would he be able to crown her as the Empress Dowager? The dignified Empress would be the Empress Dowager in the future!

“Mo Ye, go out and tell Mo Feng to investigate Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s parents’ family and how she entered the palace!” A look of pondering appeared in Mo Xuetong’s eyes. She had already made up her mind. No matter what Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen wanted, it would not be a small matter. Since she could not figure it out at the moment, she had to steady herself for the time being.

Recently, the situation in the palace had changed drastically, and the princess marriage was upcoming. She did not believe that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had no reaction to this matter, which was related to the Sixth Princess’ lifelong happiness. Now that the candidate had not been decided yet. If the Emperor made it clear that he wanted to choose the Sixth Princess to marry into another country, would Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen still be so calm?

“Yes, I will tell Mo Feng right now.” Mo Ye nodded and turned around to leave.

“My Lady, Princess Caifeng invited you over. It’s so annoying. Why can’t she let others live in peace?” Mo Yu flung the curtains angrily and came into the room. She held a plate in one hand, where sat a porcelain teacup. She had gone to make tea for Mo Xuetong earlier, and unexpectedly, she heard the commotion at the entrance of the courtyard the moment she came out.

When she went out to take a look, she saw that it was Princess Caifeng’s personal maid again. She immediately got mad.

However, they were guests, and it was said that they were about to move. Therefore, Mo Yu did not dare to slight them and could only come in to report to Mo Xuetong. Mo Yu already knew what had happened in the Empress’ palace. When she thought that Princess Caifeng had almost harmed Mo Xuetong, she felt that she was filled with hatred on the princess and wanted her to leave King Xuan’s Manor quickly.

“Mo Ye, wait for a moment.” Mo Xuetong stopped Mo Ye, who was standing at the door.

What Princess Caifeng had done in Cining Palace today had made her a little wary. She had known that there was something wrong with the South Pearl necklace in her previous life. However, it was impossible for the Southern Barbarian Lands to give such a “valuable gift” in order to harm her, and their target was at least at the level of the Emperor’s favorite concubine.

In her last life, the necklace had led to a b.l.o.o.d.y crime and had caused many deaths!

But in this life, Princess Caifeng tried to take advantage of it to plot against Mo Xuetong? This was completely overqualified!

Furthermore, giving the gift to the Qin Kingdom was not something that Princess Caifeng could decide. So, she must have made such a decision in private. She had dared to use the South Pearl necklace without permission because she wanted to plot against Mo Xuetong and remove her from the position of Consort Xuan so that she would be able to be Consort Xuan.

As a result, Princess Caifeng did it so obviously, which showed that she was not a smart person!

People who were not smart sometimes tended to do stupid things on impulse. Mo Xuetong had no choice but to be wary of Princess Caifeng. Now that the girl had dared to harm her in the palace earlier, she might do something out of line as they were in the manor now. Mo Xuetong did not want to be the person involved in the b.l.o.o.d.y crime.

“Mo Yu, go and tell them that I will be there in a while.” The last time Mo Xuetong did not see the princess because she had to enter the palace in time. It would not proper if she did not see her this time. After all, Mo Xuetong was the hostess while the princess was a guest and lived in King Xuan’s Manor. To perform the duties of the hostess, she needed to meet her.

“Mo Ye, go and invite the three concubines in the back courtyard to come over. Since Princess Caifeng wants to meet me, then let her meet us together.” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly. There were only three people left in the back courtyard, and they all lived in the same courtyard. After so many things had happened, they seemed quiet recently. Then they could go to meet Princess Caifeng together.

The concubines did not dare to refuse when they heard that Consort Xuan of the front courtyard had summoned them. They each brought a maidservant with them to come. Mo Xuetong did not speak much to them and brought them with her into Princess Caifeng’s courtyard.

When she heard that Mo Xuetong had come, Princess Caifeng personally went to the entrance of the courtyard to welcome her and took Mo Xuetong in politely. She looked completely different from how she was in the palace and was very hospitable. As they all seated according to their status. The three concubines also sat down on their chairs.

“Consort Xuan, who are these people?” Princess Caifeng pointed at the three concubines seated below and her eyes narrowed slightly.

“They’re the three concubines in our manor. This is Concubine Qin; this is Concubine Yun; and this is Concubine Wen!” Mo Xuetong gently reached out and introduced them one by one. The several concubines also stood up and bowed respectfully again.

“Only three?” Princess Caifeng was speechless. She had heard that King Xuan had many beauties in his back courtyard, but why were there only three left?

“There were a few more but… some died and some were sold later. His Highness left the three of them in the back courtyard.” Mo Xuetong hesitated for a moment, looking as if it was hard to speak.

Everyone in the Great Qin knew that there were the most beauties in King Xuan’s Manor, comparing with other manors. However, there were only three concubines left as some had died and some had been sold. Then there must be a lot of beauties dead and sold. Princess Caifeng herself also grew up in an imperial palace and knew how b.l.o.o.d.y it was. When she thought of King Xuan, who looked like he dared to do anything, she could not help but s.h.i.+ver.

There was not the slightest expectation.

In her mind Feng Yuran was no longer the handsome, charming prince she had first thought, but a devil from h.e.l.l.

The smile on her face seemed to have become uncomfortable. She did not dare to say anything about her intentions. If she really annoyed that devil, it would be a big deal! She was now afraid that Feng Yuran would find out about the fact that she almost killed Mo Xuetong.

“My Lady, I’m going to move, so I want to ask you to send some people to help us. After all, my elder brother and Qianyue have to move too. We may not be able to move so quickly.” Princess Caifeng waved her hand slightly, and then two seductively dressed women, who were standing behind her, quietly left.

The two women had come face to face with Mo Xuetong just now and they looked shy. However, their faces were pale because of Princess Caifeng’s gesture. They did not dare to say anything and left hurriedly. Mo Xuetong seemed as if she did not see anything and still had a clear and carefree look in her eyes.

“Princess Caifeng, you’re too polite. I will naturally order people to help you move. You’ve been wronged for the past few days. I’m not in good health and the concubines can’t directly receive you. Please forgive us,” Mo Xuetong smile politely in the manner of the hostess.

She even stood up with the help of Mo Ye, as if she was about to bow and apologize to Princess Caifeng.

How dare Princess Caifeng make Mo Xuetong bow to her? She immediately stood up and hurried to hold Mo Xuetong’s hand to stop her. “Consort Xuan, you are too polite. I have come all the way here and have disturbed you. It is my fault. I do not dare to accept your apology.”

“You’re too polite, Your Highness. When you settle down, I’ll treat you and have a chat.” Mo Xuetong grew even gentler and her att.i.tude was very close, which made Princess Caifeng relieved. She no longer had any intention of becoming an enemy with Mo Xuetong. She had been forced to retreat by Feng Yuran’s evil aura in a single round. She only wanted to make up for her mistake earlier. She had planned to send the two beauties to Feng Yuran, but changed her mind when she saw Mo Xuetong came with several concubines.

She didn’t know what that adulterous man was thinking, and she didn’t want to annoy him again.

Fortunately, Princess Caifeng felt relieved as she found that Mo Xuetong didn’t dwell on what had happened in Cining Palace! She would become Consort Ning and be left alone in the Qin Kingdom. Even if she did not have friends, she could not have a powerful enemy like King Xuan.

Since they intended to make it up, they had a most agreeable chat. The concubines couldn’t get in the conversation, so they just sat aside and listened to them. While talking, Mo Xuetong glanced at them and found that these concubines really had something on their minds, which was not simple matters.

Concubine Qin lowered her head and pinched the handkerchief in her hand. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Concubine Yun smiled with a respectful and obedient look on her face, as if she was listening attentively.

Concubine Wen looked at the palace maids by the gate in a trance…

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