Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 634 – Imperial Noble Consort Wen’s Old Secret

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Chapter 634 Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s Old Secret

Now that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen could not bribe the entire Imperial Inst.i.tute of Medicine, it meant that she was really pregnant and lost a son. If it was true, Mo Xuetong could not understand that as a mother, how Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen could be so calm after losing her own child and even recover quickly. It was too unbelievable.

“There’s one more thing that you didn’t expect. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen is very kind to Third brother.” Feng Yuran suddenly smiled mysteriously.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was very kind to Feng Yulei?

“How did you know?” Something flashed through Mo Xuetong’s mind, but she failed to grasp it. Then she asked subconsciously.

“At that time, my mother was still alive, and I was only about five or six years old. My mother was favored by Father, and Father loved me very much. I was lawless and, stirred up stuff with others. I especially liked to hide in some deserted places, playing hide and seek with the servants. Once, I hid in a corner of a rockery cave, waiting for the palace maids and eunuchs to find me, but found that Third brother was also there…”

Feng Yuran could still remember clearly what happened that day. He saw his Third Elder brother, who had always been polite, standing blankly at the entrance of the cave. There was not a single palace servant by his side to serve him. He did not know if he had lost his way. Feng Yuran, who was playing like crazy, thought that his Third brother was playing hide and seek with the palace servants like him, so he was about to ask him to come with him.

Suddenly, he noticed that a woman appeared at the entrance of the cave. She looked beautiful and did not look like a palace maid, and should be an imperial consort. However, why was there no palace servant by her side? Feng Yuran had been living in Anhe Palace at that time and did not know many people.

The woman seemed to have discovered Feng Yulei. She walked up to him and asked him a few questions with a gentle and kind att.i.tude. Feng Yuran had only seen such an expression on his mother’s face. He grew curious. He had heard that his Third brother’s mother died while giving birth to him, and he had been raised by the Empress.

The woman seemed to give Feng Yulei something but Feng Yulei wanted to refuse. However, in the end, he accepted it. The two exchanged a few more words. Feng Yuran was too far away to hear them clearly. Then, the woman touched Feng Yulei’s head with her hand. She did not stay longer and walked to another path. Coincidentally, a young eunuch rushed out from the path.

This was the little eunuch who was looking for Feng Yuran!

Seeing the woman ahead coming over, he hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed to her. Feng Yuran looked at the woman curiously. Seeing her stop and ask something in a friendly manner, the young eunuch answered one by one and pointed at the rockery where he was. The woman turned her head and looked over. Even though they were so far away, Feng Yuran felt that her face was gloomy and cold, which scared the little boy so much that his heart trembled and he didn’t dare to take a deep breath.

Then, the woman left and the young eunuch went to look for him. After that, Feng Yulei’s palace servants also came to look for him. It wasn’t until everyone left that Feng Yuran ran out from the back of the rockery and hurriedly ran out of the garden. He found another place to hide. He subconsciously felt that it was not safe to hide in the rockery where the woman had seen.

At last, he was still found by the palace servants.

However, he was scolded by the Emperor. When the servants were looking for him, a little eunuch fell into the water and died. The little eunuch happened to be the one meeting that woman. Feng Yuran secretly told his mother about it. Her mother asked him to shut up and told him that he was not allowed to hide in the palace alone in the future, or else he would be locked up in the palace.

He was so scared that he repeatedly promised that he would never go out alone!

That woman was Consort Wen, the current Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen!

“Then what did she give King Yan at that time?” Mo Xuetong asked with curiosity.

“It is said to be some food. Later, I went to Third brother’s place and saw that small bag filled with things. I heard that it contained some food from a woman. Third brother said that he did not know that woman and that she seemed to be Father’s consort.” Feng Yuran smiled slightly and hid the coldness in his eyes.

“So, this woman is not simple, and so is the Sixth Princess. I planned to ignore them first, but it seems that after so many years, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen can’t bear it anymore.”

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had been quite active in the palace recently, which seemed that some people couldn’t bear it anymore…

In the guest yard, Hu Qianyue was lying on the bed and trembling all over in her room, but she still insisted on not covering herself with the quilt. The maidservant was so anxious that she paced back and forth. After several rounds, he came over again in a hurry. She wanted to pick up the quilt on one side to cover Hu Qianyue, who had closed her eyes tightly and insisted on keep not covering.

“Miss, it’s enough. You have a fever now. If you continue to be like this, it will be really terrible.”

“I’m fine. I’m in good health. The fever… would be cured before tomorrow. Why don’t you bring me a few… buckets of cold water?” Hu Qianyue gritted her teeth and said word by word. She opened her eyes slightly, and the sharpness in her eyes almost made people unable to believe that she was the spoiled young lady from the Southern Barbarian Lands.

She had soaked in two large buckets of cold water for two hours. It was early autumn, and it was already very cold at night. A normal person would shake when soaking in it, but Hu Qianyue stayed in it for two whole hours. She almost fainted before she stumbled up with the help of the maidservant. After putting on the thin clothes, she deliberately refused to cover herself with the quilt for fear that the effect would not be obvious.

“Miss, that’s enough. If you still don’t cover the quilt, I don’t know how to do it if you really pa.s.s out from illness.” The maidservant was so anxious that she was about to cry.

“It’s fine. Put… the letter over there on the carrier pigeon and send it out… I don’t want to marry to King Yan… this person looks like he can’t accomplish anything.” Hu Qianyue gritted her teeth and kept her last bit of consciousness. She struggled to stare at the maidservant and said in a low voice.

Feng Yulei was not decisive enough. He had given first place to Mingguo Manor in everything. Even if he were to become the Emperor in the future, she would not become the Empress. Hu Qianyue had never been willing to be inferior to others. Mingguo Manor was so powerful that Marquess Mingguo dared to defend Feng Yulei in front of the Emperor. On the other hand, Feng Yulei, the prince, did not dare to say anything.

If such a person were to become the Emperor and had the support of Mingguo Manor outside, Hu Qianyue didn’t think that she had the slightest chance to be the Empress. Feng Yulei did not have the guts to abandon You Yue’e. Like her aunt, Hu Qianyue had great ambition. She wanted to be the Empress, and she would only be the Empress. As such, she would not marry Feng Yulei.

“Miss, the Third Prince is too far away to help us. Even if we send the carrier pigeon over, it may be too late when we get the Third Prince’s reply.” The maidservant trembled with fear when she was stared at.

“Cousin will… deal with this matter…” Hu Qianyue said coldly.

She had not understood her cousin and aunt’s intentions before. What else did she not understand now? They had plotted against her. She would not allow them to achieve their goal as they wished. The reason why her aunt had promised her the position of legal wife was because she wanted to calm her so that she would agree to obediently accompany Princess Caifeng to marry into the Qin Kingdom.

“I was too naive. I thought that I just had to accompany Princess Caifeng to come here and play the Qin Kingdom and the Crown Prince against each other. Then, I could go back and become the real Third Prince’s wife. When I think about it now, aunt and cousin lied to me at that time. Originally, they didn’t want me to be cousin’s legal wife, and completely regarded me as a person who would marry into the Qin Kingdom with Princess Caifeng. Cousin must want to marry that b.i.t.c.h!”

“No wonder the b.i.t.c.h smiled so gently and could not hide the complacency in her eyes when I left. I had planned to become the real Third Prince’s wife and see what the b.i.t.c.h would do when I returned. Now I realize that it was the Third Prince who stood beside me at that time. At that time, he looked at me indifferently. It turns out that they have planned it.”

However, like a fool, she came here, and she now couldn’t go back!

She would never let them reach their goal!

One was Feng Yulei and the other was Feng Yuxuan. Her aunt and cousin had ganged up with King Chu on one hand. Were she and her cousin going to gang up with King Yan now? She would let them know that they would not be able to get an olive branch if they stepped on two boats like this. At the same time, she had already sent someone out of King Xuan’s Manor secretly to hurry to the Southern Barbarian Lands to inform her father. As such, she needed time right now. She did not want to leave King Xuan’s Manor and would not allow anyone to carry her into King Yan’s Manor with a small sedan chair.

She, Hu Qianyue, was not a person who could be trampled upon at will!

Anyone who wanted to hurt her had to pay the price!

There was a flash of red in her eyes, which made her cold eyes full of hatred. The whole room seemed to be turned into a cold arrow by her. The maidservant did not dare to say anything. She walked to the window and opened it. Then she picked up a pigeon from outside the window and put a letter into a special cylinder on one of the pigeon’s feet.

Then she threw the pigeon out.

“Do you know… what should you say tomorrow?” Hu Qianyue was already a little unconscious, but she still asked, gritting her teeth.

“Yes… yes, I know!”

In the dark night, a pigeon flew out of the window quickly, but before it could pa.s.s through a few courtyards, someone jumped up from a tree and grabbed it. The letter in the cylinder fell into the person’s hand…

Somewhere in the city, another white pigeon flew up. Compared with the first pigeon that was caught soon after it flew up, this pigeon was obviously much luckier.

It flew all the way over yards, tall city walls, wilderness, and many rivers…

Finally, it landed on the corner of a tall palace. It combed its feathers, cleaned its graceful body, as if wanting to have a rest. A guard came out and saw it. He reached out and gestured. The carrier pigeon flew into the guard’s hand. The guard skillfully took out a copper cylinder from one of its feet, took out a letter from it, and turned to walk into the palace.

In the hall, a handsome man, who was dressed in snow-white clothes and appeared as elegant as an immortal, raised his handsome face and took the letter. He glanced at the words on it indifferently. His pretty eyebrows were raised, and a faint smile appeared on his thin lips, like the sun that had immediately lit up the whole room.

“Write back, tell my aunt that do everything according to aunt’s plans. There’s nothing wrong with me. Ask her to be careful and deal with the things around her. Don’t let others find out.”

“Yes!” The guard left respectfully.

Bai Yihao stood up and walked to the window. His eyes were filled with emotions, looking beautiful and elegant. It was early autumn, and the leaves were scattered and piled up on the path. When the wind blew, the maple leaves were as beautiful as fire. He wondered if that beautiful lady was also thinking of him now…

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