Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 642 – Something Unusual, a Crisis in the Inner Manor

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Chapter 642 Something Unusual, a Crisis in the Inner Manor

Auntie Qing immediately became vigilant when Mo Xuetong mentioned Mo Yufeng. She wiped her tears and stole glances at Mo Xuetong’s face. As she did not find anything unusual about her expression, she explained carefully, “Eldest Young Master is pitiful now, and I lost Qiong’er. As I found that the maidservants in his yard couldn’t take good care of him, I went to ask about it in person. That’s why I have become a little closer to Eldest Young Master.”

“Do you mean that Madam didn’t take good care of Elder brother?” Mo Xuetong’s expression grew cold. A hint of anger appeared on her face as she harrumphed coldly.

“Ah… No, no, I didn’t mean that Madam didn’t take good care of him. Madam’s body is getting heavier, and thus it’s inevitable that she can’t take care of everything. Eldest Young Master is a man, so it’s normal that she can’t take care of him in all aspects of his life.” Auntie Qing shook her hand hurriedly. She didn’t dare to say anything bad about Xu Yan. Besides, although Xu Yan didn’t pay much attention to Mo Yufeng, she still respected him and had never skimped on what was due to him.

“Did Madam ask you to take care of Elder brother?” Mo Xuetong asked as if she really did not know the whole story.

Mo Yufeng was a man. Even though Auntie Qing was a little older, she was still a woman, a beautiful woman. Furthermore, they were not related by blood. Did Xu Yan ask Auntie Qing to take care of Mo Yufeng? Auntie Qing did not dare to say yes. She shook her hands anxiously.

“No, no, Madam didn’t mean it. I just feel that Eldest Young Master is pitiful…”

“Elder brother is pitiful? Auntie Qing, do you mean that Auntie Fang has been wronged?” Mo Xuetong’s expression suddenly grew cold and there was a hint of chill in her eyes. She glared at Auntie Qing and asked word by word.

Auntie Qing was well aware of the case between Auntie Fang and Mo Xuetong. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw how cold Mo Xuetong’s glare was. A cold sweat broke out on her forehead and she hurried to explain, “My Lady, I didn’t mean that. I just meant that Eldest Young Master is all alone now…”

“Isn’t Father Elder brother’s relative? Do you mean that Elder brother does not have any other relatives other than Auntie Fang and Mo Xuemin? Or does Elder brother think that we are all outsiders and have nothing to do with him no matter what?” Mo Xuetong interrupted Auntie Qing sharply and questioned fiercely.

She had always been very gentle in front of others and had never been so harsh. Auntie Qing was so frightened that she could not sit still. She felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles. She wanted to explain but could not, only feeling that what she had thought about earlier was useless. Whatever she could say was wrong.

She had used those excuses to get rid of Xu Yan’s and Mo Huawen’s questions. Then, she realized that the one who was the hardest to deal with in this family was Mo Xuetong, who had always been amicable. She felt she could not fight back against the girl, as if her entire thoughts had been exposed in front of her.

No, how could that be? Even though Mo Xuetong was Consort Xuan now, it was impossible for her to see through anything at her age. She would definitely not see anything. Auntie Qing mended her mood and repeatedly told herself that she was fine.

“My Lady, I didn’t mean that. I’m not one for words. I just think that Eldest Young Master is the only child living in the manor now. Old Sir can’t take care of him as he is usually busy. Madam can’t even take care of herself now. Auntie Mo and I have nothing to do, so I paid more attention to some internal affairs. Therefore, I am closer to Eldest Young Master.”

After calming herself down, Auntie Qing mentioned Auntie Mo this time and spoke much more smoothly.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. I was wrong about you, Auntie Qing. Since you have taken care of Elder brother’s food and clothing, is there anything that he needs?” Mo Xuetong’s expression softened and she put on a gentle smile on her face.

However, Auntie Qing did not dare to look down on her this time. Hearing the question, she hurriedly answered with a smile, “Madam has arranged everything. Eldest Young Master does not lack anything. Old Sir did not allow Eldest Young Master to go out. Eldest Young Master usually read books in the courtyard. He has everything he needs.”

Mo Xuetong picked up the teacup and took a sip before she said lightly, “Oh, that’s the best.” Then an undisguised tired look came over her face.

“My arrival has disturbed your rest, My Lady. Thank you for your gift, My Lady. I shall take my leave now!” Auntie Qing smartly stood up and took her leave. Mo Xuetong nodded with a smile.

Mo Yu sent Auntie Qing to the door of the courtyard and then returned. She asked a maidservant to take away the tea set on the table and said to Mo Xuetong, “My Lady, when I went to Auntie Qing’s place just now, Auntie Qing was talking with a maidservant who serves in Eldest Young Master’s room. When she saw me coming in, Auntie Qing immediately sent the maidservant away. Auntie Qing wanted to change her clothes and came over. I said that her clothes looked good and she didn’t need to change, so she came directly.”

No wonder her clothes were so bright. As a concubine who had just lost her daughter, she should not wear it.

“Has Auntie Qing gone out recently?” Mo Xuetong asked faintly.

“Nuanxiang told me that Auntie Qing had gone out a few times and said that she was going to buy some rouge and powder. Usually, she would go to the shop in the east of the city, which was called Cosmetic Powder Shop. She didn’t buy many things every time. Nuanxiang also told me that Auntie Qing didn’t lack any of those things.”

When Mo Yu entered Auntie Qing’s courtyard, she first met Nuanxiang. The two talked for a while before she went to Auntie Qing’s room. Along the way, Mo Yu quietly asked Nuanxiang about Auntie Qing, so she knew some of Auntie Qing’s movements.

“My Lady, Auntie Qing is very unusual!” Mo Yu was very vigilant because she went to find out more about Auntie Qing.

“Is there other unusual things about her?” Mo Xuetong shook her head. Going to the rouge and powder shop did not mean anything. Even if Auntie Qing used it as an excuse, she might just be taking a walk. Her daughter was gone, and as a mother, she felt sad. It was reasonable for her to go out to take a walk in excuse of buying rouge and powder.

“As for the other things, Nuanxiang didn’t tell me. Oh, she also said, a while ago, they met a woman on the way, who called Auntie Qing. Nuanxiang remarked that Auntie Qing was a little uneasy at that time and left after a few words with that woman. Judging from the woman’s dressing, she seemed to be a concubine of a rich and powerful family,” Mo Yu replied after thinking for a while.

Auntie Qing was not a native of the capital. If she had seen a familiar person in the capital, who seemed to be her close friend, how could she be uneasy? Since they were all concubines, there was nothing to be embarra.s.sed about. When she had met an old friend away from home, shouldn’t they have a good chat? Why did Auntie Qing avoid her?

It seemed that there was something wrong with Auntie Qing. Furthermore, Mo Xuetong felt that it was not a small problem!

Then she turned around and asked, “Mo Yu, is there any white linen in our courtyard?”

She suddenly changed the topic, which caused Mo Yu to blink her eyes. After a while, she answered, “Yes, I guess. When Fourth Miss was gone, I wore a mourning dress made of linen, and then left it here. I don’t know if it’s still here! I’ll find it now.”

Mo Yu left to look for the linen. Auntie Mo also came over to express her thanks with Mo Lan.

Auntie Mo was a pet.i.te woman. She was slender, and there was a hint of fear in her actions. Even though her clothes were made of brocade, it was obvious that the color was not very bright. One could tell that it was not a new robe of this year. After she thanked Mo Xuetong profusely, Mo Xuetong also told her to go back.

“My Lady, when I went to see Auntie Mo, she was talking to a maidservant serving in Eldest Young Master’s room. When she saw me coming in, she did not ask the maidservant to go away. She just asked about Eldest Young Master’s daily life and even asked about the maidservant sent by Auntie Qing. It is said that the maidservant is the most favored one now. Eldest Young Master also said that when he gets married, the maidservant will be promoted to a concubine. Now in the Eldest Young Master’s courtyard, she looks like a master.”

Mo Lan reported.

Mo Xuetong nodded. It seemed that there were many people in Mo Yufeng’s yard, who were involved. “Is the maidservant Auntie Qing sent to Elder brother the most beautiful?”

“She’s not the most beautiful woman. I heard from Auntie Mo’s maidservant that Auntie Qing is very kind to Eldest Young Master now. Whenever she gets something to eat or use, she gives some of them to Eldest Young Master. Eldest Young Master treats her maidservant well in order to return her favor. Furthermore, that maidservant is also very good at dealing with things. She has a glib tongue and her name is Shui Ruo. I heard that Auntie Qing picked her from the outside. Her behavior is a little… different from girls from normal families.”

Mo Lan said implicitly. Since she was different from girls from normal families, she was not from a normal family. Auntie Qing had such a good means that she picked a girl for Mo Yufeng from that kind of place and sent her to get Mo Yufeng’s favor.

Mo Xuetong thought for a moment and asked, “Aren’t there enough maidservants in our manor? Why did she have to pick one from the outside? Who picked the girl for her?”

“It’s said that Auntie Qing wanted a smart girl, but couldn’t find one, so the butler found one for her. But I met the butler when I came here just now. The butler said that Auntie Qing had told him to choose a clean one. Coincidentally, the girl was selling herself to bury her father’s body. Seeing that she was smart, he bought her and sent her to Auntie Qing.”

When Auntie Qing wanted to pick a smart one, someone sold herself to bury her father’s body. Then the girl was sent to her and she didn’t say anything. Mo Xuetong felt that it had been planned in advance.

Mo Lan also sensed that something was wrong and asked worriedly, “My Lady, do you want me to visit Auntie Qing again?”

Mo Xuetong shook her head. “There’s no need. No matter how cunning a fox is, its tail will still be exposed. Let’s just wait for a while. Don’t alert the enemy. Father has already sent people to keep an eye on Mo Yufeng. Mo Ye will follow Auntie Qing tonight. They will be exposed.”

“My Lady, I will keep an eye on Auntie Qing?” Mo Ye, who was standing by the side, could not help but ask. She became Mo Xuetong’s maidservant later than the others, so she did not know much about the situation in the Mo Manor. That was why she had not spoken earlier. When she heard that Mo Xuetong mentioned her, she had to ask. Mo Xuetong had not mentioned anything earlier.

“My Lady, I’ve found it. Look, this one, isn’t it?” Mo Yu yelled and rushed in from outside the door. She held a white dress made of linen in her hand. Because it was crude, the belt was fluttering, and some parts of it were still loose. If someone were to wear it, it would look… The maidservants all laughed out loud.

Mo Xuetong stood up to take a look. Then, she asked Mo Yu to put the dress in front of Mo Ye. Then, she tossed the linen dress to Mo Ye meaningfully. “Mo Ye, you stay here tonight and visit Auntie Qing…”

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