Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 644 – Encountered Princess Royal

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Chapter 644 Encountered Princess Royal

Her parents and relatives had pa.s.sed away. After she had gone through so many ups and downs and had been forced to earn a living by prost.i.tution, Cai Rong only wanted to go back to normal and live an ordinary life. She did not want to recall the unbearable memories of the past. Thus, her expression grew calm when she heard Mo Xuetong’s question.

“My Lady, I really do not have anything else to ask for. It would be a blessing for me to be able to live beside rivers and mountains and forget about the past.” As Miss Cai Rong knew that Mo Xuetong wanted to help her sincerely, her eyes grew red. She no longer tried to refuse, and looked at Mo Xuetong expectantly. The past was too bitter and she did not want to think about it anymore.

Originally, she thought that she could look forward to seeing her parents, but she found that she had already lost them! Sometimes, ideas occurred in an instant. At this time, Miss Cai Rong really didn’t want to think too much. She just wanted to live a quiet life and didn’t want to get involved in the past. That was her happiness.

“Miss Cai Rong, if you still has relatives looking for you, won’t you want to know them?” Mo Xuetong thought for a moment and asked as she looked at her with her watery eyes.

“Even that’s the case, so what? My parents have pa.s.sed away, and I will be a shame to them. Originally, I just thought about my parents in the heart. I planned that even if I found them, I just wanted to have a look at them from a distance. It’s not lucky for them to have a daughter like me. Maybe it’s lucky for me to die with them on that day.” Miss Cai Rong sighed, wiped the tears on her face, and looked sad and persistent.

Seeing that she insisted on doing so, Mo Xuetong did not try to persuade her further. Since she liked a quiet life, she could just live in the Peony Garden where was the quietest place right now. It would not be too late for her to move when she found a right place in the future. She chatted with Miss Cai Rong for a while before leaving the Peony Garden.

This was the solution to this matter. Mo Xuetong heaved a sigh of relief. At least in this aspect, it was impossible for others to use this as an excuse to deal with Feng Yuran. This matter was a thorn from the past life. Ever since she fell in love with Feng Yuran, Mo Xuetong had been worried about it. Even though she knew that this matter could not be hidden from Feng Yuran.

However, this life was different from the last life when one blow after another came upon him. Furthermore, she was there to comfort him. Feng Yuran would not be as rash as he was in the last life. Even if they were in the same situation, with Feng Yuran’s scheming, he would not make a big mistake if he calmed down. Of course, he would not be caught by others.

After coming out of the Peony Garden, Mo Xuetong touched her somewhat dull head and felt relieved. Anyway, she had moved away the big stone in front of Feng Yuran. On the surface, Feng Yuran didn’t seem to care about anything, as if he could put everything down. However, Mo Xuetong knew that he had always cared about everything about Consort Xian.

After ordering the most luxurious horse carriage to go back to King Xuan’s Manor first, Mo Xuetong and Mo Lan squeezed into the ordinary horse carriage behind the luxurious one. She did not want to show off when she had nothing important to do. Especially when she just wanted to have a look at her shops, she did not need to be so conspicuous. She could know more by a secret investigation.

The shops that Luo Xia had left behind were all doing well. Mo Xuetong wanted to secretly look around to see how the shops were doing.

What was more, she had to deal with the matter of Xiuning Workshop. Although she was intended to give the profit of Xiuning Workshop to Shopkeeper Xing and his subordinates, she would still go and have a look when necessary. She had not come up with an idea to arrange the group of people, and it had become a knot in Mo Xuetong’s mind. It seemed that no matter how she did, it was wrong.

If she used them, she was a little worried! According to what they did last time, she could tell that some people had already lost their loyalty in their hearts. It was just that it was not the right time. When the time came, they would cause big trouble!

If she didn’t use them, she didn’t know what would happen. After all, there were a group of people, just like a bomb that might explode at any time. They might cause trouble at some point. It was not a small matter! She, the nominal “master” should at least go and see them.

The carriage stopped at the door of Xiuning Workshop. Xiuning Workshop’s business had always been good. There were several carriages parked at the door. Judging from the gorgeous decoration of the carriages, one could tell that their owners were either rich or n.o.ble.

Mo Yu suddenly pointed at a nanny who got out of the carriage in surprise and asked Mo Xuetong, “My Lady, look over there. Is that Nanny Qin serving Princess Royal?”

The nanny was dressed ordinarily, looking like an ordinary maidservant. If Mo Yu had not pointed at her, Mo Xuetong would not have been able to tell that she was Nanny Qin, Princess Royal’s nanny. Then, her eyes landed on the carriage that Nanny Qin had gotten off. Even though it looked not bad, it could not compare to the carriage Princess Royal used to take.

From the looks of it, it looked more like an ordinary horse carriage from a common official’s family.

Why did Nanny Qin get out of this carriage?

It was not a big deal. However, when she saw that Nanny Qin pretended to be looking around casually but she was observing the surroundings, Mo Xuetong felt weird. She did not go out as the horse carriage stopped. After thinking for a while, she sat down and looked out under the curtain lifted slightly by Mo Lan.

Fortunately, their horse carriage was the most common style. In order to keep a low profile, Mo Xuetong deliberately removed the sign of the horse carriage. Nanny Qin scanned their carriage and did not stay too long. Instead, she cast several glances at the carriages with tall horses beside.

Not finding anything unusual, she turned around and went to the shop. After a while, Nanny Qin and another maidservant helped a person wearing a cloak came out. The cloak was so tightly wrapped around the person that Mo Xuetong couldn’t see who it was from her position. In this weather, it was suspicious for a person to wear a cloak so tightly, but the woman under the cloak coughed from time to time.

The people beside her could not help but disperse. It seemed that the cloaked woman was ill, so she was tightly wrapped.

Nanny Qin got on the carriage first, and then turned back to help the cloaked woman get on the carriage. Although Mo Xuetong couldn’t see the appearance of the cloaked woman, when her slender fingers touched Nanny Qin’s arm, she could still see that her fingers were pale and thin.

“My Lady, is, it the sick Princess Royal?” Mo Yu hesitated for a moment before turning to ask Mo Xuetong.

Princess Royal was ill. And she had been ill all the time. Therefore, she did not attend any of the palace banquets. She only said that it was a chronic ailment that could not be cured. Every time Mo Xuetong visited her, Princess Royal indeed looked like a patient, appearing ill and weak.

Mo Xuetong had also secretly felt Princess Royal’s pulse and realized that she was really ill. So, after Princess Royal told her that she liked peace and quiet and asked her not to come over if there was nothing important, she only sent some medicine over obediently.

“This, should be Princess Royal!” Mo Xuetong frowned with a hint of surprise in her eyes. She rolled her watery eyes slightly and answered in a certain tone. Other than Princess Royal, there was no one else who could make Nanny Qin serve her so wholeheartedly.

“Doesn’t Princess Royal like peace and quiet the most? Why did she come to Xiuning Workshop at this time?” Mo Yu turned around and cast a few more glances at the people who were getting in the carriage.

Mo Xuetong could not figure it out either. She watched as Princess Royal got on the horse carriage and left. Her brows furrowed even more tightly. Given Princess Royal’s character, she should not have acted like this! Even if Princess Royal liked embroidery, it would not be a problem for Nanny Qin to send a message to the shop or bring the shopkeeper directly to her manor.

Although the goods in Xiuning Workshop were good, they were not good enough to stun Princess Royal, who had seen too many exquisite items! She came to check it out in person regardless of her illness. This… was very strange!

“My Lady, I just noticed that Nanny Qin got out of the carriage slowly. It did not seem like Princess Royal had just entered and she followed her. It seems like she was waiting outside for a while. Then, she entered and helped Princess Royal out.” Mo Lan got close to the curtain and looked outside the window before telling Mo Xuetong.

She had always been steady and did not judge a book by its cover. Hearing her a.n.a.lysis, Mo Xuetong felt that it made sense!

What was Princess Royal doing in her shop?

What was it that attracted Princess Royal so much that she had come by herself regardless of her health condition?

Was she just looking at embroidery alone, or talking with someone else?

These questions really made Mo Xuetong feel a little weird. Seeing that Princess Royal’s ordinary carriage had left, Mo Xuetong held Mo Lan’s hand and got off her carriage.

Her maidservants surrounded Mo Xuetong and walked towards the shop. A sharp-eyed shop a.s.sistant saw Mo Xuetong and ran to report to Shopkeeper Xing. As such, by the time Mo Xuetong reached the entrance of the shop, Shopkeeper Xing had already hurried to welcome her.

“Greetings, My Lady.” Shopkeeper Xing bowed respectfully. Mo Xuetong was not just their master, but Consort Xuan.

“Shopkeeper Xing, you don’t have to be so polite. I’m just wandering around and coming to take a look at the business in the shop. How is business these days?” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly and strolled in.

Shopkeeper Xing quickened his pace and answered with a smile, “My Lady, business is not bad these days. I have asked people to embroider according to the sample that you brought last time. Many people think it’s good. And a few embroiders’ work is very praised. Many families in the capital have used our embroidery when they held wedding ceremonies. There are also some people who have booked our embroidery in advance. A few days ago, I also recruited a few more embroiders.”

“Oh, there are a lot of errands in such a shop. Thank you, Shopkeeper Xing.” This shop was full of female items. It was indeed a little difficult for Shopkeeper Xing, the leader of the secret guards, to deal with this kind of thing. Fortunately, Shopkeeper Xing was also a smart person, so he had not been exposed for so many years!

Shopkeeper Xing understood what Mo Xuetong meant and said with a humble smile, “Don’t be so polite, My Lady. Since you trust me so much, I should do my best.”

“Is there any special person coming these few days?” Mo Xuetong picked up a piece of embroidery sample casually and looked at it. It was just an exquisite purse embroidered with lotus leaves. On the slender lotus leaves, there was a blooming lotus flower, which looked charming and attractive.

The embroidery was not bad, and the work was excellent. The lotus leaves under the lotus flower floated up and down, which showed how good the work was.

“Special person?” Shopkeeper Xing thought for a moment, looking a little hesitant. He looked at Mo Xuetong and did not finish his words.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you tell me?” Mo Xuetong happened to look up and her eyes were filled with smiles. Then she asked casually.

“It’s not that I can’t say it, it’s just…” Shopkeeper Xing looked to the left and pointed to the stairs on one side. “My Lady, please go upstairs before we talk!”

“Alright!” Mo Xuetong nodded readily. Then she put down the embroidery in her hand and walked up the stairs.

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