Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 649 – The Sixth Princess’s Regard

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Chapter 649 The Sixth Princess’s Regard

This kind of beautiful scenery was rare even in the imperial palace!

The Seventh Princess also wanted to stay and have a look, but since the Sixth Princess had said those words, she could not refuse. She could not let the hostess wait ahead while the two of them enjoyed the scenery and delayed others’ time. Both the Sixth Princess and the Seventh Princess were not as arrogant as the Fifth Princess, so they could not disregard others’ wait.

Moreover, Marquess Mingguo’s wife had a high status. Even if these two were princesses, they couldn’t go too far!

Both of their mothers were not powerful. They had to watch others’ mood in the palace.

“Then Sixth Sister, you stay here and enjoy the scenery. I’ll go to see His Excellency’s wife first,” the Seventh Princess stated with a smile.

“Alright then. I’ll go in and take a look at the scenery first. I’ll meet up with you later,” the Sixth Princess said as she motioned her palace maids to move forward. The Seventh Princess walked past the entrance of the Osmanthus Garden with a few of her maidservants.

After going through the door of the Osmanthus Garden, the Sixth Princess turned to another path and headed for a pavilion, instead of going to the conspicuous place where Mo Xuetong stood. Around the corner, the two maidservants hid behind the flower rack in a dilemma, not knowing if they should go up. The superior only asked them to serve the first distinguished guest. Then they didn’t have to serve the distinguished guests behind, right?

The short maidservant lifted her hand and pointed in the direction of the Sixth Princess, asking uneasily, “This lady is going that way?” They were all maidservants of Mingguo Manor and had never seen the Sixth Princess and the Seventh Princess before. Therefore, they did not know the two princesses. They knew who Consort Xuan was because the two maidservants who guarded the door said that they had seen Consort Xuan coming.

Now both the two maidservants guarding the door had disappeared, and the two little maidservants who did strenuous work didn’t know what to do!

“That’s…” The tall maidservant looked in the direction of the Sixth Princess and her face was a little pale. She reached out to point but was so shocked that she could not say anything.

The short maidservant suddenly realized something was wrong. She stood up from one side and was about to rush out.

“What do you want to do?” The tall maidservant grabbed her.

“There, there’s… the lady is going to that way!” The short maidservant pointed in the direction where the Sixth Princess was missing and shouted hurriedly.

“Are you going to stop that lady? Nanny only asked us to serve the honored guests who came here, and the two sisters also asked us to serve Consort Xuan in person. Even if something happens there, it has nothing to do with us.” The tall maidservant’s face darkened. “Do you want to go against the orders and lose your life?”

Her words were harsh, and the short maidservant trembled with fear. Thinking of the little maidservant who was beaten to death because she didn’t listen to the Young Madam’s words a few days ago, she was so scared that her face turned pale, and she didn’t dare to interfere. A few days ago, the little maidservant died because the Young Madam asked her to go to another garden to pick flowers but she went to the Osmanthus Garden.

“Anyway, we are here to serve Consort Xuan. Even if something really happens, we will insist that we have served Consort Xuan and haven’t seen this lady at all. Anyway, she went that way in a hurry and seems to be familiar with this place. It is unlikely that something will happen!” the tall maidservant comforted the short one.

The Sixth Princess had just entered the moon gate and did not look anywhere else. She had indeed walked to the other side through a path. Could it be that she was familiar with the manor?

The short maidservant was no longer concerned about whether or not she should go out. Instead, she started to guess the ident.i.ty of the Sixth Princess. They were only third-cla.s.s maidservants in the manor and did not see many n.o.ble ladies. At this time, she was just wondering which manor this lady came from.

The Sixth Princess took a small path. She walked in a graceful manner. The path was a little out-of-way and ordinary people would not be able to find it. However, the Sixth Princess had seen the map many times before, so she knew that she could walk in this direction. The ones who went with her were her personal maidservants. When they reached the door of the room, she ordered the two palace maids to guard outside, and she entered the inner room by herself.

The door was gently opened and then closed carefully. The Sixth Princess was blushed. No one knew if it was because she was nervous or eager.

There was a thick screen in the s.p.a.cious room. All the decorations were black and white. It was obvious that it was not an ordinary girl’s room. Behind the screen with pine and cypress patterns, You Yuecheng leaned against the wide couch and closed his eyes slightly to rest. When he heard someone coming, he did not open his eyes, and just said lightly, “You’re here!”

The Sixth Princess turned around the screen hurriedly and saw You Yuecheng leaning against the couch. A look of joy appeared on her face. She walked over and stood beside the couch with some embarra.s.sment. She looked at the handsome You Yuecheng on the couch as a strong love flashed in her eyes. She had fallen in love with this man. She really wanted to be with him.

He was handsome and cold. He was completely different from Bai Yihao. However, Bai Yihao was like an immortal in heaven, too far away from her. Even if she risked her life, she would not be able to reach him. That was why she set her eyes on You Yuecheng. Even though he was cold, he was not otherworldly.

Furthermore, the Sixth Princess could sense what he meant from his manner. Sometimes he was far away, and sometimes he was close, but fortunately, he didn’t stay away from her all the time.

“When did you come here?” Even though the Sixth Princess was a scheming person, she blushed and her heart beat fast when she faced the person she loved alone. Besides, what happened next was not simple. Although she had practiced it in her mind several times, she was still a little nervous when she was going to do it.

“I’ve just arrived. Have you really made up your mind?” You Yuecheng opened his eyes. There was a flash of coldness at the bottom of his eyes and it was quickly hidden.

“Yes, I’ve made up my mind. I want to marry you. Even if I can’t be your legal wife, I’m willing to be your co-wife. I only want to be with you in this life, even if I have to be your concubine.”

The Sixth Princess answered with deep love. There was a sad expression on her face as she looked at You Yuecheng affectionately.

The girl was as beautiful as jade and was deeply in love with him. No matter how heartless You Yuecheng was, he could not refuse her. Furthermore, the Sixth Princess always felt You Yuecheng had feelings for her. Otherwise, he would not have accepted the gift that she had secretly given him and then, he had gotten someone to send a gift back to her.

Of course, the Sixth Princess was willing to marry You Yuecheng!

But how could she be willing to be a concubine? As a royal princess, how could she be a concubine? However, time was pressing and there was no other way. She could only be a co-wife for the time being. Moreover, considering Ling Mingyan’s temper, as long as You Yuecheng loved her, Ling Mingyan would not be able to defeat her. So this could be ignored!

Therefore, it seemed that the Sixth Princess did it without hesitation, but in fact, she had already planned it. She was the one who had secretly plotted the unusual movement in Mingguo Manor this time.

Since she did it in others’ territory, even if something really happened, others would only suspect Ling Mingyan and not her, because she was not only a guest, but also a victim. What was more, You Yuecheng would be deeply touched by what she did today. No matter how hard she tried, the Sixth Princess felt that it was worth it!

“Well, be careful later!” You Yuecheng sat up and touched his painful hand. He had drunk too much just now. At this time, he struggled to hold on and did not lie down because he wanted to see the Sixth Princess first. Then he pressed the table and stood up, looking like he could not stand steadily.

“How are you feeling? Are you okay?” Seeing that he was a little unsteady, the Sixth Princess took a few steps forward, held his hand, and asked with concern. But she could not help smiling sweetly. She believed that he like her, so as long as she wanted, he would help her complete it, even if he had drunk so much wine to hurt his health.

“It’s okay. I’ll go to sleep first.” You Yuecheng opened his pretty eyes slightly. The feeling of getting drunk that he had suppressed came over him. He casually took off his outer robe and lay down.

The Sixth Princess blushed and watched him take off his clothes. His casual manner made it seem as if they had a closer relations.h.i.+p. When she saw him lying on the bed casually, drunk, and his cold and handsome face immediately became red, which was more vivid than usual, she was a little obsessed with him for a while.

She could not help stepping forward and squatted down beside the couch. Her slender white hands fell shyly on his angular face and the love in her eyes could not be hidden. After today, this man would be hers. Finally, he would be hers. How could she not be excited? With her status, if such a thing happened, the Emperor would not allow her to be wronged.

“You go out first.” You Yuecheng closed his eyes, turned around reluctantly to avoid her hand and said lightly.

“Okay, I’ll go out and prepare it right away.” There were a few tanks of water outside the room with a few beautiful goldfishes in them. As long as she pretended to have fun and wetted her clothes, she could get into the room to change clothes. You Yuecheng had planned it in order to cooperate with the Sixth Princess, which made her feel very thoughtful.

With a big smile on her face, the Sixth Princess stepped out of the room and asked the palace maid standing beside her, “Has d.u.c.h.ess Mingguo come over?”

“Your Highness, I went to take a look at the path just now. d.u.c.h.ess Mingguo and several other d.u.c.h.esses should have arrived at the Osmanthus Garden by this time. It’s just the right time,” the palace maid replied respectfully. She did go out to have a look when the Sixth Princess was inside, and found that there was nothing unusual.

The Sixth Princess reached out her hand but stopped when she touched the water surface. She thought for a moment and got up. “How is Consort Xuan?”

“I don’t dare to go over there. But I didn’t see the two maidservants who sent out to serve Consort Xuan. They should still be there at this time!” The palace maid was not sure. When she went to the path just now, she heard the voices of several madams from the door. She did not dare to see what Consort Xuan was doing. Anyway, she was just to be a witness to make the matter more reasonable.

The main show was not about Consort Xuan! She just dragged her into it. Intuitively, the Sixth Princess did not like that woman because You Yuecheng’s reaction was odd when she mentioned her…

“Go and find the two maidservants and tell them that it was Consort Xuan who led me there.” The Sixth Princess was in a good mood. There was a touch of shyness on her face, but a hint of scheming had appeared in her eyes. Originally, she didn’t intend to plot against Mo Xuetong. However, since it was so convenient, she might as well frame her. Anyway, it would not cause her to die, and it would not be a loss for her!

“Tell them it was Consort Xuan?” The palace maid was stunned and did not react for a moment.

“Just say that you once met Consort Xuan’s maidservant who claimed that the scenery here is more beautiful. That’s why we came here,” the Sixth Princess said leisurely with satisfaction. Even Mo Xuetong doubted it later, she would only suspect the maidservants of Mingguo Manor. Anyway, they were Ling Mingyan’s maidservants, so she would certainly be the one to take the blame. As for whether she could plot against Mo Xuetong and make Ling Mingyan hate her, or if there could be other troubles… The Sixth Princess did these things in pa.s.sing.

In a good mood, the Sixth Princess turned around and reached out to touch the fish in the water. Her long sleeves fell into the water and several parts of them were wet. Floating on the water, the sleeves were like blooming flowers, which were beautiful and enchanting…

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