Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 652 – The Failure of the Sixth Princess’s Conspiracy

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Chapter 652 The Failure of the Sixth Princess’s Conspiracy

“Tell me, when did Her Lady ask you to guide the Sixth Princess here?” Mo Lan stepped forward and gently asked the two maidservants who were kneeling on the side.

“Just, just when the Sixth Princess came in.” The tall maidservant knelt on the ground, her body trembling, and she didn’t dare to lift her head. She was obviously terrified of Mo Xuetong.

“What was Her Lady doing at the time?” Mo Lan asked with a calm smile.

“Her Lady… Her Lady sat there and enjoyed the flowers.” The tall maidservant thought about it and gritted her teeth. At this time, she couldn’t retreat. When she came, the nanny had made it clear that if the plan was successful, all her family members could get rid of their servant status, so she could only continue to frame Consort Xuan now. Anyway, she could only be admiring the flowers in the garden at that time.

“Oh, I see. This is how it happened: My Lady was admiring the flowers and you were waiting on her when she saw the Sixth Princess coming in. She asked you to tell the palace maid of the Sixth Princess that the scenery there was better. After you told them, you came back to wait on My Lady again!”

Mo Lan looked at the two maidservants, the corners of her lips lifted, and asked generously. She had summarized the matter logically.

This was what the palace maid said just now, but it was not as clear as what she said. She seemed to be completely an outsider. When talking about this matter, she did not add anything or reduce anything. She looked calm and composed, which made people feel convinced. The ladies looked at Mo Lan, showing some appreciation.

It was really rare for such a maidservant, who was not arrogant or impatient, to not panic in the face of a big deal.

“Yes, yes, that’s it.” The two maidservants nodded vigorously and consciously relieved. The scene was so stern that the two maidservants were almost speechless. Now that someone helped them say what they should say, they certainly nodded and recognized.

d.u.c.h.ess Ding looked at his daughter who hadn’t spoken until now, and frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything. It was rare that her daughter was so calm. It seemed that she still had her next move. Besides, it was Mingguo Manor, and it was not proper for her to intervene.

d.u.c.h.ess Mingguo had a headache because of the incident involving Consort Xuan and the Sixth Princess. It was impossible to investigate it for a moment even though she wanted to. Seeing that the people around Consort Xuan took the matter over, she stood idly by, watching the event unfold.

The Old Madam in the Fu General Manor was ancient. Seeing Mo Xuetong sitting there calmly, she didn’t rush and waited.

Ping General’s wife smiled, and others couldn’t see her emotions.

You Yuecheng felt a kind of uneasy instinct. He cast a glance at Ling Mingyan, who was extremely quiet today, and a deep shadow flashed across his eyes. Ling Mingyan was easy to rise to the bait. According to her behavior in the past, she should have boiled with indignation and confronted Mo Xuetong. It would be totally different from how she behaved now. Although she was angry, she didn’t lose her temper and just looked at the Sixth Princess with cold eyes.

Something had made Ling Mingyan calm down. It… was not something good!

“Sixth Princess, did you see me at that time?” Mo Xuetong stretched out her hand to signal Mo Lan and Mo Yu, asking them to step back. She turned to look at the Sixth Princess. At this time, another palace maid of the Sixth Princess had also come. The Sixth Princess looked up and her eyes were filled with sadness, as if secretly wiping away the tears on her face, but in fact she felt a little bad, and an uneasy emotion came over her heart.

Because Mo Xuetong acted too calmly, which gave the Sixth Princess a bad premonition. Was it possible that Mo Xuetong could get out of today’s incident? Could it be that her plan was discovered by Mo Xuetong? The Sixth Princess pinched the handkerchief while she was sweating.

Hearing Mo Xuetong’s question, she raised her head in a tender manner, looking at Mo Xuetong with tears in her eyes, but the light in her eyes flashed away.

“Eighth Sister-in-law, I, I didn’t see you, so it’s impossible for you to say that. You usually treat me very well. How could you do such a thing? I believe you, Eighth sister-in-law.” The Sixth Princess was wearing a soft and innocent look on her face. She raised her head to look at d.u.c.h.ess Mingguo, showing the helplessness and hesitation of a girl, tears s.h.i.+ning in the corner of her eyes.

In an instant, she had already figured out a countermeasure. Today’s things were too weird. She couldn’t let herself sink too deep, or the matter would become a big deal, and she really couldn’t explain it. She only wanted to occupy the role of the victim now. As for other things, she would solve them later. After all, the most important thing now was to let Mingguo Manor accept the matter.

“Mo Xuetong, there will be opportunities in the future! Mother is right. Forbearance, I have to be forbearing now. I can’t lose the greater for the less.”

“Sixth Princess, did you really not see Consort Xuan?” d.u.c.h.ess Ding couldn’t help asking when the Sixth Princess took the initiative to defend Mo Xuetong.

“Yes, this matter has nothing to do with… Eighth sister-in-law. It’s just that the two maidservants’ side of that. How, how could I know if someone else did it deliberately. Even if Eighth sister-in-law was there, it can’t explain anything.” The Sixth Princess nodded, with a sincere expression on her face. Thinking about her current situation, others felt more and more that she was framed.

At this point, she was still speaking for the person who harmed her, and the other aristocratic ladies looked at Mo Xuetong with disdain.

The topic was changed by the Sixth Princess. The situation Mo Xuetong had asked Mo Lan to create before had turned to whether Consort Xuan had really framed the Sixth Princess. The Sixth Princess didn’t say it directly but her words sounded from the bottom of her heart, which made people feel that Consort Xuan was unruly.

She even framed the Sixth Princess who was such a gentle person, while the Sixth Princess trusted her so much!

Mo Xuetong smiled slightly without saying anything, but turned to look at the two kneeling maidservants, walked to them, and confirmed again, “You got my order and told the Sixth Princess’s people. Then you went back to serve me again after that, right?”

The two maidservants harbored intentions that couldn’t bear daylight, especially when the fact was that they had never wait on Mo Xuetong. Hearing Mo Xuetong’s question, they became more and more nervous. They raised their heads and exchanged glances before nodding vigorously. “Yes, My Lady, that’s it. We, we, we dare not lie about such a big thing.”

This meant that the reason why they told what Mo Xuetong had done now was that the matter was too big and involved the Sixth Princess. The two young maidservants couldn’t bear this responsibility, so they could only tell it all.

Mo Xuetong didn’t care about the allusions in their words that she deliberately led the Sixth Princess to the path, and nodded with satisfaction. “You said that I asked you to say that. Is it because I have been staying in the Osmanthus Garden and have just come here from the garden?”

The question was so abrupt that the two maidservants didn’t understand why Mo Xuetong posed it. They glanced at each other secretly, and didn’t dare to answer.

“Consort Xuan means to ask, have you seen Her Lady staying there all the time? Can you be sure that Her Lady still enjoyed the scenery at the Osmanthus Garden after you left?” A palace maid of the Sixth Princess couldn’t help but interrupt, afraid that the two maidservants were trapped. Mo Xuetong came with Ling Mingyan, so she didn’t seem to have been staying there all the time.

Her behavior was extremely impolite. So many n.o.ble ladies were present, but considering Mo Xuetong’s current status, no one said anything. The Seven Princess even just stood on the side and watched quietly. After the palace maid finished her words, others immediately felt how rude she was.

“Shut up. When Her Lady was speaking, how could you interrupt? Father and Mother will be in charge of this matter,” the Sixth Princess scolded the palace maid with red eyes.

“Yes, I’ve gone beyond the limits. My Lady, please forgive me.” Reprimanded, the palace maid immediately bowed to Mo Xuetong and asked for her forgiveness.

Mo Xuetong smiled slightly, ignoring their acting, kept staring at the two maidservants and asked, “What do you say?”

Getting the palace maid’s hint, the two maidservants had already figured something out. The tall one shook her head and replied, “After we delivered the message, we come back and report it back to Her Lady, Her Lady asked us to wait on the outside. As for whether Her Lady went away or not and when she went away, we really don’t know.”

“Oh, you mean, after I asked you to pa.s.s the message to the Sixth Princess, you didn’t know if I left?” Mo Xuetong was still calm as before, her eyes as clear as water, and she didn’t change the subject as the Sixth Princess wanted.

“Yes, that’s what I meant.” As the two maidservants were stared at by Mo Xuetong’s dark eyes, a chill stole over them. They felt cold, but they were still holding on.

“If I tell you that I never let you wait on, nor did I order you anything. I don’t know how you would explain it,” Mo Xuetong asked softly.

“My, My Lady, why do you say that? We have been waiting on you. How could you have not seen us? We had made tea there. Didn’t you drink the tea we made when My Lady came?” Seeing that it was not a good situation, the tall maidservant shouted loudly, “My Lady, what you said would be enough to kill us!”

What she said sounded as if Mo Xuetong wanted them to bear her crime.

When Mo Xuetong came to the garden, there were indeed tea and pastries on the table. When the two maidservants left, they saw a maidservant picking up the tea and offering it to Consort Xuan. Consort Xuan couldn’t deny the truth. Then Mo Xuetong could no longer defend herself.

The maidservants next to her couldn’t testify to her. They were all her own servants. Was it possible that they could refuse their master’s order?

“Oh, if I tell you, I just followed you into the pavilion for a moment and didn’t accept your service. Then I left. Do you believe it?” Mo Xuetong was still smiling calmly, as if she was asking casually. There was no stern yelling, or intentional inquiry, as if it was an ordinary thing.

But hearing these words, everyone was stunned!

Was Mo Xuetong not in the pavilion of the Osmanthus Garden? The Sixth Princess began to sweat on her head, and her hands twitched unconsciously. She squeezed her hands tightly, and the grievances on her face almost collapsed. If it were not for her strong self-control, she might exclaim.

You Yuecheng sensed that the situation had turned bad and wanted to stop Mo Xuetong’s questioning, but he couldn’t do that. Seeing the two maidservants kneeling on the ground, dumbfounded, he knew it was bad. His face darkened. He couldn’t stop Mo Xuetong from investigating this matter as it came to this point. Fortunately, he didn’t partic.i.p.ate in this matter at all. Even if the Sixth Princess failed, it had nothing to do with him.

As for whether the Sixth Princess could marry him or not, it was not within his calculations. He didn’t really want to marry the Sixth Princess anyway. He really didn’t care if there was one more woman in his backyard!

Originally, he thought that the Sixth Princess was a smart person. Then it would be better for him to marry her so that she could help him deal with Mo Xuetong. Now it seemed that she was not smart enough, so he just settled down and watched!

Therefore, You Yuecheng stood beside without saying a word, looking unfathomable!

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