Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 655 – Marriage, the End of the Sixth Princess

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Chapter 655 Marriage, the End of the Sixth Princess

The incident at Mingguo Manor concluded without a conclusion in the end. Mo Xuetong did not expect it. After receiving the news, it was late, but Feng Yuran had not returned yet. She could not sit still in her own yard, so she took Mo Lan directly to Jinwei Pavilion. After all, she was ill-informed!

On the top floor of Jinwei Pavilion, Feng Yuran was handling the file on the corner of the table. When he heard Mo Xuetong come over, he smiled, and put down the file in his hand, his eyes seeming to be covered with a layer of charm. “Ask Consort Xuan to come here to chat.”

“Yes.” Feng Yue retired. Although this was an important office s.p.a.ce for King Xuan, it was not a secret to his wife.

Mo Xuetong picked up the hem of her dress and went to the top floor by herself. Mo Lan stayed downstairs. Although she was the confidant of Mo Xuetong, she still had to avoid in some places, so she didn’t keep up with her and just stood downstairs casually. It happened that she was face to face with Feng Yue, and the latter was glad and teased her to talk.

One of them was Feng Yuran’s confidant, and the other was Mo Xuetong’s confidant. When Mo Xuetong didn’t have enough people to dispatch, she always ordered Mo Lan to ask for people from Feng Yue. Feng Yue was handsome, and Mo Lan was very pretty. In the course of frequent contact, they had feelings for each other, but usually they couldn’t talk much in front of their maters.

Now that the two masters were upstairs, Feng Yue was so happy. It was a rare opportunity to talk alone for the two. Although Mo Lan was very reserved, she couldn’t stand against Feng Yue’s enthusiasm. They kept talking, and only thought that the time was too short.

Mo Xuetong went upstairs. As soon as she lifted the curtain and went in, her eyes met Feng Yuran’s twinkling pretty eyes. His eyebrows were slightly raised, and his handsome face was all smiles. He waved to Mo Xuetong and signaled her to come over. It was rare for Tong’er to come to see him in person. It would be an understatement to say that he felt cool.

“What’s wrong with the matter of the Sixth Princess?” Mo Xuetong sat on a round-backed armchair, took the teacup that Feng Yuran handed over, took a sip, and asked straightforwardly.

When things got to the point, there was more than one person witnessing it. How could the Sixth Princess suppress it so powerfully? Mo Xuetong really wanted to know. With the Sixth Princess’s means, she didn’t dare to take it lightly. Besides, there was unfathomable Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen behind her. Only by knowing oneself and the enemy could one win every battle.

If the Sixth Princess was really so powerful, the pressure was still great.

“Don’t worry, the matter of the Sixth Princess has been dealt with. She will marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands soon. She won’t bother you anymore.” Feng Yuran’s brows cleared as he rubbed them. His smile became more and more enchanting. The corners of his pretty lips were raised. His clean, purple robe set off his handsome face!

“Sixth Princess is going to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands? An order from the Emperor?” Mo Xuetong was really stunned, her lips slightly open. The news shocked her for a while. This meant that the Sixth Princess was not that powerful, but that there was another mystery. Otherwise, with the Sixth Princess’s temperament, how could she still go to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands after she ruined her fame?

Moreover, this matter was not settled originally as the Emperor seemed to be hesitating all the time. But this incident seemed to have made the Emperor make up his mind to let the Sixth Princess go to marry into another country!

Mo Xuetong’s stunned expression pleased Feng Yuran. He stood up, and his jade-like handsome face showed an amorous smile. His beautiful facial features became more and more charming. He raised his handsome eyebrows and pulled her from the chair. Putting his arm around Mo Xuetong’s waist, he led her slowly to the window.

Outside the window, the night was dark and the lights were s.h.i.+ning everywhere. From this position, the lights were bright, like stars in the sky. The geographical location of Jinwei Pavilion was originally a bit high. Now they could not only see far, but they could see very clearly. Mo Xuetong subconsciously looked to the right side of their manor—the lights were bright, and it was obvious that the people inside had not slept yet.

“Feng Xuehe thought that since she and You Yuecheng were disheveled in front of so many people, it was impossible to keep it a secret. But she didn’t want to totally ruin her reputation, so these people she chose happened to be the ladies in charge of the Four Great Manors. As the mistresses of these manors, they naturally know how serious it was. Even if they had seen something, they would tell the people around them to shut up. Talking about royal gossip will not only implicate a servant.”

Feng Yuran snorted coldly, and thick blackness rushed into his pretty eyes. This blackness was cold and bloodthirsty, a bit thicker than the dark night outside, like the devil in h.e.l.l. Since Feng Xuehe dared to hurt Tong’er, her hope was doomed to disappear.

He gently kissed Mo Xuetong’s hair, and continued in the most indifferent voice, “It’s just a pity that Feng Xuehe is too scheming, but she also made a mistake. She thought that since the ladies saw that, Father had to let her marry You Yuecheng. Unfortunately, those ladies know what could not say. When Father asked them to shut up, they and the people around them shut up obediently.”

His voice had bloodthirsty laziness, showing that he was in a good mood now. His pretty face had an undisguised smile.

Obviously, Feng Yuran had done something in this matter. It really had nothing to do with King Xuan’s Manor, except that the Sixth Princess set up Mo Xuetong. A sweet smile unconsciously tugged at the corners of her lips. He must have avenged her. It could be said that the ending of Sixth Princess was absolutely relevant to Feng Yuran.

“Will it implicate you?” Mo Xuetong just blurted out the words of concern. Although she knew that he must have arranged it properly, she couldn’t help but ask in a soft voice. She leaned against his arms. Although there was a cool breeze coming in from the window, she didn’t feel cold at all as she leaned against his solid chest.

“Tong’er, are you worrying about me?” Feng Yuran squinted, and his eyes fell on her black hair. Then he reached out and stroked her hair that was blown off. He was in a cheerful mood. Tong’er had been repressed, but now she actually cared about him so straightforwardly. This was the first time. How could Feng Yuran not be overjoyed?

“Yes!” Mo Xuetong blushed, as if embarra.s.sed, the whole person seeming to be burning. Although she only replied with one word, her voice harbored soft touch, which made people feel so sweet. Feng Yuran put his arms around her shoulders and made her turn around to face him. His eyes fell on her shameful face, but she even pretended not to care. He was all smiles.

“With Tong’er’s worry, how could something happen to me? Don’t worry, Feng Xuehe won’t have time to trouble you in the future. There are many people who want to trouble her.”

“Apart from Ling Mingyan, is there anyone else?” Mo Xuetong didn’t understand what he said for a while. She blinked and asked. As soon as she finished speaking, she looked at the faint smile on Feng Yuran’s face and immediately understood.

According to the situation on that day, Ling Mingyan must have hated the Sixth Princess after her “reminder”, and the scheming d.u.c.h.ess Ding also noticed the Sixth Princess, and she might even notice Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen behind the princess. Regardless of what Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen wanted to do, it was probably not that convenient.

The reason why Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was like a fish in the palace before was that she got along well with others, and never made other enemies. She had a reputation for being gentle and generous. Even the Empress Dowager and the Empress praised her. Besides, she didn’t have a son, but an ordinary princess. Not many people in the palace cared about it, so she had no enemies.

But now it was different. The Sixth Princess, who had a reputation for being gentle and decent like her mother, actually directed and acted in such a play in order not to marry into another country, and she also wanted to marry into Mingguo Manor. How could this be hidden from the eyes of the people in the harem? Even if people outside the palace didn’t spread it, how could people not know in the palace?

Ding General Manor had always been empress’s family. No matter how the Empress Dowager and the Empress fought, they were the same in protecting the interests of Ding General Manor. The Empress might not put her on the spot, but what about the Empress Dowager and the Seventh Princesses? Judging by how she behaved, it could also see that the Seventh Princess was not a pushover.

The Sixth Princess didn’t want to marry into another country, but she put the Seventh Princess on the spot. How could the Seventh Princess be willing to accept it? Then they became enemies. So the Sixth Princess seemed to have many enemies all of a sudden. G.o.d knew if the Sixth Princess was going to explode now. Not only did she fail to achieve her goal, but she made so many enemies for herself.

“Not only in the Qin Kingdom, but also in the Southern Barbarian Lands.” Feng Yuran raised his eyebrows to remind her with a hint of pampering in his lazy voice.

“The Southern Barbarian Lands? Who, could it be Princess Caifeng?” Mo Xuetong imitated him and blinked her eyes narrowly. She leaned against his body, glared at him casually and asked with a smile, “Could it be that Princess Caifeng is jealous of the Sixth Princess’s beauty and ends up becoming her enemy?”

What she said was originally a joke. The Sixth Princess didn’t want her scandal to spread out that day, so she didn’t invite Princess Caifeng. After everything was over, Princess Caifeng came out from another garden. Fortunately, this was the case. The Southern Barbarian Lands had no objection to the decision that the Sixth Princess would marry into their country.

In this way, Princess Caifeng and the Sixth Princess were not at all entangled!

They married into each other’s country. Later, they would be in each other’s country, so they should have pity for each other. Mo Xuetong said this as she was joking with Feng Yuran.

“Of course Princess Caifeng will not, but some people will. Just now the butler came and said that Miss Hu who just woke up almost fainted because of anger.” Feng Yuran’s words carried a hint of amus.e.m.e.nt. He pulled Mo Xuetong’s hand and kissed, a flash of deep tenderness in his handsome eyes. “Tomorrow, the people from the Southern Barbarian Lands should move out. From now on, you can be free from worry.”

He said in a certain tone. In addition to the previous remarks about Hu Qianyue, Mo Xuetong couldn’t understand for the moment. She blinked her beautiful eyes, and looked up at Feng Yuran, feeling that she was not smart enough. There seemed to be nothing inevitable in it. Of course she did not doubt Feng Yuran.

Since Feng Yuran was so sure, it must be true, but she still couldn’t figure out the key here! When Feng Yuran saw her confused look, a brilliant smile appeared on the handsome face of the enchanting man. Then he said something casually, which made her suddenly understand!

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