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Chapter 656 Feng Yuran Who Was Protective of His Wife

“Crown Prince Xieyue asked the marriage for the Sixth Princess and the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands,” Feng Yuran said lazily, and looked down at Mo Xuetong’s round eyes. Then he raised his eyebrows, and asked actively, “Any more questions?”

This news was too shocking for Mo Xuetong. Coming to the Great Qin to take a princess to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands was one of Crown Prince Xieyue’s important goals this time. Marriage with the Qin Kingdom had many benefits for him. How could he give this benefit to others now? With the help of the Qin Kingdom, the Third Prince would become even more powerful from now on, and then it would be hard for Crown Prince Xieyue to live in the Southern Barbarian Lands.

With this in mind, Mo Xuetong asked, “If the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands marries the Sixth Princess, it will be adding wings to a tiger. From now on, how will Crown Prince Xieyue fight with him?”

Compared with the unacquainted Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands, Mo Xuetong had a certain favor with Crown Prince Xieyue. At least Crown Prince Xieyue was decent enough. The fact that the thumb ring that he gave her had been sent to Feng Yuran had already explained it. Mo Xuetong had sensed it. This was the best ending, and because of this, she felt more like Xieyue.

If they really had to form an alliance with the Southern Barbarian Lands, she hoped that it was Crown Prince Xieyue!

“The Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands has the candidates for his wife: Hu Qianyue and the daughter of a powerful minister. If the Third Prince gets the two forces’ full support, Xieyue may be losing ground, but there is only one position for Third Prince’s wife. Hu Qianyue and the daughter of the powerful minister are not giving way to each other, and the fight is fierce.”

Feng Yuran smiled leisurely, stretched out a slender hand, and rolled up a strand of hair in her ear, which gently curled it in his hand. With the help of part of Xieyue’s power, he knew more about the Southern Barbarian Lands. He never thought that Xieyue’s thumb ring could be so useful.

Of course, Feng Yuran didn’t plan to tell Mo Xuetong about these things. The thumb ring belonged to him now, which would represent the relations.h.i.+p between him and Xieyue. Tong’er was his wife in the inner courtyard, so she didn’t need to know these things.

He didn’t want Tong’er to be bothered by another man!

Mo Xuetong’s eyes lit up and asked, “You mean Sixth Princess might not be able to get the position of legal wife after she marries into the Southern Barbarian Lands?”

Feng Yuran smiled and nodded, his lips curled up with a cold smile. “I don’t know if she will be the legal wife after she gets married, but there is one thing: Hu Qianyue and the daughter of the powerful minister do not want her to appear in the Southern Barbarian Lands. In any case, she is a Princess of the Qin Kingdom. If the Third Prince of Southern Barbarian Lands has ambitions, he has to make her his legal wife.”

Mo Xuetong thought for a while and asked, “Hu Qianyue is here now. Even if she has power, it won’t be very big, but the daughter of that powerful minister… Is it possible for her to agree to be a second consort first, and then replace the Sixth Princess in the future?”

“No, it is said that the Third Prince is now head over heels for her and sent his own cousin to the Qin Kingdom, which means to give up Hu Qianyue. It can be seen that the lady has a big ambition, and great power. If Feng Xuehe marries the Third Prince, then her efforts in the past would be wasted.”

Originally he thought that Hu Qianyue’s appearance was really an accident, but after learning about the condition of the Third Prince in the Southern Barbarian Lands, Feng Yuran could only lament that the Third Prince was too careless. He had sent his own cousin to the Qin Kingdom. It meant he had abandoned her. Wasn’t he afraid that his uncle would fight against him? Or maybe he really believed that the lady’s family was much more powerful than his uncle.

In the unpeaceful era, military officials were more powerful than civil officials!

How did the Empress and the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands see that they could suppress the Hu family? They even sent General Hu’s daughter to the Qin Kingdom to be the second consort. Did they hope that the Hu family would take care of the overall situation? In the news from the Southern Barbarian Lands, General Hu had a few sons, but just a daughter, and he valued her as if she was a treasure!

“But if this is the case, how could the Emperor agree to let Sixth Princess marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands?” Originally, the princess would become Xieyue’s wife, but how did she become the Third Prince’s wife inexplicably. The status became much lower. Mo Xuetong couldn’t figure it out. She pulled down Feng Yuran’s hand that was playing with her hair and held it tightly to prevent him from moving.

“Something like that happened in Mingguo Manor, and she wanted to drag you inside as a scapegoat. Father knew it with a glance. He had believed that Sixth Princess was innocent, but unexpectedly, she is so cruel. Father was so angry that he appointed her as a candidate for marriage and sent it to Xieyue. But Xieyue also knew about it, so he talked about what happened in Mingguo Manor euphemistically, and then wanted the Sixth Princess to be the Third Prince’s wife. Father could not refuse.”

Feng Yuran’s eyes flashed with a layer of faint enchantment. Xieyue wanted to ask for marriage for the Third Prince. The Emperor would not agree to it. No matter what, Feng Xuehe was a princess. How could she be willing to turn from a Crown Prince’s wife to an ordinary prince’s wife. The Emperor was clear about this. However, when the file of the princess who was going to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands had been sent to their envoys, Xieyue threatened with what happened to the Sixth Princess in Mingguo Manor.

Although this matter had not been investigated again, the result was certain. The Sixth Princess was disheveled when she was in the same room with Marquess Mingguo. As her reputation was ruined, it was impossible for her to marry the Crown Prince. However, since the selection had been made, for the sake of the two countries’ face, the Sixth Princess could only marry the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands and became his legal wife.

The Third Prince’s wife was one grade lower than the Crown Prince’s wife. And the gap would be even bigger as one would become the Empress while the other would still be an idle prince’s wife. However, since things had come to this point, Emperor Zongwen couldn’t say anything. After what happened to the Sixth Princess, that was the result as the two sides concealed it.

As for why Xieyue knew what happened in Mingguo Manor so quickly, of course, it was due to the scheming man beside her. Feng Xuehe dared to plot against the person he loved. How could Feng Yuran allow her to realize her goal? Since she didn’t want to marry into another country, then he made her selected!

She didn’t want to be the Crown Prince’s wife of the Southern Barbarian Lands? Fine, they didn’t want to either!

Seeing Feng Yuran exuding an evil aura, Mo Xuetong certainly understood his meaning. Knowing that he was angry with the Sixth Princess because of her, she had a feeling in her heart but she couldn’t tell it. It was bitter yet sweet, and there was an indescribable softness.

“You, don’t let yourself get stuck in it. If you become too outstanding, the Emperor might think that you are disregarding your siblings. In that case, it will be bad,” Mo Xuetong pouted and gave him a squinting glance.

Seeing a slight worry and pretending displeasure on Mo Xuetong’s delicate face, Feng Yuran laughed heartily. Holding her tender little hand, he said leisurely, “Don’t worry, I’m safe. I’ll keep my nose clean. I didn’t say anything about it. I’m as pure as your eyes. It was Xieyue and Father’s people who negotiated it. I even couldn’t watch it.”

Of course he wouldn’t go to watch it because he didn’t have to, and he went directly to be Xieyue’s adviser. As for what he said and if he said that Feng Xuehe tried to harm Tong’er’s reputation, these were not in the cards. Feng Yuran paid more attention to the result. As long as someone dared to bully Tong’er, he would give them h.e.l.l.

The current Feng Yuran was extremely protective of his wife. Of course, this was only towards Mo Xuetong alone. As for other people, he never included them in his thinking. He looked at Mo Xuetong, his eyes twinkling. “Tong’er, from now on, there will be a lot of people who don’t want her to be the Third Prince’s wife. Hu Qianyue immediately became spirited when she heard the news. The people in her yard have reported that she has already had people packing things and is about to move out of our manor.”

“Is she really going to move?” Mo Xuetong raised her eyes with a question. Hu Qianyue sometimes got better and sometimes got worse; generally, it had been very serious. King Xuan’s Manor would be ashamed of for asking her to move. Knowing that she was not a simple person, they had to beware of her. It was indeed a troublesome thing. Of course, it was best for her to move away now.

“In the Southern Barbarian Lands, the Hu family has put pressure on Empress. The Right Prime Minister’s daughter was going to become the Third Prince’s wife, but because of the Hu family, the Empress does not dare to make a clear order. The Hu family possesses military power. And because of the matter about Hu Qianyue, the Hu family had started a dispute with the Empress. General Hu threatened that if the Empress does not think of an idea and take Hu Qianyue back, he will never quit.”

“So Hu Qianyue was waiting for the news from the Southern Barbarian Lands and deliberately made her illness drag on?” Mo Xuetong’s beautiful eyes revealed a bit of understanding. It seemed that Hu Qianyue was more useful than Princess Caifeng, which was something unexpected to her. That was good. The Sixth Princess didn’t want to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands, but she messed up this matter by herself, and they had started a feud.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had been living a pleased life in the palace for so many years; there had never been a bad reputation of her; even the Empress Dowager who was so ambitious and scheming had not found it. That only showed that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was more scheming and forbearing. The Sixth Princess was obviously of the same type as Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. Mo Xuetong felt that she was under a lot of pressure when she offended such people.

Now the capable Hu Qianyue was holding the Sixth Princess and Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen on one side, which was the best.

The Sixth Princess was going to marry the Third Prince; Hu Qianyue would stay in the Qin Kingdom and become Feng Yulei’s co-wife. It seemed that the Sixth Princess was the best performance, but Hu Qianyue should be stronger in the Southern Barbarian Lands than the Sixth Princess in the Qin Kingdom. Compared with Hu Qianyue, the Sixth Princess and Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen were more threatening to Mo Xuetong.

“The specific matter of the marriage will be decided one month later. It’s a major event between the two countries. Xieyue asked for the marriage for the Third Prince, so he has to inform the Third Prince. The Southern Barbarian Lands is very sincere. At the command of Father, they have sent people to gallop out to inform the Third Prince. At least he has to welcome the Sixth Princess so as to be worthy of her status.”

Feng Yuran blinked his long and narrow eyes as his handsome face showed an evil smile. Between his straight nose and thin lips, there were some tenderness and indulgence. He touched Mo Xuetong’s head and said, “You don’t have to worry about Hu Qianyue’s matter. We can just watch. Remember, no matter who wants to harm you in the future, as long as there is me, I will never allow others to hurt you. Tong’er, do you understand?”

Mo Xuetong’s eyes widened suddenly. Hearing him speak so plainly, she was both shocked and surprised, as well as sweetly joyful. She knew that he was mad because she was caught in the plot of the Sixth Princess. She could tell by looking at his attractive face.

This scheming man was really…

In the last life, she had sought love with much effort but she failed. In this life, this man cared about her so much. How could she not burst into tears? She didn’t care how Hu Qianyue and the Sixth Princess would fight now. She bit her lip, reached out to put her arms around his neck, tiptoed, and kissed him on the lips…

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