Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 657 – The Sixth Princess Had Lost Her Mind

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Chapter 657 The Sixth Princess Had Lost Her Mind

When her soft rosy lips touched the corner of his cold lips, Mo Xuetong woke up from her emotions. She looked at Feng Yuran’s dazed gaze and felt embarra.s.sed. She reached out to push him away and tried to run away. How could she do something like that? Look, even the lawless Feng Yuran was so shocked that he didn’t respond for a moment.

Feng Yuran was indeed stunned. However, he was overjoyed then. When he saw that she was about to escape, he quickly wrapped his arms around her slender waist. He was not willing to let her go so easily. He was so excited that it was hard to describe how he felt. He looked at her pink lips, which shone like peaches. He could not stand any longer.

His beautiful, thin lips carried his unique scent as he pressed them hard on Mo Xuetong’s lips. He placed one hand on her waist, holding her tightly in his embrace, and lifted her chin with the other. Not allowing her to avoid him at all, he wrapped his arms around her forcefully and kissed her pa.s.sionately…

Outside the window was the starry sky, and under the starlight was the two pretty couple who kissed each other, which outshone the starlight all over the sky. It became the most beautiful painting in the night…

Feng Yuran was especially satisfied today!

His Tong’er had always been careful and seemed to be a little cold, which always made him a little nervous. It was rare for her to show her feelings without reservation today. How could Feng Yuran not be ecstatic? A long while later, when Mo Xuetong felt that she was about to faint, Feng Yuran let go of her, with a satisfied smile tugging at the corner of his alluring lips.

He reached out to hold her tightly in his arms, took a deep breath, but did not speak.

Mo Xuetong snuggled tightly in his arms and felt the wild heartbeat from his chest. She blushed and stole a glance at him, just meeting his sincere and doting eyes. His eyes had never been so brilliant. It was as if there were stars overflowing from his pretty eyes. He was just reeking of a gentleness that he rarely performed in front of others.

He still had an evil aura, but even so, he also looked so sincere!

As if her hands had their own consciousness, she took the initiative to stretch out and held his slender waist. Then she gently leaned her head on his chest and listened to the sound of his heartbeat, which was strong.

At this time, it seemed that without saying anything, their hearts were close to each other. She felt so good to have him in this life!

In this life, although she had experienced all kinds of difficulties along the way, it was really good to have him! Since they loved each other, for this man, she didn’t care how difficult it was on this road, as long as she had him to accompany her.

“Tong’er, I’m very happy!” Feng Yuran’s lazy voice contained a hint of excitement that even he did not notice. He reached out and touched her beautiful hair. The corners of his lips curled up high and he wrapped his arms half around her.

Mo Xuetong did not say anything. She leaned against him gently and pressed her hot face tightly against his chest. She only felt that even if the two of them did not speak, her heart was filled with warmth and there was no distance between their hearts.

After an unknown period of time, the blush slowly faded away from Mo Xuetong’s face. She woke up from the lingering gentleness and bit her lips, still feeling shy. When she heard his lazy and devilish smile, she felt even more ashamed. She gently bit his chest and changed the topic, “What about the back yard? It’s all your fault.”

In fact, it was not Feng Yuran’s fault. She was just trying to fill the silence.

“Let them have that. It’s all right for the time being. Tong’er, are you jealous because there are some more people in the back courtyard?” Feng Yuran was filled with joy, so he could not help but feel unhappy when he heard Mo Xuetong mention the people in his back courtyard. However, when he thought about it, a happy smile appeared on his face.

“No, I’m just cleaning up your mess. Concubine Qin always found an excuse to go back to her parents’ home recently, so I can’t refuse her all the time. I mean it. Are you plotting something again as you don’t stop her?” Mo Xuetong shook him coyly. She was really not jealous. She had always seen how Feng Yuran treated the women in the back courtyard.

Those women’s presence protected them from being blamed. When there was not a single official concubine in the back courtyard of King Xuan’s Manor before, the people in the imperial palace didn’t lay off, including the Emperor. It made sense. How could he allow his favorite son to suffer a grievance? Then it was his daughter-in-law’s fault that the women in the back courtyard weren’t properly arranged!

Feng Yuran had dealt with the people in the back courtyard, and it was normal to give the few people left t.i.tles. Mo Xuetong would not have said anything if those people had stayed in the back courtyard obediently. However, judging from the situation now, they would not behave themselves. The sly man definitely had some plans that he did not tell her.

“How could it be? The women in the backyard refuse to behave themselves and I have no choice. The three people either came to me by themselves or were sent by someone else. None of them were selected by me. So it has nothing to do with me if something happens to them. The one from the Qin family is the daughter of an aristocratic family, and Father has recorded it. Last time, I told Father to send her back, so as not to make any trouble. Looking at the current situation, I can’t be blamed for what might happen.”

Feng Yuran said as if he had been wronged. However, his slightly curved lips revealed his emotions. He had been feeling uncomfortable with those women in the back courtyard. Since Mo Xuetong did not ask, he didn’t find an opportunity to mention it. He felt that Tong’er was feeling a little uncomfortable, but she did not ask, which meant that he could not explain. Now he had finally found an opportunity to explain. Of course, he was very happy.

“As for Duke Wanping… there’s no need for an explanation.” Mo Xuetong knew that he was clear about what he did after he said that. She could not help but pinch his arm when she saw how he feigned innocence after getting favors. Then, she turned her head and asked with a meaningful smile.

“Ouch, it hurts. You hurt me so hard. It will be swelling soon. You have to take responsibility,” Feng Yuran smiled and stretched out his arm to show it to Mo Xuetong. There was no swelling on his jade-white skin, and it was not red at all. Mo Xuetong held back her anger and glared at him. Then she pushed his hand away but was held back by him.

“As for Duke Wanping, I really don’t need to explain it to him. I just need to explain it to Tong’er alone. No matter what Duke Wanping and his daughter think, it has nothing to do with me. However, Tong’er, you have to remember that I don’t want you to be with Concubine Qin when there isn’t something urgent in case she makes trouble again.”

A sharp glint flashed through the corners of Feng Yuran’s eyes when he said that. However, he hid it in his lazy smile then. There was no need to deal with the matters about Qin Xing’er and Duke Wanping right now. However, he had to be wary of her plotting against Tong’er. Qin Xing’er might not be able to do anything in the manor, but when she went out…

It seemed that he had to order Feng Yue to pick a few more people to follow Tong’er and protect her. He must not let Tong’er take any risks.

While they snuggled up to each other and made up their minds, the Sixth Princess was in a mess!

The Sixth Princess looked at the imperial edict on the desk when her eyes were burning with anger. She took a few steps forward and wanted to tear the imperial edict apart. She was unwilling to accept it? How could she be reconciled? It was such a good plan, but it wasted. And she had really become the one who was going to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands. Moreover, her fiancé was the Third Prince who was not the second Empress’s son.

In the eyes of the people of the Qin Kingdom, the Southern Barbarian Lands represented savagery, but she was going to marry into such a barbaric place and could no longer stay with her beloved. All of these made the Sixth Princess almost lose her mind. She rushed forward and was about to tear off the imperial edict on the table.

She didn’t want to be the princess who was going to marry the Third Prince!

“Your Highness, Your Highness, that’s the imperial edict, His Majesty’s imperial edict. You can’t break it,” the palace maid shouted hurriedly while holding her waist tightly.

However, the Sixth Princess, who had always been gentle in front of others, was really livid this time. She was now determined to tear the imperial edict apart. It seemed that once the imperial edict was torn apart, the marriage would be ruined. Then she could still be with You Yuecheng and could still marry into Mingguo Manor.

The bright imperial edict in front of her was the greatest irony to her, so she wanted to tear it apart.

“Get lost. Let go of me.” She opened her eyes wide and pushed the palace maid who was holding her tightly. The veins on her forehead were bulging! A few strands of hair fell off because of the pulling and fell on her pale and ferocious face. If one had not seen it in person, who would have thought that the crazy and irrational person was the gentle and quiet Sixth Princess?

“Your Highness, Your Highness, you can’t do it. Wake up, wake up. It’s Emperor’s imperial edict. It’s a serious crime that is enough for a sentence to kill nine generations of the family. The marriage has been settled. It can’t be changed. It’s useless for you to tear the imperial edict apart.” The palace maid pulled the Sixth Princess hard and kept shaking her. Since the eunuch who sent the imperial edict left, the Sixth Princess had been terribly quiet. At this time, she really went crazy. The palace maids didn’t dare to let her really rush up and tear the imperial edict apart. Otherwise, all the people in the palace couldn’t live.

She thought that she was persuading the Sixth Princess, but unexpectedly, it was to add fuel to the fire. When she heard about the marriage, the Sixth Princess suddenly broke free from the palace maid’s shackles and went straight up the steps. Her hand was about to fall on the imperial edict on the table. Without this imperial edict, no one would force her to marry into another country…

“Stop!” A cold and angry rebuke came from behind her. The Sixth Princess paused and turned to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen behind her. There were tears in the corners of her eyes and she said viciously, “Mom, I don’t want to be engaged to someone else. I don’t want to go to that barbaric place. I don’t want to marry that barbarian either. I just want to live a happy life with you. Mom, I won’t take the imperial edict. I’m going to tear it apart!”

After finis.h.i.+ng her words, she stretched out her hand to the imperial edict regardless of her mother’s stop. At this time, the imperial edict was the obsession in her heart and also her biggest enemy. It was all because of this imperial edict that she had to marry far away from home. She didn’t know what kind of ending she would have.

“Xuehe, stop.” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen waved her hand. Except for her two trusted subordinates, everyone else left. She could not help but be anxious when she saw that the Sixth Princess was still so determined to tear the imperial edict apart. How could anyone casually tear the imperial edict apart? Once it was torn apart, there would be a great disaster. She was shocked and rushed over in a hurry, wanting to rebuke the Sixth Princess.

But at this time, the Sixth Princess had lost her mind and did not listen to what her mother said. When the imperial edict was in her hands, she smiled coldly with tears in her eyes and grabbed one side of the edict with each hand, gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth, and tried to pull both hands outward. “Mom, I don’t want this harmful imperial edict!”

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