Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 664 – The Ghost Frightened Auntie Qing by Night

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Chapter 664 The Ghost Frightened Auntie Qing by Night

Auntie Qing was scared and seriously ill. She was dizzy and always felt as if Mo Xueqiong’s blood face would pop up before her eyes. Sometimes, she could hear Mo Xueqiong’s miserable cries at night. Her daughter asked her why she had pushed her into the pit of h.e.l.l and why she had helped her find a way to hurt Mo Xuetong, which caused her to come to that end.

Auntie Qing was indeed aware of the fact that Mo Xueqiong and Mo Xuemin had worked together to harm Mo Xuetong. Back then, she had intentionally added fuel to the fire and repeatedly told Mo Xueqiong that as long as Mo Xuetong was alive, she would be suppressed by her forever. She would always be humble in front of her and would never be able to compete with her.

Of course, she was well aware that Feng Yulei had asked Mo Xueyan to send Mo Xueqiong a handkerchief in private. How could Auntie Qing not be tempted when her daughter was able to marry into King Yan’s Manor as a second consort? Even if she could only be a second consort, she was still a n.o.ble member of the royal family, and from then on, she would enjoy endless wealth and glory. How could Auntie Qing not be happy?

It could be said that Auntie Qing had played a big role in inciting Mo Xueqiong and Mo Xuemin to kill Mo Xuetong. If Auntie Qing hadn’t done that, Mo Xueqiong wouldn’t have dared to make such a big decision at that time. What happened after that was not in their plan. Mo Xuetong escaped with her life, safe and sound.

However, Mo Xueqiong had disfigured herself and was thrown into King Yan’s Manor. Feng Yulei had just intended to use her. Now that she had messed it up, how could he treat her well? Without Feng Yulei’s protection, it was normal for her to have a difficult time in King Yan’s Manor.

Once, she went to beg Feng Yulei and was left outside in the heavy rain. Then, Feng Yulei asked people to drag her out like rubbish. If it weren’t for You Yuecheng, Mo Xueqiong would have died at that time. After that, Mo Xueqiong listened to You Yuecheng wholeheartedly. She thought that You Yuecheng could cure her appearance and would be with her from then on.

When Mo Xueqiong wanted to plot against Mo Xuetong again, she had come back to try to get close to Mo Xuetong. Auntie Qing was a scheming person and she knew it after hearing a few words from Mo Xueqiong. She stirred up trouble again, saying that it was Mo Xuetong who had caused Mo Xueqiong to enter King Yan’s Manor and made her face disfigured.

Otherwise, why had Mo Xueqiong’s face been disfigured when the other people’s faces were all fine after the horse crashed into a tree? It was obvious that Mo Xuetong hated her and had done it on purpose. Then she would not be King Yan’s second consort, nor being doted on by King Yan…

Her new hatred piled on the old and had dispelled all of Mo Xueqiong’s last doubts!

If Auntie Qing could persuade her, as Mo Xueqiong’s birth mother, she might be able to change her mind. Then she would still be the second consort of King Yan’s Manor. Since the marriage was bestowed by the Emperor, no matter how much Feng Yulei disliked her, he could not kill her as long as she didn’t make any mistakes. As such, essentially, Auntie Qing had an inescapable responsibility to Mo Xueqiong’s death.

Auntie Qing had always known it, but she had selectively forgotten it and pushed all the blame onto Mo Xuetong. She only felt that it was Mo Xuetong who had caused her daughter’s death. It was all because of Mo Xuetong that Mo Xueqiong ended up in such a miserable state. Her only daughter was gone. She wanted to see Mo Xuetong get into trouble and end up with the same fate as Mo Xueqiong.

A few days ago, the man had told her to push Mo Yufeng out, and that was why she had done it so positively.

But now, when she heard Mo Xueqiong’s miserable screams at midnight, Auntie Qing was so scared that she huddled in the quilt. Her eyes peeped out of the quilt as she looked at the empty room in panic and fear, as if Mo Xueqiong would rush out with a bleeding face and a long tongue at any time.

Deep in her heart, she knew that the cause of Mo Xueqiong’s death had a great deal to do with her!

Other than the dead Mo Xueqiong, no one knew about this matter. That was why Auntie Qing did not doubt about the “ghost”!

Since that day, Auntie Qing did not ask anyone to stay in her room to accompany her, afraid that she would say something and tell the truth. She told her servants that she was okay to be alone. Those young and old maidservants also heard that the room was haunted, so of course, it was good that Auntie Qing did not need them. The doors and windows of Auntie Qing’s room were closed tightly. Once entering the room, one would have a gloomy feeling. No one could stay in this room for long.

Auntie Qing had not slept well for the past few nights. She could hear Mo Xueqiong’s voice from time to time, and she seemed to have seen Mo Xueqiong rus.h.i.+ng towards her in a daze. The candlelight flickered slightly, making a small sound. Auntie Qing woke up from her dream dazedly.

A pair of unfocused eyes suddenly appeared on a long shadow standing by the window.

There was a white linen coat, a white floating belt, a pale face, a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth, and a pair of dead fish-like eyes…

“Ah!” Auntie Qing was scared. Her body shuddered violently.

“Qiong’er, it wasn’t… It wasn’t me. It really, really had nothing to do with me. I didn’t do anything to harm… It’s Mo Xuetong. It’s all that woman’s fault. Go and find her. You, you take her away. Take her away directly.” Even though she was curled up in the quilt, Auntie Qing was still trembling so violently that she couldn’t even say smoothly and sweat broke out all over her body.

The pale and bloodless face in front of her carried a trace of ice-cold blood. The whole room seemed to be filled with this kind of aura, which almost made her suffocate.

“Wasn’t you? If it weren’t for you, would I have ended up like this? Didn’t you always entice me and cause my death?” The ghost’s voice seemed to come from a distance, and there was some indescribable coldness in it.

“It wasn’t me… It wasn’t me. It was, it was really not me. It was You Yuecheng. Yes, it was him! He lied to you. He said that he could help cure your appearance. There are people in the capital who have excellent medical skills and can help you. But he didn’t say a word for you until you died. You go, go to him. Don’t come to me.”

After refuted by the ghost, Auntie Qing subconsciously put the blame on You Yuecheng. She only wanted the ghost to leave and drive her away. She had never remembered that the ghost was her biological daughter when she was alive.

“He lied to me, so didn’t you lie to me? I am your biological daughter. If Mo Xuemin hadn’t asked me to hurt Mo Xuetong, I wouldn’t have ended up like this. You have to avenge me, avenge me…”

The ghost’s decadent voice sounded cold and strange. Sometimes it seemed very close, sometimes far away in the night. She looked up with her dead fish-like eyes and suddenly the corners of her eyes shed two marks of blood. Auntie Qing was so scared that she screamed again. Her whole body hid in the quilt and trembled.

“Qiong’er, don’t worry. I… I will definitely avenge you. You can rest a.s.sured. Go back first, and don’t come to me in the future. I will avenge you…” Auntie Qing said incoherently. She only wanted the ghost to leave now. Otherwise, she might really be scared to death.

The quilt was tightly wrapped around her, and the air inside was very thin. Since she was sick, she almost couldn’t breathe for the moment. There seemed to be a pair of ghost claws around her neck, which made her scared. She was so scared that she almost fainted. No matter what the ghost wanted now, she would agree and only wanted her to leave as soon as possible.

“Mo Xuemin harmed me. Why are you so kind to Mo Yufeng? Why?! I hate you.”

“No, no, I wasn’t really nice to him. Don’t worry, Qiong’er. In a few days, he will bring trouble to himself and come to a bad end. Qiong’er, Qiong’er, don’t worry. I will take revenge for you. I will take revenge on all the people in the Mo Manor. Let them, let them go and accompany you.”

Auntie Qing was outspoken and could say anything now. She only hoped that Mo Xueqiong’s ghost would leave. She was shocked and frightened, and had long regarded the ghost in front of her as Mo Xueqiong’s ghost.

“I’m so cold. I’m so cold. Come and accompany me, okay? I miss your arms.” The voice seemed to be right in Auntie Qing’s ears. Auntie Qing, who was wrapped in the quilt, seemed to feel a gust of cold air blowing from behind her neck. She only felt that the ghost’s teeth would bite into her neck in the next moment.

She fell back and rolled into the inside of the bed with all her strength. She crawled on the bed and begged in a crying voice, “Qiong’er, I will definitely send someone to accompany you. That little s.l.u.t, Mo Xuetong, will be ruined and notorious soon. Don’t worry. She will die even worse than you. Let her accompany you… Okay?”

“Oh no, I want you. The most important person in your heart is not me, but that person…” The ghost’s cold voice came from outside the quilt.

“No, there is no one else. Qiong’er, I… I didn’t really have a choice. My marriage was arranged by them. But no matter what I have done, my only daughter is you, Qiong’er. Is it possible that they are closer to me than you are? Qiong’er, listen to me… Leave, leave here and wait for me to avenge you.”

“How, how are you going to get revenge?”

“Soon. Just, just in a few days. When I recover, I will… I’ll get that fool Mo Yufeng out. Then they will expose Mo Xuetong and wipe out the entire Mo Manor. I will be able to vent your anger and take revenge for you. Qiong’er, you can also, also leave with peace!”

“Do you really believe that you can avenge me this time?”

“Of course, after the news of King Chu’s affair with Mo Xuetong get, get out… No matter how Mo Xuetong will explain, it’s, it’s hard to express it clearly. There is evidence… There must be evidence this time.” Auntie Qing was so frightened that she could not speak properly. She trembled and stammered, “I heard that… When Consort Chu’s maidservant died, she had left evidence…”

“Evidence? Mo Yufeng will get the evidence and denounce her?”

“Yes, when I get better in a few days, I will find a way to get Mo Yufeng to sneak out. I heard that his uncle, the brother of that s.l.u.t of the Fang family, is involved as well. That’s good… then, both the Mo Manor and the Yu family will be wiped out. They will be all dead soon and they’ll all come to accompany you. Qiong’er, isn’t it okay?”

Auntie Qing was shocked and frightened at this time. She closed her eyes tightly and cowered in the quilt. She didn’t notice the ghost’s last sentence didn’t sound gloomy anymore.

Then there was silence. The night was so quiet that there was no sound. Auntie Qing wanted to pull the quilt open to see if the ghost had left. However, when she thought that the ghost might be waiting outside, she could not help but s.h.i.+ver. She curled up into a ball and did not dare to move. Her forehead was covered with sweat. She was afraid that she would disturb the ghost.

At this moment, she was sick and afraid, and her body was weak. She broke out in a cold sweat as she curled up in the quilt. Insensibly, she had fainted…

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