Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 670 – An Unwise Move, Hu Qianyue VS the Sixth Princess

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Chapter 670 An Unwise Move, Hu Qianyue VS the Sixth Princess

“Sixth Princess, what are you talking about? I don’t want to say anything. I was just happy to run into you, so I came up to say a few words with you. Who owns this back yard? Just now, I seemed to see you coming out from a door over there. Sixth Princess, why did you walk through the dark and damp back door instead of the main door? It really hurt your n.o.ble status.”

Hu Qianyue smiled and pointed to a door behind the right side of the Sixth Princess. She had looked carefully just now and saw that the Sixth Princess had come from that door. When she heard the news today, she immediately came here to block the Sixth Princess’s way. Unexpectedly, she made it as the Sixth Princess really came out from the back door. How could she not be in a good mood?

“Where I came from has nothing to do with you, Miss Hu. Even if you will marry my Third brother, you could only be a second consort. How could you stick your nose into a princess’s case? Are the rules of the Southern Barbarian Lands different from that of our Qin Kingdom? A concubine can be brought to the table?”

At this moment, the Sixth Princess had realized that Hu Qianyue was obviously here to block her path. She couldn’t control herself and showed her sarcastic nature. She had thrown away all pretenses of gentleness and generosity in front of others.

“Miss Hu, you have to understand that you are just a concubine who warms the bed. Crown Prince Xieyue has allowed you to come to the Qin Kingdom because he wants you to be a concubine. Since you are just a concubine, how could he care about you? Do you think that Crown Prince Xieyue thinks highly of you and will listen to a concubine’s orders?”

The Sixth Princess’s face was cold and ferocious, and there was a hint of coldness that couldn’t be hidden on the corner of her mouth. If people had not seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe that the person in front of them was really the Sixth Princess, who had always been known to be gentle and generous, and had a good reputation. The reason why she lost her temper now was that there was no one else in this place. As for Hu Qianyue, since she had appeared here to block her way, it meant that she was her enemy.

Facing Hu Qianyue, the Sixth Princess did not think that there was a need for her to be soft.

“Sixth Princess, what… what’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me I can’t ask about that place. But you came out from there!” Hu Qianyue looked surprised, as if she didn’t understand why the Sixth Princess was angry from embarra.s.sment. Her eyes were full of confusion, which covered up the trace of coldness in them very well.

Anger was already boiling up inside her. She wanted to rip apart the Sixth Princess, who had repeatedly mentioned the word “concubine”, in front of her eyes. She was as mad as the Sixth Princess when she mentioned her engagement. That word made Hu Qianyue gnash her teeth in hatred.

However, it was obviously not a good time to get angry. The Sixth Princess was angry because she had been caught by Hu Qianyue. Now she was all bluffing, and if Hu Qianyue continued to push her, the Sixth Princess would definitely be defeated. At that time, the princess would be Hu Qianyue’s p.a.w.n and she could ask her to do whatever she wanted.

With such strong evidence against the princess in her hands, she did not believe that the Sixth Princess would dare to confront her head-on!

Therefore, at this time, she still held back her anger and had a gentle smile on her face, as if she really didn’t realize that she meant that a princess of this country was unwomanly and had a private date with a man.

“How did Miss Hu know so clearly that I came out from that place? Could it be that you have been following me all the time? I didn’t expect that Father didn’t even ask about me when I, a princess, went out of the palace to somewhere else, but you, a concubine sent by the small Southern Barbarian Lands, care so much about me. Could it be that you’ve come to the Qin Kingdom as a spy?”

The Sixth Princess’s dignified and beautiful eyes were red with anger, and her voice was getting louder and louder. Her sharp voice almost made Hu Qianyue unable to stand it for a while.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that there really weren’t many people coming to this place, the scene would have definitely attracted people to watch!

“Sixth Princess, you must be joking. How dare I follow you? I just recovered, so I went into the street to get some fresh air. When I reached here, I couldn’t walk at all. I thought it would be faster to get from here to the place where the carriage parked, but I didn’t expect to see you coming out from there, so I stopped to have a look. How could you say that I’ve been following you, Sixth Princess?”

The Sixth Princess was mad, but Hu Qianyue put on an innocent look on her face. She deliberately turned her head to look at the door behind the Sixth Princess and then at the Sixth Princess with a confused expression on her face, as if she really did not know what that place was and why the Sixth Princess appeared here. However, the faint sneer on her lips had been reminding the Sixth Princess that she knew everything.

Of course, the Sixth Princess would not appear here for no reason. As the Sixth Princess, there were too many people fighting for working for her if she wanted something. Given the status of Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen in the palace, and the fact that the Sixth Princess was going to marry into another country, no one would offend her at this time. What needed her to secretly come to such a quiet and empty alley?

Unless the Sixth Princess came to meet her lover. It was the only thing that she would hide from others and sneak out of the palace.

Hu Qianyue was actually slower than the Sixth Princess. When she got the news of the Sixth Princess leaving the palace, she immediately came out. But it was too late. Her secret guards were faster than her. When they saw the Sixth Princess coming out from the back door, Hu Qianyue immediately got out of the carriage and went to the alley to block her way in order to get the evidence. She believed that the evidence was in that yard. The Sixth Princess had to admit it.

As long as this matter was exposed, the Sixth Princess would definitely be ruined! It was impossible that the Sixth Princess didn’t know this, so Hu Qianyue was sure that the Sixth Princess didn’t dare to make it public. What she did now was just the last counterattack before the defeat.

The Sixth Princess suddenly calmed down. Her eyes darkened and she asked coldly, “Miss Hu, what do you mean? Say it!” Her furious and ferocious look vanished and she stared at Hu Qianyue with a mocking smile on her lips. This was completely beyond Hu Qianyue’s expectations.

She tried hard to wipe away the uneasiness in her heart and said with a gentle smile, “Sixth Princess, I didn’t mean anything. I just want to see what place it is. Since you have gone there, it must be a good place. I’m not familiar with the Qin Kingdom, so I don’t know any good places to go. When I saw you sneaking out, I couldn’t help being happy and want to go there as well.”

“Miss Hu, do you really want to go and have a look?” The anger on the Sixth Princess’s face had completely disappeared. She looked at Hu Qianyue indifferently from a high position, still in the image of a mighty princess.

“If you really don’t have any objections, I’ll go and take a look. What do you think, Sixth Princess?”

Hu Qianyue subconsciously wore a proud smile. In her eyes, the Sixth Princess was backing down. Her anger just now was only the last struggle. She was sure that the Sixth Princess did not dare to let others see it, no matter this person was Crown Prince Xieyue or someone else in the Qin Kingdom. Thus, she had no fear now.

Her real intention was revealed in the end. As long as she went through the back door and saw the man, she would win!

Since the man had a secret meeting with the Sixth Princess, he naturally did not dare to go out through the front door. Even the Sixth Princess could only slip away from the back door. The man would definitely come out from that door as well. But he would come out when the Sixth Princess had gone far away. Of course, Hu Qianyue also knew that the Sixth Princess would not give in obediently. However, it was not a big deal. If she held the Sixth Princess here, the man would eventually come out. At that time, it would also be a piece of evidence.

As she looked to the side, she noticed that a palace maid behind the Sixth Princess was secretly retreating. She gave a knowing smile. It seemed that the Sixth Princess could not wait any longer and wanted her palace maid to secretly send a message to the man. She said proudly, “Sixth Princess, what’s wrong with the palace maid behind you? Could it be that something was left inside just now? Coincidentally, I’ll go with you and see why you took it so seriously that you came here secretly from the palace. Sixth Princess, I won’t stand on ceremony.”

As she spoke, she was about to walk past the Sixth Princess. Since the Sixth Princess refused to tell her, she would go and take a look in person. Anyway, as she was here, the Sixth Princess could not leave, and nor could the man. She really wanted to see what kind of man had attracted the Sixth Princess so much that she had secretly met him, regardless of her ident.i.ty.

Although Hu Qianyue was jealous and resentful of the Sixth Princess marrying her cousin, when she thought that the Sixth Princess was so disobedient and cuckolded her cousin, she felt a little hatred in her heart. “This b*tch dared to humiliate my cousin. I won’t let you go for nothing. You want to marry my cousin as his wife? You wis.h.!.+”

“Miss Hu, do you really want to go with her and have a look?” The Sixth Princess stretched out her hand to stop Hu Qianyue, and the two palace maids standing behind her also came forward to block the way.

The alley was not big, but now it was blocked by the two groups tightly. Mo Ye happened to be directly above them. Her eyesight was good, and she was carefully close to the window gauze, so she had seen their expressions clearly.

Mo Xuetong also took a chair over at this time. She sat by the window and listened with an understanding smile on her face.

Who would have thought that these two women, who had always been gentle and intelligent in front of others, would have such a meeting? However, from the looks of it, Hu Qianyue still did not understand the Sixth Princess. Although the situation today made the Sixth Princess anxious, it was not the end yet. The Sixth Princess would not show such anger due to weakness!

Based on Mo Xuetong’s understanding of the Sixth Princess, Hu Qianyue had misjudged. For the Sixth Princess, the situation was not as bad as it could get. Mo Xuetong placed her elbows on the table and put her head in her hands. She blinked her lively eyes, and there was a hint of curiosity in her clear eyes. She was curious about what the Sixth Princess would do next.

It seemed that she was forced to a dead end, but it just looked like this…

How could it be so easy to deal with the Sixth Princess and block her way?

If Mo Xuetong had remembered correctly, there were no private courtyards on both ends of this alley. There should be streets on both ends.

Hu Qianyue narrowed her eyes and asked with a smile, “Do you want to stop me, Sixth Princess?” Her eyes fell on the hand the Sixth Princess had reached out to stop her. The more fl.u.s.tered the Sixth Princess was, the more she knew that she was right to come here today. It meant that the Sixth Princess was guilty. The news from the palace was really timely. Otherwise, how could she meet the Sixth Princess who had just had a secret meeting with a man here?

She was now sure that she would win. Of course, she would not care about the Sixth Princess’s att.i.tude.

Seeing Hu Qianyue’s insistence, the Sixth Princess suddenly withdrew her hand and leaned to one side. The two palace maids also stood on the side and made way for Hu Qianyue. “Miss Hu, since you must go and see, please!”

There was even a hint of joy in the Sixth Princess’s voice that could even be heard by Hu Qianyue. Hu Qianyue’s gaze fell on the back of the Sixth Princess. When she saw it clearly, her face suddenly turned pale…

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