Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 671 – The Back Door of the Pharmacy, a Clue to the Past

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Chapter 671 The Back Door of the Pharmacy, a Clue to the Past

After the Sixth Princess got out of the way, Hu Qianyue clearly saw the back door. At this time, a person came out from the back door. The person was definitely no stranger to her because that person was her cousin’s guard, his personal guard. She had seen him countless times.

She had seen her cousin’s personal guard here. Did it mean that her cousin was about to arrive, or that her cousin had already arrived? However, either case was different from the information she had received. The news of Hu Qianyue got came from General Hu. If it was really fake news, it meant that the Empress and the Third Prince had deliberately given her father a false message.

Why did they give a fake message to her father? The meaning behind it was enough to make Hu Qianyue’s heart ache.

Since she was a child, her father and her aunt, the Empress, had told her that she would be with her cousin in the future, and that she would definitely be his wife. Her cousin had been very kind to her since childhood. No matter what food or stuff he got, he would give her, and it was the same for her. They grew up together, and as she grew older, her cousin treated her better and better.

She could even clearly feel the affection in her cousin’s eyes. No matter how many women were present, her cousin would always see her at first sight, so Hu Qianyue was very satisfied. Although she knew that other women also wanted to be the Third Prince’s wife, she believed that her cousin would definitely give her this position.

Then, she was ordered by her aunt, the Empress, to come to the Qin Kingdom with Princess Caifeng and spread the poison in the South Pearl necklace at the right time. Crown Prince Xieyue, who led the team, would not get a good result. At that time, she would add fuel to the fire and mix up the water. Then, the possibility of Crown Prince Xieyue returning to the Southern Barbarian Lands would be gone.

This matter was very dangerous. On the one hand, Crown Prince Xieyue was a smart person. Now that he could still hold the position of Crown Prince when the Empress was in charge of the imperial harem, his ability was unquestionable. On the other hand, the situation in the Qin Kingdom was unclear. No one knew what would happen later. Only a resourceful person could deal with all kinds of emergencies. This person still needed to follow Princess Caifeng, not Crown Prince Xieyue.

The Empress picked over and over again and thought that Hu Qianyue was the most suitable one. So she talked to Hu Qianyue and repeatedly promised that she would marry the Third Prince when she returned to the Southern Barbarian Lands. From then on, she would be the legal Third Prince’s wife and be together with her cousin forever.

The Empress sounded sincere and the Third Prince looked worried. Hu Qianyue thought that he was worried about her. She felt sweet in her heart and agreed without thinking too much.

General Hu had opposed Hu Qianyue to go to the Qin Kingdom with the envoys, but he couldn’t resist his daughter’s repeated requests.

As she thought that her cousin only cared about her, it was reasonable for her to make some effort for his big career. Even if it was dangerous, she was not afraid. She had already thought of a way to deal with all kinds of dangers. At worst, she could sneak back. However, things went beyond her expectations.

First, Princess Caifeng and King Yan had an affair in private. Then, Crown Prince Xieyue pushed her in front of others. Then, the Emperor of the Qin Kingdom took advantage of the situation and gave her to King Yan as a co-wife. Later, Crown Prince Xieyue was supposed to be the one who would marry one of the Qin Kingdom’s princesses, but in the end, it was her cousin. And her cousin would welcome the Sixth Princess personally.

Not only would her cousin marry another woman, but she would also become someone else’s concubine. How could Hu Qianyue accept this? She immediately came up with a plan for herself. First, she made herself sick in order to buy time. She was not the princess who would marry into the Qin Kingdom, and she was about to be a second consort. Most importantly, she was blamed for what happened to Princess Caifeng, and thus her reputation had already been ruined.

If Feng Yulei wanted to marry her, he just needed to pick a good day and take her into his manor with a small sedan. She needed more time. It was necessary for her to get sick.

The next she had to deal with was the Sixth Princess. As long as the Sixth Princess could not marry her cousin, the marriage would be over. Her father in the Southern Barbarian Lands also said that he would try his best to hold her cousin back. Therefore, she heard that her cousin had not set off yet. But what was it? She saw her cousin’s personal guard here.

Her father got a fake message in the Southern Barbarian Lands. Her cousin had rushed over in such a short time without his father’s knowledge. He was in a hurry to get married to the Sixth Princess. Hu Qianyue’s body shook and she almost could not stand. It turned out that her persistence was so ridiculous.

Her cousin was determined to marry the Sixth Princess of the Qin Kingdom, instead of her!

Sadly, she was kept in the dark, thinking that her cousin was sincere to her, and that he would deliberately delay the time not to come to the Qin Kingdom to welcome the Sixth Princess. It turned out that everything was just her own empty thoughts. She bit her lips tightly, allowing the smell of blood to surge from between them.

Years of holding on collapsed in her heart…

“Miss, let’s go back first.” Hu Qianyue’s maidservants also saw that person. They even saw him standing at the back door and bowing slightly to Hu Qianyue from a distance. The etiquette he behaved was from the Southern Barbarian Lands. Knowing that Hu Qianyue must be heartbroken at this time, one of them hurriedly woke up the pale-faced girl, who stood frozen.

Hu Qianyue was almost carried away by her two maidservants. She didn’t say a word to the guard, and her heart ached so much, as if it was torn apart. The only thing she could do now was clench her teeth and swallow the blood that rushed to her throat.

No matter what, she did not want to show her weakness in front of the Sixth Princess.

Watching Hu Qianyue staggering away, the Sixth Princess waved her hand slightly behind her. As if he had never been there before, the man disappeared at the back door. Seeing that there was no one around, the Sixth Princess left in a hurry with her two palace maids. If the Sixth Princess was found to be here at this time, she would lose her reputation.

Mo Ye jumped off the chair when she saw the Sixth Princess and the palace maids disappearing into the distant mouth of the alley. She had seen the entire process. Furthermore, because of the angle, she could even see the man at the back door clearly. Hu Qianyue had the upper hand at first, but when she saw the man, her expression changed and she looked as if she had suffered a great blow. Mo Ye could not understand what was going on.

“My Lady, a man came out from the back door of the courtyard where the Sixth Princess came out from. Hu Qianyue looked at him and left without saying a word. She looked very sad, very upset… and even a little desperate…” Mo Ye reported after thinking for a while. At that point, Hu Qianyue seemed to have lost her life. If Mo Ye had not seen her, it would have been hard to believe that the pale and painful person was the proud and arrogant Hu Qianyue.

Mo Xuetong stood up and stood on the chair she sat on just now. Mo Lan was about to open the window gauze for her, but she reached out to stop her. “Don’t open it first. There might be someone watching the back alley.”

Mo Lan immediately retracted her hand.

Mo Xuetong approached the window gauze and looked at the empty alley outside. No one was in the quiet and dark alley. There were only two rows of high walls in the distance. This place was really secluded. It was rare for someone to pa.s.s by here in a year. The Sixth Princess really chose a good place.

This was the back door of the shops on both sides of the alley. Because it was small and dark, there were small stones on the road, so it was b.u.mpy.

Mo Xuetong specially looked at the door of the yard that Mo Ye was pointing at. There was a flash of surprise and confusion in her eyes. She knew the door where the Sixth Princess came out from. There should be a pharmacy there. She recognized this pharmacy because in her past life, it belonged to Sima Lingyun. It was the private property of Duke’s manor.

There was a doctor in the pharmacy. Sima Lingyun had asked the doctor to see Mo Xuetong when she miscarried. Then, he brought up the pharmacy. However, Duke’s manor had declined and all their private property had been sold out. It was worth thinking about who the new owner of the pharmacy was.

In her past life, these private properties were all in the hands of the d.u.c.h.ess. It was said that the shops were her dowries. Ever since Duke Zhenguo died, the d.u.c.h.ess had used these shops to support the daily expenses of the entire Duke’s manor. In order to obtain the t.i.tle of Duke Zhenguo, they had been living beyond their means. As such, as soon as Mo Xuetong married into the manor, most of the dowries in her hands had been used to help out with the family expenses.

She not only paid all the etiquette expenses, but also paid Sima Lingyun to keep concubines. Mo Xuetong felt deeply disgusted when she thought of it. Now, the people of Duke’s manor were dead, scattered, and declined, and even their manor was taken back.

Then who was the new owner of the pharmacy in front of her?

Mo Xuetong thought for a moment and said, “Mo Ye, send a clever maidservant to buy some medicine and ask about who the new owner of the pharmacy is by the way.” Then she picked up the cup and took a sip of the tea that Mo Lan had made again. Now she needed to know who the new owner of the pharmacy was so that she could follow the clues.

“Yes, I will order someone to do it right now,” Mo Ye answered. She turned around and went to pick someone. She picked a little maidservant who was not familiar with others and did not usually go out of the manor.

As for who Hu Qianyue had seen, Mo Xuetong guessed that he was from the Southern Barbarian Lands. Furthermore, he was closely related to the Third Prince.

Feng Yuran had gotten his men to sort out all the files of Hu Qianyue and the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands and showed them to Mo Xuetong. Therefore, she knew about Hu Qianyue’s feelings for the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands. The one who could cause such a huge blow to Hu Qianyue must be the Third Prince, who was said to be sentimental. According to the news, it seemed that the Southern Barbarian Lands had not taken any action. So was the person Hu Qianyue had seen sent by the Third Prince?

Why was the person sent by the Third Prince with the Sixth Princess? Mo Xuetong could not figure it out. There must be a key clue in it. The Sixth Princess did not want to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands. Of course, she would not secretly come out to meet the person sent by the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands.

“My Lady, will they notice us?” Mo Lan asked uneasily.

“Mo Lan, let’s go out and go to the second floor of the teahouse to have a look. Ask the shopkeeper to take us there immediately. Hurry up.” After Mo Lan’s reminder, Mo Xuetong’s watery eyes narrowed and her face changed slightly. She suddenly stood up and strode out. At the same time, she ordered Mo Lan to ask the little maidservant to clean up the room and even moved the chairs back to their original position.

That way, all signs pointed to no one being here at all.

If Mo Xuetong guessed right, someone would be here to search this place right away.

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