Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 672 – The Adventure in the Teahouse Next Door

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Chapter 672 The Adventure in the Teahouse Next Door

While the Sixth Princess and Hu Qianyue were talking, Mo Xuetong happened to be under the window. There was nothing unusual, and the Sixth Princess was in a hurry to return to the palace at this time, which caused her to have no time to deal with these small details, but it did not mean that others did not think of these small details if the Sixth Princess had really met someone in private.

Mo Xuetong felt that the man must be You Yuecheng.

Given You Yuecheng’s character, no matter what the circ.u.mstances were, he would not allow himself to be in danger or in a disgraceful manner, just like what happened in Mingguo Manor. No matter in the beginning or later when the matter of the Sixth Princess was revealed, he was not implicated at all. What he did was go back to his room and lie down for a while after drinking too much.

As for who framed him and the Sixth Princess to be in the same room, or whether it was the Sixth Princess who did it herself, it had nothing to do with him. He just happened to be there, just like Mo Xuetong and the other madams, who were just set up by others and had become witnesses. The matter of the Sixth Princess had nothing to do with him.

Of course, Mo Xuetong did not believe that You Yuecheng was innocent.

When she saw the palace maid guarding the horse carriage, Mo Xuetong already knew that the person Ling Mingyan met the last time she went to the Fragrance House was the Sixth Princess. After that, You Yuecheng did not hesitate to ruin his reputation and appeared at the door of a private room on the second floor with a woman from a brothel. Mo Xuetong felt suspicious at that time.

No matter what You Yuecheng had done in the dark, it was impossible for him to act like this openly. It was as if he was trying to hide something. The woman had accessories from the palace. Mo Ye made a guess after tracking her. The palace maid whom she saw in Mingguo Manor was originally a lead palace maid, but she pretended to be a little palace maid. She could tell from the others who were trembling in fear in front of her.

A personal lead palace maid was left outside. Of course, her purpose was not to let others see her. After all, the palace maid had met Ling Mingyan that day. If she appeared in Mingguo Manor, she might be recognized by Ling Mingyan. Although Ling Mingyan had always been not smart and might not recognize her, the Sixth Princess was careful and would not take this risk.

Judging from this, it could be seen that the Sixth Princess had always been in contact with You Yuecheng!

It was very clear that the things that had happened in Mingguo Manor were planned by the Sixth Princess. d.u.c.h.ess Mingguo might have involved as well. After all, she was the most powerful person in the inner courtyard other than Ling Mingyan. It was not difficult for her to get a young or old maidservant to do something to hold Mo Xuetong.

As for the death of a nanny later, it was just to cut off the clues. Some rich and powerful families would do such things without any hesitation because it was better than involving them in it.

All kinds of signs showed that You Yuecheng was the most likely person to have something to do with the Six Princess. As the last time they failed, they fell back for another plan. It was most likely that the two of them would sit together and figure out what to do next.

If You Yuecheng really got involved, she would definitely notice the window above the Sixth Princess and Hu Qianyue when they were talking.

Next to the jade shop and upstairs was a teahouse. There were small private rooms by the window. The two shops, one above and one below, one on the left and one on the right, the two shopkeepers were naturally on good terms. There was a small door behind them, so it was convenient for them to go up and down. As the shopkeeper of the jade shop came up and asked for a private room, the shopkeeper of the teahouse immediately gave Mo Xuetong a private room. Mo Xuetong led Mo Lan and the others into the room.

As soon as she sat down, Mo Ye said to her by the window, “My Lady, they’re really there.”

Looking down from this position, it could be seen that at the door of the jade shop below. A group of soldiers with identical weapons rushed into the door of the jade shop. Immediately, some customers inside, who were still picking commodities, were scared out of their wits. A large group of people ran out and left in shock.

“They are imperial guards?” Mo Xuetong’s watery eyes raised. She turned her head and asked slowly after thinking for a while. You Yuecheng was the commander of the imperial guards and was in charge of them. It was normal for him to send a few imperial guards to investigate something. He had come so quickly. If she had been a little slower, she would have been caught.

Although the imperial guards also kept the capital safe, they had nothing to do with the lord mayor. In particular, they belonged to the royal family. Most of them were the children of the n.o.bility and were the closest guards of the Emperor. They were not needed in the ordinary business of keeping the peace.

Mo Ye looked at the imperial guard at the door carefully and answered with certainty, “They are wearing the uniform of the imperial guards. There are not many of them, and there are only five or six people.”

“Has Marquess Mingguo come yet?” Mo Xuetong asked casually. She thought that with You Yuecheng’s vigilance, he should not have appeared at the scene of the “incident”. It was also necessary for him to hide.

“My Lady, I found Marquess Mingguo,” Mo Ye suddenly called out in a low voice. She opened her eyes wide in shock and looked down.

“Did You Yuecheng enter the jade shop?” Mo Xuetong was stunned. A person like You Yuecheng was the son of a rich family and dared not sit right under the eaves. How could he appear in a jade shop at this time? Obviously, he had something to do with the Sixth Princess. This did not seem like what You Yuecheng would do at all.

“My Lady, no. Marquess Mingguo came in from the main entrance of the teahouse. He should be heading for this teahouse,” Mo Ye uttered with a frown as she stared at You Yuecheng, who was entering the teahouse arrogantly.

The window was on top of the jade shop, and she could see the main door of the teahouse if she turned her head sideways. This teahouse was not small, about the size of five or six rooms on the left side of the jade shop. The upper part of the jade shop all belonged to the teahouse. Sometimes when Mo Xuetong came, she would take a rest here. Every time she came, she felt that the business was good.

This teahouse seemed to be well run!

You Yuecheng came in at this time. Of course, he was not just here for a sip of tea. Mo Xuetong was on alert. The shopkeeper was dealing with the search from the imperial guards downstairs. It was not a problem for him. Mo Xuetong had told him just now that he just needed to say that he knew nothing. He was entertaining customers in the front, so it was impossible for him to appear beside the window of the backyard.

The accounting room had returned to its original state. Mo Lan was very careful. Mo Xuetong believed that she would not leave a trace for them.

But that door!

“My Lady, when we came here just now, that door…” Mo Lan also thought of this question, and her face immediately turned pale with shock. The door was actually not obvious as it was built on the opening of a secret staircase, and there were some miscellaneous things and a few boxes outside. Usually people did not use it. If they entered through the door of the jade shop, they should not be able to find the secret door.

Mo Xuetong did not know why the staircase and door existed. However, since it was convenient for her, she did not say anything.

But what about the teahouse?

When she came to the teahouse, she clearly sensed that although the door was secluded, it was not hidden here. It should be facing a room. According to its size, the room was more like the shopkeeper’s accounting room. Did You Yuecheng suspect that someone had come up from below to the second floor?

“My Lady, what should we do? Should I go and inform the shopkeeper, asking him to block the door over there immediately?” Even though Mo Ye was skilled in martial arts, she could not come up with a solution when she encountered something like this. She was so anxious that she walked back and forth.

“No, if you do it now, it will remind Marquess Mingguo it has something to do with us. Moreover, the shopkeeper is only familiar with the shopkeeper of the jade shop, and he is not familiar with us. When we came up just now, he only sent a little waiter to bring us here. The waiter said that their shopkeeper has already informed them, and he did not say anything else. It can be seen that not many people know about this matter, and the shopkeeper may not take it seriously.”

Mo Lan said and stopped Mo Lan.

“Then… what should we do now? Marquess Mingguo is specially here to get information. He will definitely find out something from the shopkeeper of this shop. Then, he will find out that we were in that room.” Mo Ye poked her head out to take a look. There was no trace of You Yuecheng below. It was obvious that he had entered the teahouse.

“Don’t worry, Mo Lan. Go to the door and ask the waiter to send a pot of Biluochun here. By the way, ask the waiter how many staircases that we can use to go downstairs.”

Seeing the faint smile on Mo Xuetong’s face and her calm and natural expression, the maidservants immediately felt that they had a backbone. Mo Ye stopped walking back and forth and stood by Mo Xuetong’s side to serve her again. She thought with blind wors.h.i.+p, “Her Lady must have a way, so I don’t have to worry.”

Mo Xuetong’s smile calmed them. Even though she did not know what her mistress’s intentions were, Mo Lan hid the anxiety in her eyes. She had followed her mistress all the time and had gone through a lot. She admired Mo Xuetong from the bottom of her heart. Since Mo Xuetong did not panic, it meant that she had a way. All they had to do was do their own job and not bring trouble to their mistress.

She pushed the door open and walked out. A waiter happened to walk by, carrying a tea tray. Mo Lan quickly walked to him and asked politely.

After saying a few words to the waiter, she returned to the private room.

“My Lady, the waiter said that there are two staircases here. One is on the left and the other is on the right. Because this teahouse is a little big, it is more convenient to have two staircases. I especially asked if there are any shortcuts to go up and down. The waiter didn’t answer for a long time. It seems that he doesn’t know.”

Mo Lan carefully a.n.a.lyzed it to Mo Xuetong, and felt more at ease.

It seemed that the waiter didn’t know that there was a small staircase leading to the two shops above and below. It was impossible for Marquess Mingguo to find anything. There were so many private rooms and customers upstairs, so no one would notice that they had just come in. Just now, when she went out, she only asked the waiter to bring another pot of Biluochun.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door. You Yuecheng’s cold voice came from outside the door. “Ask your shopkeeper to come over. I have something to ask him.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I will ask our shopkeeper to come over immediately. Young Master, please come this way,” a waiter flattered again and again.

Then, there was a noise when the next door was opened. You Yuecheng was actually led to the room next door!

Mo Xuetong rolled her eyes and already had an idea. She did not expect that she could overhear again and again today.

She had heard the Sixth Princess talking in the narrow alley, and now she was going to overhear what You Yuecheng would say. She really didn’t know how coincidental it was. Fortunately, she didn’t reject it. Her beautiful eyes fell on the wooden wall on the opposite side. The private rooms here were separated by wooden boards. The room where Mo Xuetong was in was decorated in a very elegant way, and all the chairs were made of rattan and they all had rounded corners. It was leisurely and comfortable to sit on.

On the wall hung an orchid painting with calligraphy. The strokes were vigorous, which did not seem to be the work of an ordinary person.

Mo Lan had already understood Mo Xuetong’s intention and pulled out a rattan chair for her. Mo Xuetong sat down and leaned against the wooden wall of the private room. There was a faint sound coming from the next room. When she listened carefully, she could hear a little.

The private room quieted down. The three people inside looked at each other and smiled. Then they began to overhear quietly!

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