Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 683 – A Quarrel in the Waterside Pavilion

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Chapter 683 A Quarrel in the Waterside Pavilion

The palace maid led Mo Xuetong to the first wing room on the left-hand side before he left. Those who came here were all n.o.ble madams and young ladies,with their own maidservants beside them. In this way, even if something happened, it would not have much to do with the manor. With their own servants serving them, the madams and young ladies would feel safe.

“Cousin Tong, how are you feeling now? Do you want to rest for a while?” Luo Mingzhu had become closer to Mo Xuetong ever since she told Mo Xuetong her real thoughts. Even though she noticed that Mo Xuetong felt relieved slightly, she still reached out to wipe her forehead worriedly and asked.

“Second elder cousin, don’t worry. I’m fine. I just don’t want to sit in the hall and watch them playing tricks with each other. Why don’t we go and take a look at the scenery here? I heard that the construction here is fascinating and the scenery is quite elegant.” Mo Xuetong pulled Luo Mingzhu’s hand down and held it with a smile. She did not look ill at all cause her eyes were lively.

At this time, Luo Mingzhu also understood and burst into laughter. In the hall, she sat a little far away from Mo Xuetong, which was inconvenient for them to talk. She had been very uncomfortable in the seat. Now when she came out and saw that Mo Xuetong was fine, she was relieved. After hearing the suggestion, she was also a little happy.

The two of them led their people to go out after the door of the wing room was closed. Then, they walked along a path. They were all inside the Chuihua Gate, so it was impossible for them to meet men of whom they were unfamiliar. The n.o.ble madams and young ladies were all sitting in the hall, drinking tea and chatting. The garden was very quiet, with the languor of autumn everywhere.

Through the path, the surface of the lake was sparkling. The lake was large and the scenery of the other side could not be seen from a distance. There was a waterside pavilion and a corridor that extended to the surface of the lake. The lotus flowers on the right had withered, swaying in the wind.

The two of them walked along the winding corridor to the waterside pavilion and found more than one room. There were at least seven or eight rooms in a row to the left and right. They strolled to the last room, which was a study, and there were rows of tall bookshelves arranged behind the door, was indeed a place to rest.

It was surprising to find a room full of books, and the door was open. Mo Xuetong and Luo Mingzhu were overjoyed. They had nothing to do, but now it was carefree for them to read and chat here.

Perhaps it was because Princess Caifeng and Crown Prince Xieyue were new owners of this manor. Princess Caifeng was about to get married and was busy preparing her wedding clothes. Crown Prince Xieyue had come to the Qin Kingdom, and of course, he had his own important matters to deal with. Thus, they would not care about the study, so it became a quiet place.

Now the two of them took advantage.

They each found a chair behind the big bookshelves and took out a book from them. While reading, they chatted with each other.

They sat by the last window, with tall bookshelves in front of them. The bookshelves were filled with books. The autumn breeze blew from outside the window. It was faint with a refres.h.i.+ng air of autumn. It made people feel more comfortable.

The two of them each brought a few maidservants. Mo Ye was trained as a secret guard and was naturally able to read. The other maidservants were also close to them and had been learning reading and writing with their mistresses since they were young, so they were able to read as well. At this moment, each of them took out a book, leaned against a corner, and flipped through it casually. It was very quiet in the room.

Suddenly, Mo Ye put down the book in her hand, slightly frowned and listened carefully.

Mo Xuetong was about to put down the book in her hand and take another one. Seeing that Mo Ye was behaving oddly, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My Lady, someone is coming,” Mo Ye replied with certainty.

When the other maidservants heard what Mo Ye said, they all put away the books and stood behind their mistresses. They had been quite relaxed earlier and their mistresses did not ask them to stand. That was why they leisurely chose a book and read. However, this did not mean that they could do this in front of others.

They were all maidservants who worked in powerful families and knew that they could relax when there was no other people around as their mistresses were kind. However, in front of outsiders, they were just servants and the two ladies were their mistresses. If they did not obey the rules, others would laugh at their mistresses for being improper. As such, Luo Mingzhu’s maidservants and Mo Lan all stood where they should.

Only Mo Ye was still leaning against the wall and listening carefully.

“My Lady, more than one person are coming. They should be two women.” Mo Ye listened, confirmed and added. Her hearing was much better than that of ordinary people. Even though the comers had not arrived yet, she could still hear women’s voices and the noise of footsteps.

Mo Xuetong also sensed the slight vibration of the pavilion and asked in a low voice, “They are coming?”

At this time, the banquet should not have started yet. Did someone find an excuse to sneak out like her? It was such a coincidence that they also came to this waterside pavilion.

Mo Xuetong and Luo Mingzhu glanced at each other casually. Then, she lifted the book and flipped through it, waiting for the two women to come.

The two women’s voices were getting closer and closer. Finally, they seemed to be outside the study. Mo Xuetong had looked around as soon as she came into the study, and found that there were a few chairs there, which looked more like a small living room. It was a good choice for a few friends to sit together whether it was used to avoid the summer heat or winter cold.

“Miss Hu, is this the place where you bring me here to find books? It’s just that I can’t see what’s good about these books. How can they be the unique books brought from the Southern Barbarian Lands as you said? If I remember correctly, these books were given by Father!”

There was a hint of sarcasm in the unique soft voice of the Sixth Princess.

It was the Sixth Princess and Hu Qianyue? Why did the two of them come here together? Furthermore, there was a hint of hostility in the Sixth Princess’s voice. Luo Mingzhu put down the book in her hand in shock and looked at Mo Xuetong. Mo Xuetong shook her head at her softly, signaling for her not to speak.

A helpless smile involuntarily crept over the corners of her mouth!

She kept running into the two girls. She had just overheard their conversation in the jade shop, and now she had to hear their conversation again. She didn’t know if it was because she was fated with them, or because she was the natural enemy to them. The places they found were indeed quiet places, but every time she had been there first!

She knew very well that the two of them had already had a showdown that day. Then what were they going to do now?

Hu Qianyue did not care about being mocked by the Sixth Princess. She walked to the door of the study and picked up a book casually. Then she took it to the Sixth Princess and said slowly, “Sixth Princess, even though you did contact my cousin and he really sent his personal guard here, so what? Do you really think that my cousin likes you? The Qin Kingdom has appointed you as the Third Prince’s wife, but it’s not up to you when you arrive in the Southern Barbarian Lands. At that time, you may just be a concubine. My cousin is able to give you the position of a second consort.”

“Miss Hu, are you threatening me?” The Sixth Princess raised her eyebrows and leisurely found a chair to sit down.

They didn’t take maidservants or palace maids with them, so it was convenient for them to speak frankly and there was no need for them to pretend.

“Sixth Princess, you’ve thought too much. I’m just telling you the truth. Do you think that you’ve gotten my cousin’s protection after being the princess to marry him?” Hu Qianyue was not in a hurry. The Sixth Princess wanted to leave the hall just now, saying that she was not feeling well and wanted to come out for a walk.

Hu Qianyue volunteered to take the Sixth Princess to read books, and she also said that she had brought a few unique books from the Southern Barbarian Lands.

The two walked to the pavilion and simultaneously left their maidservants and palace maids outside.

“It seems that it has nothing to do with you if I can get the Third Prince’s protection or not. If I remember correctly, Third brother is preparing for the wedding recently. Third sister-in-law seems tired. It can be seen that Third brother values you very much. As for your past, Third brother will not care about it. He is generous. Miss Hu, why are you so obsessed with it?”

The Sixth Princess said with a smile. It sounded as if Feng Yulei didn’t mind Hu Qianyue’s unwomanly behaviors. Then what did she want?

Seeing her expression, Hu Qianyue felt the anger in her chest rushed up. She thought that she and her cousin had a deep affection for each other. They were childhood sweethearts, so there was no doubt that they loved each other the most. However, what the Sixth Princess said sounded that their relations.h.i.+p was filthy for no reason. How could she not be annoyed and angry?

“Sixth Princess, I heard that you take a fancy to Marquess Mingguo and want to marry into Mingguo Manor. You even didn’t value your reputation and took off your clothes when you were in the same room with Marquess Mingguo. You were willing to become his concubine, but was kicked out of the house with your clothes in disarray. You’re a princess. Even an innocent woman from an ordinary family could only die to apologize for it, but I didn’t expect that you could still appear in front of others.”

Hu Qianyue retorted. This was the news that she had just obtained from Princess Caifeng. She had been mocked by Princess Caifeng in order to get this news. But she did not mind. Of course, she took it out at this time and tried her best to denigrate her opponent. She would hit the Sixth Princess hard in terms of words. She did not believe that there would be a woman who did not care about her reputation.

And the most important point was that the Sixth Princess did not succeed!

“You, you are talking nonsense… That’s…rubbis.h.!.+” This time, it was the Sixth Princess’s turn to be livid with anger. She suddenly stood up and breathed heavily. It was obvious that she was very angry.

This matter was a great shame to the Sixth Princess. She had thought that not only would she not have to marry into another country, but she would also be able to be with the man she loved sweetly and closely. However, she did not expect she was scheming, which ruined her plans. Even though no one had mentioned this matter, it did not mean that they did not know about it. The few madams of Duke’s manors were also present that day.

Even though they did not say a single word in Princess Caifeng’s hall today, the Sixth Princess felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles. Every word she said seemed to be secretly laughed at by them, which made the Sixth Princess very uncomfortable. That was why she found an excuse to leave. Even though she knew that Hu Qianyue was not kind to her, she pretended not to know and left with her with a smile.

How could the Sixth Princess not be enraged and glared at Hu Qianyue when she heard the unpleasant words coming out of the girl’s mouth!

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