Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 687 – Something Bad Happened to You Yue’e. Who’s the Murderer?

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Chapter 687 Something Bad Happened to You Yue’e. Who’s the Murderer?

The Sixth Princess, Hu Qianyue, and Ling Mingyan each harbored their own intentions. Unexpectedly, the first one to get into trouble was another person…

Something bad happened to You Yue’e!

You Yue’e suffered a miscarriage…

You Yue’e went into the bedroom to rest. The young and old maidservants she brought with her were all in the outer room. She chatted with the palace maid who served the Sixth Princess as she could not fall asleep for the moment. You Yue’e hated noise, so she asked the others to go out. Only she and the palace maid were left in the room.

The Sixth Princess was going to marry into another state away from the Qin Kingdom from then on. As her real sister-in-law, You Yue’e was very concerned about her. Therefore, she asked the palace maid what the Sixth Princess needed. If there was anything she was embarra.s.sed to ask for, she would help her. It was quite pitiful for the young girl to have to live in a place thousands of miles away from then on and without relatives there.

So, You Yue’e wanted to do something for her. After all, she was Feng Yulei’s own sister. Even though Feng Yulei was indifferent to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, he treated his younger sister well. Furthermore, the Sixth Princess was well-behaved, knew medical skills and usually took care of her. For example, You Yue’e had been very resistant to come to Princess Caifeng’s manor.

It was only when the Sixth Princess said she would take care of her that she was relieved to come!

She could trust the medical skills of the Sixth Princess. Ever since she had taken the medicine for protecting the fetus that was given by the Sixth Princess, she had been in good health in all aspects. After three months, when the fetus was stable, Feng Yulei would report it to the Imperial Household Department. No matter how one looked at it, the first legitimate grandson of the Emperor would have a great advantage.

Even though You Yue’e had been in a bad mood these days, she was still very happy when she thought of this child. With this child, she would have a higher position to him.

While asking about Sixth Princess’s daily life, she covered her belly gently with a soft smile on her face.

Suddenly, she felt a slight pain in her belly. You Yue’e’s face paled instantly and she could not help crying out in pain. The palace maid was startled and asked anxiously, “My Lady, are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

Except You Yue’e, she was the only one in the room now. If something were to happen to You Yue’e, it would be hard for her to explain.

“It’s okay. I only felt a little pain just now. Ah… it hurts…” You Yue’e frowned and covered her belly with her hand to feel it again. Without finding anything unusual, she shook her head at once. Maybe she had sensed it wrong just now.

However, as soon as she finished words, the pain in her belly surged up. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t speak clearly. She bent over and held her belly.

“Somebody, somebody, Her Lady’s tummy hurts.” Seeing that You Yue’e was really in a bad condition, the palace maid was so frightened that she was sweating and shouted hurriedly. At this time, she did not dare to approach You Yue’e. No matter what, she was an outsider.

When the young and old maidservants outside the room heard that something happened to You Yue’e, they all rushed in. A few personal servants pushed away the palace maid who was at a loss, and rushed forward. If something happened to You Yue’e’s unborn baby, no one could survive!

“My Lady, My Lady, how are you feeling now?”

“My Lady, where does it hurt?”

“My Lady, I’m going to find Sixth Princess and ask her to see you. You have to bear with it.”

“Ah, blood, Her Lady is bleeding…” The room was in a mess. Someone came forward to ask, and someone comforted You Yue’e. Suddenly, a maidservant pointed at You Yue’e’s dress and screamed, “Blood, blood…”

Everyone’s eyes immediately fell on You Yue’e’s dress. The light-colored peony pattern dress was slowly soaked in blood, revealing a little blood. Everyone was so shocked that their faces changed greatly. The room suddenly became eerily quiet.

“I… I’ll go to find Her Highness.” The palace maid was the first one to react. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and rushed out immediately.

The rest immediately came to their senses and rushed to You Yue’e. At this time, whoever did not come forward might be punished. No one dared to take responsibility. Everyone could see that You Yue’e was in a bad situation. Thinking of that possibility, all the young and old maidservants present were so scared that their faces turned pale. Even those who were calm in normal times were completely at a loss now.

Another two clever maidservants ran out to look for someone of Princess Caifeng’s manor.

Princess Caifeng was also shocked when she heard the news. She immediately ordered the physician to rush over and she herself hurried over to the rest room for female guests as well. She was the one who held the banquet. If something were to happen to Consort Yan in her manor, Princess Caifeng would not be able to escape.

Fortunately, she was afraid that something unexpected would happen, so she had prepared physicians in the manor. The rooms for female guests to rest happened to be beside the flower-hanging door, so the physician came quickly from the outer courtyard. When the Sixth Princess arrived, the physician was already treating You Yue’e.

“Third sister-in-law, how are you feeling? Where does it hurt?” Seeing You Yue’e lying on the bed with a pale face in pain, the Sixth Princess pushed away Hu Qianyue who was walking slowly beside her, and rushed forward. Her face was even paler than You Yue’e’s.

“Sixth Princess…” You Yue’e cried out, short of breath when she saw the Sixth Princess. Then she could not speak immediately. She clutched the quilt tightly with both hands and tears streamed down her cheeks. The pain in her belly and the warm dampness between her legs reminded her that she was going to lose the child in her belly. You Yue’e’s heart hurt.

The room was full of people, but none of them were her family. When she saw the Sixth Princess, she couldn’t bear it anymore and burst into tears.

Her child, her hope…

“Consort Yan, don’t get excited. You should listen to the physician now. Sixth Princess, don’t rush up. Consort Yan can’t stand it now,” Princess Caifeng said unhappily. When the Sixth Princess rushed forward, she pushed the physician away and felt the pulse on her own. How could a princess have good medical skills? Princess Caifeng thought that the Sixth Princess was here to make trouble.

Just now, Consort Yan was lying there, gritting her teeth and bearing it. However, as soon as the Sixth Princess came in, she burst into tears.

“Sixth Princess, don’t worry. Consort Yan will be fine. You wait by the side and don’t hinder the physician from seeing her.” Hu Qianyue came out of the crowd as if she cared about the Sixth Princess. She went up to grab the Sixth Princess’s hand and took her hand off You Yue’e’s wrist.

Although the Sixth Princess had good medical skills, she was dragged away by Hu Qianyue in a hurry and did not have time to have a check. Besides, it was her secret that she knew medical skills. Of course, she would not rush up to treat You Yue’e openly. At this time, she could only stand aside anxiously and shake off Hu Qianyue’s hand with a gloomy face.

The doctor examined You Yue’e again, and his face was very serious. The young and old maidservants on both sides, as well as the madams and young ladies, were all silent. In the whole room, there was only You Yue’e’s sobs. She frowned in pain and subconsciously held the corner of the quilt. Her pleading eyes fell on the Sixth Princess.

Only she knew that the Sixth Princess had excellent medical skills, and she only believed in the Sixth Princess. Even if there was only a glimmer of hope, she wanted the Sixth Princess to see her.

“My Lady, what did you eat today?” The physician let go of You Yue’e’s hand and asked respectfully.

You Yue’e did not answer. A maidservant standing by her bed stood up and answered, “Her Lady did not eat anything after she entered the manor. Just now, the Sixth Princess sent a pill to Her Lady. Her Lady had some abdominal pain soon after she lay down. Then…”

A pill? A pill from the Sixth Princess?

When the maidservant mentioned it, everyone remembered that they all saw when the Sixth Princess’s people sent the medicine to Consort Yan. And everyone also watched You Yue’e take the medicine. Was there something wrong with the medicine? Everyone’s eyes fell on the Sixth Princess. Even You Yue’e tried her best to pull herself up and looked at the Sixth Princess.

The Sixth Princess frowned and asked blankly, “A pill? What pill?”

“Sixth Princess, it’s the medicine you have been giving me.” You Yue’e sobbed and pointed at the palace maid beside her. “Just now, you asked the palace maid to send it to me. Now the box is still in her hands.”

“What medicine did I ask you to give Consort Yan? When did I order it?” The Sixth Princess turned to look at the palace maid beside her with a cold look. At this time, she had already been alert in her heart. She had realized that she had fallen into the trap, and it was obviously arranged by Hu Qianyue.

However, she could not prove that this matter had something to do with Hu Qianyue.

“I, Your Highness, you ordered me to send the medicine… how could you forget it? Just now, Your Highness…” The palace maid was so scared that her legs went limp. She knelt down and hurried to defend herself.

“Did I give you the medicine myself?” the Sixth Princess asked coldly.

“No, it was Miss Hu’s maidservant who brought the medicine to me from the waterside pavilion. She said that you asked me to send it to Consort Yan.” The palace maid pointed at one of the two maidservants standing behind Hu Qianyue and explained. If it was really her fault, she would die. At this time, she could only defend herself with whatever she could get.

“My people?” Hu Qianyue looked confused. She looked at the Sixth Princess and then at the maidservant beside her. “Sixth Princess, did you remember wrongly? When the two of us went into the waterside pavilion to rest just now, our people were all around us. How could your people be ordered by my people? Can it be that I ordered your people without your permission? Besides, I don’t know what kind of medicine it is.”

When Hu Qianyue and the Sixth Princess went to the waterside pavilion, they both left the maidservants and palace maids in the corridor. They wanted to have a showdown, so the fewer people knew about it, the better it was. However, they could not say it in front of everyone, as it wasn’t a decent reason. Who would leave the servants outside when the masters met others?

Moreover, these two people belonged to different countries, and they had never been on good terms with each other before!

Of course, they couldn’t say what they were doing in front of everyone.

This made everyone’s suspicious eyes fall on the Sixth Princess. No matter from which aspect they looked at it, Hu Qianyue’s words were reasonable. As a young lady from the Southern Barbarian Lands, she had only met the Sixth Princess a few times. How could she ask her maidservants to leave when she had a talk with the Sixth Princess as if they were bosom friends? If it were true, what did they talk about as they had to be so sneaky?

Could it be that the Sixth Princess was the mastermind behind the scene?

But why did she do this? Why did she want to hurt the baby in Consort Yan’s belly? What did she want to do…?

The Sixth Princess was already sweating on her forehead, and her hands, which had always been calm, were trembling slightly. She was involved in this matter no matter what. Even though she was a royal princess, she could not afford to be charged with harming a prince’s legitimate son. What was more, her mother had great expectations for this child. If she knew that the child died because of her, she would not spare her.

She shot a glance at Hu Qianyue’s face from the corner of her eyes, noticing that she was smiling awkwardly but there was a hint of viciousness in her smile. It was indeed her. How could it not be her? However, she would not give in so easily. A cold smile appeared on the corners of her lips as she raised her chin toward Hu Qianyue.

It hadn’t stopped yet, and the people had not yet dispersed. No one knew who would be the winner. The Sixth Princess thought that she was crueler and more vicious than Hu Qianyue. Besides, she had never been a person who would resign herself to destiny…

“Ah!” A sharp scream came from behind, startling everyone. After a slight pause, many people ran to the direction of the scream outside.

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