Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 692 – Exposed, the Sixth Princess’s Plan

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Chapter 692 Exposed, the Sixth Princess’s Plan

“Third brother, it’s really not me. How could I want to hurt Third sister-in-law? Third brother, don’t I know how important this child is to you? How could I help others hurt Third sister-in-law?” The Sixth Princess stood straight hurriedly and tried to defend herself. Her body was on the verge of collapse and her eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears. She looked pitiful.

With such a delicate look and her current behavior, it was really hard to believe that the person in front of them was really a cruel and merciless woman.

It was even harder to believe that she was behind the scenes of today’s series of events.

The whole thing seemed to have nothing to do with her, no matter if it was Ling Mingyan, You Yue’e, or even Mo Xuetong. However, because of someone else behind the scenes, things became complicated and changed a little bit. And the Sixth Princess appeared in front of everyone just like that.

“Feng Xuehe, thank you very much for your medicine today. Come to think of it, you are really His Highness’s younger sister. If it weren’t for your medicine, how could I not be able to keep my child? How could it end up like this? How could I possibly be so miserable? Feng Xuehe, give back my child’s life.” You Yue’e’s eyes were red and swollen, and there was a trace of tear in the corners of her eyes. She stared at the Sixth Princess in despair. Her eyes were bloodthirsty as she stared at the Sixth Princess’s face.

How could she not hate the Sixth Princess?

Her child was gone, and so was her reputation. She didn’t even know why she lived. Her misfortune almost came in a sudden, which made her nearly collapse.

The Sixth Princess had never seen You Yue’e like this. Even though the Sixth Princess had already made up her mind to refuse to admit it, she felt cold as she was stared at coldly by You Yue’e’s sinister eyes. She could not help but lean to the side and said sadly, “Third sister-in-law, why don’t you understand what I said? I really didn’t give you that medicine. It was Hu Qianyue who framed me. She said that on purpose. His Excellency knows that Hu Qianyue once stopped me and almost trapped me and His Excellency in it.”

At this time, there were no outsiders, and the Sixth Princess did not avoid them. She looked at You Yuecheng as she spoke, seeking his support. You Yuecheng was also there that day. He also saw the confrontation between Hu Qianyue and her, so it was normal for Hu Qianyue to plot against her.

“Oh, it turns out that you were fighting against Hu Qianyue. I thought it was Princess Caifeng. So you hurt the child in my belly. You clearly know that the fragrance on the cloth is not good for me, but you still gave it to me and let my people hold it and stand beside me all the time. It’s also for you to fight against others.”

You Yue’e clenched the corner of the quilt tightly. She had pulled out a few threads from the corner and she held them tightly in her palm. She felt pain in the palm, but no matter how painful it was, it could not compare to the pain in her heart. Her child had been destroyed by the fragrance in the cloth and the medicine in the pill.

If she hadn’t believed that the Sixth Princess would protect her, how could she have come to today’s banquet?

If she hadn’t trusted the Sixth Princess, how could she have accepted Princess Caifeng’s Cloud Fabric?

If it hadn’t been the palace maid of the Sixth Princess, how could she have swallowed the medicine?

Although the scent in the Cloud Fabric had faded, the physician of King Yan’s Manor could still sense an unusual fragrance. This kind of fragrance did no harm to ordinary people when they used it alone, but could hurt pregnant women. If they stayed in this kind of fragrance for a long time, pregnant women might have an abortion or give birth to a deformed baby.

In principle, it was not a big deal. The pill just enhanced the efficacy of the Cloud Fabric. After the Sixth Princess gave the Cloud Fabric to You Yue’e, You Yue’e’s maidservant had been holding it beside her. After all, it was something bestowed by Princess Caifeng and then the Sixth Princess gave it to her, which was a great honor. What was more, You Yue’e believed that the Sixth Princess would not hurt her. Even though the Cloud Fabric was unusually fragrant, she did not care about it.

Because the Sixth Princess was here.

Because the Sixth Princess knew medical skills.

Because Feng Yulei had told her that she could trust the Sixth Princess. Everyone would hurt her, but the Sixth Princess would not!

So, she believed it! But what about the consequences? If there hadn’t been so many reasons, she would have been more cautious and wouldn’t have lost her child.

Tears fell from her eyes and cheeks. She touched her belly with one hand and felt empty. She was no longer as content and happy as she used to be. What followed was only fatigue and despair.

“Your Highness, our child is gone, and my reputation has been ruined… You can marry another n.o.ble lady. Look at her, your own sister has already paved the way for you.” Tears streamed down You Yue’e’s face, but there was a smile on her lips. She did not look at Feng Yulei, but lowered her head and looked at the quilt in front of her.

The kind of sad smile was much more shocking than the pretentious tears of the Sixth Princess.

Even though Feng Yulei had gotten something on his mind, he felt sorry for You Yue’e. In the whole matter, You Yue’e was indeed innocent!

He walked over and sat beside You Yue’e’s bed. He held her hand and comforted her softly, “Yue’e, don’t worry. I won’t let you down. I will find a way to clear your name. I won’t let you lose your reputation. As for child, we will have many more in the future.”

“Clear my name? How to do it? So many people have seen the man running out from here, but I was resting inside. Your Highness, your sister has already predicted everything. Even if the man won’t claim that I have an affair with him, the fact is right in front of everyone. How to clear my name?”

You Yue’e lifted her pale and haggard face. It had only been a while, but she seemed to have aged a few years. She leaned against the headboard, looking lifeless. Tears streamed down her cheeks and her voice sounded more like she was talking about someone else’s matters. She did not seem happy or angry.

What she wanted to do most now was not clear her name. What she wanted to do most now was stab Feng Xuehe’s belly with a knife and dig out the woman’s heart to see how black it was and how vicious she was. She wanted to avenge her child and make this vicious woman pay with her life.

She was truly disappointed in Feng Yulei. She had thought that she would slowly win his heart. After experiencing so many things, the two of them could be considered to be husband and wife who had gone through thick and thin together. No matter what would happen in the future, they were in the same boat. However, she felt sad right now.

She had never won this man’s heart, or in his heart, nothing was important, except that position. For that position, he could give up everything, such as this time! He just said that he wanted to clear her name, but he didn’t say that he would avenge the child in her belly, and he didn’t mention the reason why her reputation was ruined.

“Yue’e, come on. It’s okay. It’s really okay. Take a rest. You’ll be fine after resting for a while. I and His Excellency are here. We won’t let you be wronged. Okay, take a rest,” Feng Yulei comforted her in a soft voice and held her in his arms, patting her thin back gently.

During this period of time, You Yue’e had become thinner and thinner. Even though she was pregnant, she did not look a little fatter.

“Elder brother, so you’re still here.” You Yue’e looked up at You Yuecheng dazedly when Feng Yulei mentioned You Yuecheng. After a while, a blank smile appeared on her pale face. “Elder brother, aren’t you going to accompany Elder sister-in-law? I heard that Elder sister-in-law was framed like me today. I wonder if Elder brother would put Sixth Princess first and protect her wholeheartedly, just like His Highness.”

The Sixth Princess blushed when she heard that. She immediately argued, “Third sister-in-law, I’m not…”

“Sixth Princess, you don’t have to say anything. Really, you don’t have to say anything! Anyway, the two of them are protecting you, and Elder sister-in-law and I, we are really nothing. You can do whatever you want!” You Yue’e’s dull eyes darted from You Yuecheng’s face to Feng Yulei’s. Suddenly, she smiled and stated sarcastically.

She pushed Feng Yulei’s hand away coldly and firmly. “Your Highness, I want to sleep for a while. I’m so tired… I want to accompany the baby…”

At the end of her words, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She simply closed her eyes and leaned back. Tears fell down on her lips, and it was bitter, cold and hopeless…

Feng Yulei’s heart hurt when he saw You Yue’e like this. He reached out and caressed her beautiful hair a few times. He could not help but sigh when he saw that she had closed her eyes and ignored him. How could he not feel heartbroken over that child? How could he not be angry? The weak family affection that he held for Feng Xuehe had almost vanished.

Compared with the younger sister who suddenly appeared, Feng Yulei valued You Yue’e more, not to mention that he had to care about You Yuecheng.

“Your Excellency, I really didn’t harm Third sister-in-law. The two men have nothing to do with me. I have been living in the palace, so it is impossible for me to take a hand in the matter. How could I have done such a thing in Princess Caifeng’s manor? It must be Eighth sister-in-law. She is the most capable person. Otherwise, how could almost all concubines in Eighth brother’s manor have disappeared for no reason?”

There was a hint of tenderness and delicacy in the Sixth Princess’s voice. She looked at You Yuecheng with tears at the corners of her eyes and held her handkerchief in her hands. She seemed to be afraid and ambivalent. Just now, she deliberately went to Mo Xuetong’s room and talked nonsense in order to give You Yuecheng and Feng Yulei a hint that it was Mo Xuetong who set up the trap.

However, Mo Xuetong did not fall into her trap as the Sixth Princess had expected. Instead, she had driven her out, making it difficult for her to baffle the two of them. She felt fl.u.s.tered when she saw the coldness on You Yuecheng’s face. She hurried to defend herself and put all the blame on Mo Xuetong.

The Sixth Princess had tried to plot against You Yue’e according to her plan, but she did not dare to harm her.

She had found that there was something wrong with the fragrance of the Cloud Fabric as soon as she smelled it, but she still took the opportunity to give it to You Yue’e.

After all, she did not dare to accept Princess Caifeng’s gift casually. She wanted to give it away for a try. However, as she had a high status, she could only give it to a few d.u.c.h.esses and prince’s wives.

The d.u.c.h.esses were all older and sly people, so how could they accept her gift so casually? Among the two prince’s wives, she was not familiar with Mo Xuetong. Thus, You Yue’e was the only one who had the same status and was familiar with her. Even though it was inappropriate to give it to her, it would not be a big deal.

She did not believe that Princess Caifeng would dare to put strong drugs on the Cloud Fabric.

You Yue’e would at worst have a stomachache, and would be fine once the Cloud Fabric was taken away. Then, she could use this matter to involve Feng Yulei. The more people were dragged into this matter, the more likely her plan would succeed.

She was not afraid of too many people involved in this, but she was afraid of too few people. It was not a big deal that someone had targeted You Yue’e belly!

However, with a mistake, she lost the whole game!

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