Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 698 – The Sixth Princess’s Invitation

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Chapter 698 The Sixth Princess’s Invitation

It was kind of a perfect ending.

All the evidence pointed to Hu Qianyue, and Hu Qianyue’s suicide was interpreted as an escape from punishment!

In addition to the Sixth Princess’s disfigured face and You Yue’e’s miscarriage, which were real harm, the result could be said to be beneficial to all aspects.

Ding General Manor did not have to bear the charge of having a vicious daughter!

There was no unwomanly daughter-in-law in Mingguo Manor.

Of course, there was no such a vicious and insidious Sixth Princess in the palace…

The several major forces had also received a perfect balance. As for some details, everyone had forgotten them “out of carelessness”. They looked as if no one could think of some aspects. Miss Hu Qianyue seemed to be a little magical and almost omnipotent.

With a flip of her hand, she was able to manipulate the consort and the princess in her hands!

Of course, no one would pay attention to these “details”.

Ling Mingyan had hurt the princess. Because of the Sixth Princess and Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s begging for mercy, she was sent to the temple and practiced abstinence from meat for half a year. No matter what, the Sixth Princess was really injured by Ling Mingyan. The Sixth Princess and Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had been generous enough to give her such an end and even let her keep the position of Marquise Mingguo.

For this reason, Ding General Manor and Mingguo Manor prepared magnificent gifts and sent them to the palace to thank Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen and the Sixth Princess for their kindness.

For a time, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s reputation was even better. In the past, it was only said that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was kind to the consort who caused her to have an abortion, but now this matter happened in front of everyone. The Sixth Princess was injured like this and her face was disfigured, but Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was still so generous. She deserved to be called virtuous.

The Emperor trusted Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen even more. Now she was in charge of most of the affairs in the palace. Although Consort Su also took charge of some of the affairs in the palace, in fact, there were some things that she had to discuss with Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. The Empress went out of the Buddha Hall that day and then went back. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen seemed to replace her in the palace for a while.

However, since she didn’t have a son, all the forces didn’t pay attention to her!

As an imperial n.o.ble consort, she had neither a biological son nor an adopted son, and even her only daughter had been disfigured. She was really not worthy of attention. Even though she was at her peak now, it would only be for a while. To maintain her position, it would depend on her belly. Therefore, although Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was extremely powerful in the palace, no one targeted her.

Even Consort Su, who had always been at odds with the Empress, was very polite to her. From time to time, she would come to her palace and send some medicinal herbs to the Sixth Princess. She seemed to want to be on good terms with Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen.

Mo Xuetong naturally did not care about what had happened in the palace. However, when Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s gift was sent to her, she had to care about it.

“What… what is this?” Mo Xuetong was referring to the letter she had pulled out from a piece of snow-white satin. It was folded very carefully and was very small, hidden in the snow-white satin. If she had not noticed that there was something different in a part of the snow-white satin, she would not have opened it and looked at it, nor would she have discovered that there was something else hidden in it.

“My Lady, don’t move. I’ll take a look.” Mo Lan took the letter carefully from the snow-white satin and spread it meticulously. It was a gift from the palace, and just now, she took it. The eunuch who sent it smiled and asked her to give it to Consort Xuan. He also said that it was Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen who had personally picked it and let Consort Xuan have a look at it to see if she liked it.

The letter was flattened and there were not many words on it. Mo Lan frowned and read it. “My Lady, it’s Sixth Princess who signed the letter. She said that she would like to invite you to meet her at Fragrance House tomorrow!”

There were indeed only a few words on the letter. “Tomorrow noon, Fragrance House. I have something important to tell you. It’s related to Eighth brother’s life!”

Then came the signature of the Sixth Princess!

The Sixth Princess had been in close contact with those princes’ manors recently and sent gifts to them from time to time. Mo Xuetong had seen the words written by the Sixth Princess. Her calligraphy was more elegant and sharper, unlike that of ordinary n.o.ble ladies. Anyway, it was very special. Mo Xuetong could tell at a glance that the words in front of her were written by the Sixth Princess.

“Did the eunuch who sent it say anything?” Mo Xuetong frowned. She did not think that the Sixth Princess had anything else to tell her. In fact, the Sixth Princess had always been hostile to her and she was not interested in the former.

“The eunuch did not say anything else and only repeatedly told me before he left that this was a gift personally selected by Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. He even suggested me to ask if you like it and that you’d better to look at it personally. However, he did not say much.” Mo Lan thought about it and answered. She did not find it odd then and thought that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had done her best to pick out a gift. However, when she saw the letter, she immediately felt that there was something wrong.

Mo Xuetong frowned and then said lightly, “Mo Lan, put it down first. When Mo Ye comes back later, you ask her to meet me.”

Mo Ye went back to the Mo Manor on behalf of Mo Xuetong. Mid-Autumn Festival was coming, so she ordered Mo Ye to send some gifts and go to see Auntie Qing and Mo Yufeng by the way. Mo Xuetong thought that the matter that Mo Yufeng had planned was most likely to happen on Mid-Autumn Festival. Now, everything should be ready, and they only lacked her to be driving force.

Mo Lan nodded. She pointed at the mooncakes sent from the palace along with the gifts and asked, “Yes, My Lady, how about these mooncakes?” It was also the gift of Mid-Autumn Festival. As Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was in charge of most of the palace’s power, it was reasonable for her people to send the gifts over.

There were a total of eight boxes of mooncakes from the palace, symbolizing wealth. They were filled with all kinds of stuffing, which were made according to the secret recipe in the palace. The taste was much better than that of the ones outside.

“Pick out a box of mooncakes with bean paste inside and send it to His Highness. Leave the rest of the boxes here first.”

The mooncakes with bean paste inside made in the palace were not very sweet, which was in line with Feng Yuran’s taste.

“My Lady, they were sent by Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. Could it be…” Mo Lan asked uneasily as she placed her hand on the mooncake box. As Mo Xuetong’s servant, she naturally knew that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was not simple. When she was about to be implicated by the Sixth Princess and her reputation would be ruined, she would be able to come up with such an idea. She reconciled the feuds of these families and elevated her own position, becoming a person like the Holy Mother. From this, Mo Lan knew that the person was not easy to deal with.

Mo Lan really did not dare to accept or use the things she sent.

“Don’t worry. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen is such a virtuous person. How could she poison mooncakes?” A faint smile appeared on Mo Xuetong’s lip corners. Even though she said those words, of course, she would not be too careless. She would naturally get someone to check if there was poison in the mooncakes when they were sent to Jinwei Pavilion.

But now, in the face of outsiders, she didn’t show her suspicion. This was originally a kind of att.i.tude to show others. Since Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen acted, she surely could do it as well, and could even do better than her. She sent the mooncakes received from the palace directly to Feng Yuran’s Jinwei Pavilion, which expressed her trust in Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s reputation was now at its peak. There was no need to compete with her at this time. Moreover, even if Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen herself would not do something, there was still the Sixth Princess, wasn’t there? The Sixth Princess’s face had been disfigured. Even if she could cure those wounds on her own, what about her eye? Mo Xuetong had never heard that injured eye could be cured, good as before.

Mo Xuetong did not see how the Sixth Princess’s injuries were. However, Feng Yuran had mentioned that her eye would never heal. It was said earlier that she could vaguely see something, but now, she could not see anything. She could only rely on the other eye to see. Given the Sixth Princess’s character, could she really swallow her anger?

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen could give in for the sake of Feng Yulei, but what about the Sixth Princess?

Mo Lan immediately understood what Mo Xuetong meant. She put together the things that could be sent to Feng Yuran and said with a smile, “Yes, I’ll ask someone to send them to His Highness. Do you also want to send some tea to His Highness? I think we should send more gifts received from the palace to His Highness, which could show our respect to all the consorts in the palace.”

“Yeah, we respect the consorts in the palace the most.” Mo Xuetong nodded seriously, but there was a teasing smile on her face.

There were indeed a lot of things sent by the palace. They were put into order. Mo Lan asked two maidservants to help her sort them out, and they had just finished all the things. The two maidservants took four maidservants respectively to send things to Jinwei Pavilion. Mo Yu took a few maidservants to pack up all the things here and put them into the warehouse. In addition to some food, the things sent by the palace were all precious. They carefully put them away, moved them, recorded and stored them in the warehouse. It took some time.

As all the things were packed up, Mo Ye came back from the Mo Manor.

“My Lady, Madam asked me to tell you that Auntie Qing does have connections with someone from King Ning’s Manor. Old Sir found out about this. Auntie Qing seems to be the niece of an old nanny in King Ning’s Manor. The old nanny used to be the lead palace maid in the Empress Dowager’s palace before she came to King Ning’s Manor. After she was released from the palace, she has been serving King Ning and is also a respected person in King Ning’s Manor.”

“Was it the old nanny of King Ning’s Manor, who contacted Auntie Qing?” Mo Xuetong frowned slightly. She did not expect Auntie Qing to stand by King Ning’s side. No, she stood by the Empress Dowager’s side. The Empress Dowager had already sent Auntie Qing into the Mo Manor many years ago. Her father was only a fifth-grade officer then. Why would the Empress Dowager pay attention to her father?

There was a slight ripple in her lively eyes. Could it be that the Empress Dowager knew of her mother’s ident.i.ty, which was why she had sent Auntie Qing to the Mo Manor? However, this was not right. If she had known it, the Empress Dowager who was vicious only needed to threaten her grandmother if she wanted to get something. Her mother had always respected her grandmother. If her mother really had something in her hands…

But if it was not for this reason, why did the Empress Dowager send her servant’s niece out? Was it also a coincidence? If it were really a coincidence, it would be too much of a coincidence!

Were those incredible things in her mother’s hands? No one seemed to have talked about them these days. Could it be that those things had been found? For a moment, Mo Xuetong couldn’t figure it out. Then she reached out to put her hands on the table.

Mo Yu thought for a while and said, “It was not the old nanny who contacted Auntie Qing. It was an old maidservant serving the nanny. She also knew Auntie Qing.”

Mo Ye did not see Auntie Qing when she went to the manor this time. Xu Yan called her over and directly told her what she wanted to know. She also said that Mo Huawen had already sent someone to keep an eye on Auntie Qing and Mo Yufeng so that Mo Xuetong could rest a.s.sured. Mo Huawen was the lord mayor and thus it would be easy for him to keep an eye on someone.

She did not care that useless concubine in her family’s backyard and didn’t expect her to have something to do with another prince’s manor!

If she really paid attention to her, she would learn about it.

Mo Ye also brought a letter from Mo Huawen and presented it to Mo Xuetong respectfully. Mo Xuetong had written to Mo Huawen before, asking him to pay special attention to a few spots. Mo Huawen answered them one by one in the letter. Although Mo Ye was Mo Xuetong’s confidant, there were still some things that needed to be kept secret! Extreme secrets must not be told to any third party!

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