Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 704 – Having Quick Wits in an Emergency, Concubine Yun’s Crisis

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Chapter 704 Having Quick Wits in an Emergency, Concubine Yun’s Crisis

As a matter of fact, Concubine Yun didn’t want to come out, but she had to!

She had been in the Fragrance House for a while. When the waiter came over with the dish, she saw two maidservants standing at the door. She became happy and was about to come over. Concubine Yun had changed her clothes in the carriage. She was no longer dressed like a maidservant, but instead she looked like the young mistress of a big family.

It was normal to have a chance encounter with Nanny Qing in this way!

When a young mistress came to have dinner and met a familiar person, they usually stopped and talked for a while, and they even probably had dinner together, which was much less eye-catching than just sending two maidservants to the acquaintance.

If only the two maidservants came to meet Nanny Qing, it would seem much more unnatural. Some people might wonder which family’s master had sent their servants over. Concubine Yun had always been very careful, and that was why she could survive peacefully in the back courtyard of King Xuan’s Manor. She could live and stay in the manor longer than those frivolous concubines.

The palace maids who had entered King Xuan’s Manor with her were either dead or driven away. Who was still there now?

Therefore, Concubine Yun acted even more cautiously and would never take risks unless she had to.

But now, Concubine Yun had to move on.

There was a staircase behind her. As soon as she arrived upstairs, she ran into a few servants of the customers who were in private rooms now, and they were arguing at the door. Before she could react, the four of them had knocked down the tray and gotten themselves dirty all over. They even attracted all the people upstairs, who heard the noise. As a result, they were surrounded by a huge crowd of people.

Concubine Yun hid herself behind the crowd and did not intend to go forward. It was too conspicuous to go there at this time. She had to wait until the matter was settled. She really had something to tell Nanny Qing, and it was rare for her to come out. Today, she exposed her token and frightened the old maidservant who guarded the door with sharp words. But it would be difficult for her to come out in the future.

Therefore, she had to finish what she had to do today!

Therefore, she stood outside the door to observe the situation. When the matter was over and the crowd was almost dispersed, she would go over there. However, she did not expect that the matter would get worse. Now, not only were the two maidservants involved in the fight, but even Nanny Qing was. .h.i.t by a teacup when she came out of the room. At the sight of Nanny Qing’s steaming back, Concubine Yun’s scalp crawled. It seemed that there was a shrewish person inside. How dare she throw such hot water on someone else?

Wasn’t she afraid of killing somebody?

Hong’er suddenly tugged at her sleeve and whispered, “Concubine Yun, I saw Mo Lan.”

“Where is she?” Concubine Yun was shocked and turned around hurriedly. They were standing at a small corner of the stairs. Others could not see them from afar, but they would definitely see them if they walked over. Mo Lan was Mo Xuetong’s first maidservant. If she saw them, Mo Xuetong would definitely know that she had sneaked out of the manor.

“She’s at the stairs. Concubine Yun, don’t move. She’s looking over here. She might be coming,” Hong’er said nervously as she pulled Concubine Yun. Even though she was Concubine Yun’s personal maidservant and usually looked down on others, Mo Lan was different. The latter was Consort Xuan’s first personal maidservant, and even the butler of the manor was very polite to her.

“Concubine Yun, she’s coming…”

“Really?” Concubine Yun gritted her teeth.

“Yes, although she isn’t moving fast, she is really coming.” Hong’er was very anxious. She tugged at Concubine Yun’s sleeve as she spoke anxiously.

At the same time, Mo Lan stepped forward slightly, as if she wanted to come over. However, she put her hand that lifted her dress aside, as if she didn’t want to come over. Then she walked over slightly. Did she really want to come over?

It was just a corner. Everyone pressed forward to see the fun. At this time, the front was already full of people. Concubine Yun and Hong’er could not clearly see what was going on in the circle of the crowd from where they were. There were not many people standing there, so if Mo Lan came over, she would definitely see them clearly. Concubine Yun became anxious and could not help but poke her head out to look.

It was really Mo Lan, and she indeed wanted to come over.

No, she couldn’t be seen by Mo Lan!

She had to leave!

Cold sweat started to break out on Concubine Yun’s forehead. She could not go back. There were few people on both sides of her as they all squeezed to the front. Once she moved, Mo Lan would definitely be able to see her clearly. Other than in front, there was nowhere else she could go. However, there were so many people in front of her. It was impossible for her to squeeze to the front even if she wanted to!

“Concubine Yun, let’s push our way to the front of the crowd.” Hong’er was also a smart maidservant. She immediately figured out the situation and spoke with difficulty.

It was really difficult to push forward. There was a crowd of onlookers in front of them. Could the two of them really make it?

Hong’er’s words made Concubine Yun make up her mind. There was no place to retreat to behind them, nor to the left or the right. They could only move forward. She bet that Mo Xuetong’s first maidservant would not allow her to crowd around to watch the fun because of her ident.i.ty. At most, she would just look around from the outside. Whether she could see what was going on or not, then so be it.

After all, she was the first maidservant of King Xuan’s Manor. It would lower her status to huddle in a group.

“Let’s go.” Concubine Yun gritted her teeth and was determined to go forward. There was no way to retreat, but there might still be a faint hope ahead.

“Concubine Yun, there are so many people here. How can we go forward?” Hong’er wiped the sweat that broke out because of anxiety. She looked at Mo Lan, who was getting closer and closer behind them, and asked guiltily.

“Just follow me.”

At this time, she could no longer hesitate. Concubine Yun took a few steps forward, frowned, and asked the crowd in a low voice, “What’s going on here?”

Hearing that someone behind the crowd spoke as if she was the boss here, the crowd initiatively made way for her. Concubine Yun and Hong’er walked into the crowd together. When they mingled with the crowd, the people behind them surrounded them again, re-forming a dense circle. Concubine Yun and Hong’er were hidden in the crowd.

If they didn’t get in front of them, no one would notice them.

Mo Lan did not come over. Instead, she stood outside the crowd and gave a slight smile. She did not even have the slightest intention of going forward and had put down her hand that was lifting her dress. When she saw that everyone’s attention was focused on the people inside the circle, she turned around and walked to the other side. After a few corners, she walked through one of the private room doors.

This private room was somewhat different from the ones outside. It was a luxurious private room with an inner room and an outer room. The servants could stand in the outer room while the inner room was the place for the master to have tea. Because there were people guarding outside, the inner room was a safe place to talk in. There were not many luxurious private rooms like this one in the Fragrance House, but there happened to be one here.

Mo Lan entered the room sideways, and there was another room inside. She went in from the right and walked into the inner room.

In the inner room, the corners of Mo Xuetong’s lips curved into a smile. She looked so relaxed and at ease.

There was no maidservant waiting on her. Mo Xuetong was the only person in the room, and she was drinking tea quietly. She raised her brows and saw Mo Lan entering. Her eyes shone, which was a quiet question.

Mo Lan immediately understood and nodded as a smile appeared on her face. Her admiration for her mistress had grown. She had only gone out for a while and had forced Concubine Yun to mingle into the crowd. Her mistress’s guess was exactly right.

Neither of them spoke, but they still heard the quarrel outside. There was no one outside when Mo Lan came in because the door was in another direction. However, the inner room was next to the private room where the Sixth Princess was. There was a hidden window outside so that it was drafty. The window was high up in the upper part of the private room. As it was covered by a bamboo curtain, it couldn’t be seen from outside.

Normally, under the bamboo curtain, there was a thick wooden board that could keep the wind from blowing into the room. When the thick wooden board was closed, the sound outside and inside was completely isolated!

However, Mo Xuetong needed it today. Of course, she had already gotten someone to lift it up. As such, she had clearly heard everything that had happened outside.

Seeing that Mo Lan had returned, she nodded with satisfaction. Her watery eyes shone as she continued to listen to what was going on outside.

So many people had b.u.mped into each other, and each of them had their own intentions. It was really interesting!

Especially these people that had gotten into a fight, and almost everyone in the building had seen it. Mo Xuetong did not believe that no one among them recognized the Sixth Princess and Nanny Qing of King Ning’s Manor. It did not matter even if they did not recognize them. She would think of a way to let the onlookers know that the two masters of these people who were arguing were not ordinary people.

Both of them wanted to come out in a secret way, didn’t they?

Coincidentally, Mo Xuetong had great interest today! A hint of coldness flashed in her lively eyes. The most annoying thing was that the Sixth Princess dared to threaten her with Feng Yuran’s safety! Didn’t these people all want to hurt her? Then what would happen if all these people gathered together? She suddenly wanted to know…

The fight was going on outside, but she was watching the fun leisurely! The proper trick would lead her to the way she thought of. It would be more convenient for her to watch the fun if she led these people to the path she wanted with proper tricks.

“What happened?” Concubine Yun had already walked to the center at this time. Her face was serious, as if she had just come up.

The two maidservants of King Ning’s Manor immediately recognized her. At this time, they were in a state of panic. At the sight of Concubine Yun, they did not think about her ident.i.ty and felt that she was on their side. They became more aggressive. The two maidservants were also smart. They immediately pointed at the Sixth Princess, who was sitting in the private room, and said to Concubine Yun angrily.

“Madam, our nanny came out to have a meal. I didn’t expect that the ugly woman inside would rob us of our dish and hurt the nanny. It’s just a dish. If the ugly woman really wants to eat it, she can just tell us politely. Wouldn’t we give it to her? How could she hit our nanny? Our nanny was knocked unconscious.”

The maidservant uttered angrily.

This made a large crowd of onlookers, who did not know the whole situation, understand. In particular, the maidservant described the woman in the private room as ugly. A few people who also saw the Sixth Princess’s profile began to talk about her. Of course, the topic of the discussion was that she not only looked like an evil ghost, but also had a vicious heart.

Wasn’t it just a dish? It was really bad to rob others of their dish.

This was a restaurant, and there were people of mixing ranks!

The crowd looked at Nanny Qing, who was knocked out on the ground, and then looked at the two maidservants, who were speaking righteously. The other two maidservants kneeling on the ground were now trembling with fear. Some people even saw that the lady whose face was covered with bandages had smashed the nanny with a teacup. Everything showed that the two maidservants of King Ning’s Manor had told the truth.

“Oh, where did this ugly woman come from? She not only robbed other people of food, but also hit the woman with a cup.”

“This woman is really ugly. Just now, I really saw her face. She was so scary. One of her eyes is ruined, but she still came out. What a shameless person! She doesn’t look like a woman from a decent family. Is she from a brothel?”

“A woman from a brothel? You really think too highly of her. No man would dare to walk into the brothel after she entered it with that appearance. After all, she would scare the libido out of men. No man would like such a woman. Even if she were thrown to beggars, no one would want her.”

“That’s right, that’s right. She looks so ugly and vicious. Every man going to her would die. A beggar’s life is still a life. No one wants to die because of her…”

The more the crowd said, the nastier their words were. Although the Sixth Princess in the room had a veil over her head, her cheeks were unconsciously blanched and livid. As a n.o.ble princess, she had never been ridiculed like this before!

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