Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 723 – The Inner and Outer Courtyards of Fu General Manor

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Chapter 723 The Inner and Outer Courtyards of Fu General Manor

It was the afternoon of the second day when Mo Xuetong woke up from her dazed state and opened her eyes slightly. Seeing the familiar curtain embroidered with flowers and b.u.t.terflies, she inexplicably heaved a sigh of relief. Sensing her body, she felt that she was okay, and just a little weak.

“Her Lady has woken up.”

“Her Lady has woken up!”

“Come on, bring the medicine to Her Lady and bring some preserves Her Lady had eaten last time to help her have the medicine.”

“Okay, I’ll go and take it now. Go and check on Her Lady’s health first!”

Mo Xuetong could hear the excited babble of her personal maidservants. Even Mo Lan, who had always been calm, seemed to have lost her composure.

Mo Xuetong propped herself up and tried to sit up. She touched her head gently. Someone had already propped her up and placed a soft cus.h.i.+on behind her back. Mo Lan and the others helped her take the medicine and then she regained some strength.

“What… happened to me yesterday?”

“My Lady, you suddenly pa.s.sed out yesterday. The physician said that you were too tired. You have been too worried and exhausted recently. His Highness came and scolded us yesterday, saying that you don’t have to care about those things and just need to take care of yourself. My Lady, don’t care about those terrible things. Anyway, His Highness has known it now, and he said he would do it and asked you to take care of your body.”

Mo Yu took over the medicine bowl and persuaded Mo Xuetong unhappily. She knew that Mo Xuetong was still worried about Fu General Manor, so she mentioned Feng Yuran on purpose, sounding as if now that King Xuan would deal with it, Mo Xuetong didn’t have to think about it. Mo Xuetong couldn’t help smiling. The maidservants around her knew that King Xuan, Feng Yuran, was not a simple person.

“That’s all. Mo Yu, just keep your mouth shut. Her Lady just asked one question, but you talked so much. Here, give Her Lady a bowl of porridge.” Mo Lan’s voice sounded from behind. She blamed Mo Yu and exchanged the porridge bowl with the medicine bowl in her hand. Since Mo Xuetong was fine, these maidservants were all in a cheerful mood.

Mo Yu pouted and retorted, “That’s not true. I’m just afraid that Her Lady will be too tired and think too much!”

Mo Ye did not say anything, and merely smiled by the side. She was usually calm and rarely showed her emotions. However, she seemed to be a little happy now.

Because Mo Xuetong woke up, these maidservants hurriedly served her medicine and porridge. As soon as she finished having them, Feng Yuran strode in. At the sight of him coming in, the maidservants all picked up the bowls and chopsticks and then left.

Feng Yuran walked over and sat at the head of the bed without saying a word. He reached out and held Mo Xuetong in his arms. When the latter heard the strong heartbeat in his chest, the fear in her heart suddenly disappeared. She couldn’t help reaching out and pulling his clothes.

The two hugged each other, and said nothing, but at this moment, they felt as if there was a kind of warmth flowing in their hearts, no matter what they did!

“Tong’er, remember, no matter where you are, you must know that I will definitely come to you,” he said in a gentle voice, with a faint murmur and his warm and pleasant breath. All these surrounded Mo Xuetong tightly, making her heart soft and sweet for a moment.

“Okay!” Mo Xuetong nodded hard. Without saying anything more, she just buried her head in his arms and absorbed his breath. They didn’t need to say anything, but they seemed to have understood everything.

Feng Yuran liked the feeling of having a spiritual connection with Mo Xuetong very much. He reached out and patted Mo Xuetong’s back softly. No other words were needed. At this moment, hugging her was like having the whole world. This was the only tenderness he had kept in his cold heart. As such, he had to keep her alive no matter what.

He could not help but tighten his hold on Mo Xuetong. His eyes darkened and looked strange, revealing a hint of coldness and viciousness, as well as vague cruelty and violence. He would not give up no matter what.

In the next few days, Mo Xuetong was very idle. She slept in the manor almost every day. The trouble of Fu General Manor had already disappeared in silence. The letter that exchanged with Madam Qu’s had been prepared by Mo Xuetong. It was a perfunctory letter, so Madam Qu would not get any definite answer.

Sima Heyan’s reply was even lighter, and she just asked Madam Qu to act faster!

Madam Qu did not understand what she meant and thus was angry and anxious. She thought that Mingguo Manor was evading on purpose. She got extremely. Besides, what made her even more furious was that the two concubines that the Old Madam had picked out and she had agreed had been sent to Fu General Manor. She could not bear to see the two beautiful and charming concubines trying to seduce Luo Bin from time to time in front of her.

She thought of ways to fight against the two concubines, which dismissed her idea of going out of the manor and working with Mingguo Manor. She focused on fighting for the favor in the inner manor. The inner courtyard of Fu General Manor was filled with flames of war. However, the outer courtyard had quieted down. Madam Qu did not have time to take care of Yun Ya’s matter either. The Old Madam had also said that Yun Ya would only be locked for some time, and would be sent back to her hometown after this period of time.

This made Madam Qu feel more relieved.

Originally, Madam Qu’s heart was full of jealousy and hatred for Luo Xia. She always felt that it was Luo Xia who had stolen her husband’s love. Now, she realized that Luo Xia was not a threat at all. Compared with the two charming concubines in the inner manor, the jealousy and hatred she harbored in the past were really too light. After this discovery, Madam Qu tried her best to fight with the two concubines.

Luo Mingzhu had once returned to the manor. After listening to Madam Qu’s complaints for a long while, she sighed when she walked out of her mother’s room and left without saying anything else.

Most of these things were inquired about by Mo Ye. After listening to it, Mo Xuetong thought about it and asked Mo Feng to come back from Fu General Manor. Madam Qu was no longer a threat and all her evidence had fallen into Mo Xuetong’s hands. It was impossible for her to use these pieces of evidence to prove anything.

Furthermore, Madam Qu was having a heart but no strength now. The matters of the inner courtyard were enough to divert her attention. This result was also caused by herself. Compared to the fall of Fu General Manor, the current situation was also what everyone could accept. Regardless of whether it was the Old Madam or Luo Mingzhu, they would not want Madam Qu to get involved in that kind of matter.

No matter what, Madam Qu was the person in charge of the inner courtyard of Fu General Manor in the capital and the Second Madam of Fu General Manor, who represented the face of Fu General Manor.

Such a result could be said to be what everyone was most willing to see; of course, other than Madam Qu herself. But it was better than she pus.h.i.+ng Fu General Manor into a dead end. Madam Qu brought the current result on herself. The Old Madam did not secretly deal with her for the sake of Luo Mingzhu.

Mo Xuetong recovered very fast. She felt better in a few days. She had been feeling weak for a long time. Since there was nothing to do in the manor, she could not sit still after a few days. She went out to take a walk with her maidservants at their request.

On that day, when she heard the maidservants talking about Princess Royal’s Manor, she realized that she had not gone there for a long time. Princess Royal’s illness had been delayed again and again, and she did not know how she was now. The last time she went there, she almost shut the door on her. She had not been there for a long time; after all, Princess Royal was her adoptive mother and had done her a favor; and it was natural for her to feel some weird about the illness of Princess Royal. Mo Xuetong thought about it for a while and decided to Princess Royal’s Manor with a few maidservants.

Princess Royal’s Manor was very quiet!

Actually, ever since Consort Chu had gotten poisoned and died, this manor had been quiet. It was such a big deal, and the aftermath had not yet ended. Even Princess Royal’s Manor, which had always been away from various forces, had been affected.

This time, Princess Royal did not shut the door on her. Learning that Mo Xuetong had come, Nanny Qin, Princess Royal’s close servant, hurried to greet her at the door.

“My Lady, Her Highness is ill again. She is still lying in bed and doesn’t want to see anyone.” Nanny Qin looked tired, and there were dark circles under her eyes. It was obvious that she was tired because of looking after Princess Royal.

“Is there anything strange about Mother’s illness? Do you want to go to the palace to ask the imperial physician to see her? She couldn’t keep putting off her illness!” Mo Xuetong frowned. Ever since Princess Royal fell ill, she had been too heartless. Mo Xuetong heard that even the imperial physicians from the palace had to see her according to her mood. Sometimes, she allowed them to see her, but sometimes she would drive them away. Her temperament was getting odder and odder. It seemed that she was really ill now; otherwise, Nanny Qin would not look so pale.

“Princess Royal doesn’t allow me to look for the imperial physician. She only said that she would be fine after taking some medicine, but it didn’t work at all after so many medicines. When Sir Bai was here, he could write prescriptions for Princess Royal. But now he is not here, and Her Highness’s illness has become like this now…” Nanny Qin sighed.

Mo Xuetong pondered for a moment and asked, “Have you ever asked an imperial physician to see her in the past few days?”

Nanny Qin wiped the tears at the corner of her eye, bowed her head, and said with a heavy heart, “An imperial physician has come to see her five days ago. Back then Her Highness was in a good mood. The imperial physician also wrote a prescription, but it didn’t work. Then her illness has dragged on for so long. If it goes on like this, I am afraid… I thought that if Her Highness doesn’t feel better in two days, I will ask My Lady to come and have a look at her. I didn’t expect that you would come today.”

Everyone could see that Nanny Qin had a lot on her mind. Everyone could feel that she was loyal to Princess Royal. As her mistress was so ill, how could she feel better?

They arrived at Princess Royal’s courtyard as they talked!

The courtyard was very quiet. There was not even an old maidservant at the entrance of the courtyard, which was the strangest thing along the way. It was as if many people had left Princess Royal’s Manor. Mo Xuetong noticed the doorman remained the same when the door was opened, but other than that, she felt that the manor had changed a lot. Mo Xuetong could not tell if it was because of the atmosphere or something else.

Suddenly, she looked to the side as she seemed to have sensed something. She shot a sideways glance and saw a part of a light gauze dress sliding across the corner of the wall. A slender figure flashed by. Mo Xuetong felt that she did not look like the palace maid of Princess Royal’s Manor at all!

But when Mo Xuetong wanted to see her clearly, she found that there was no trace of anyone.

“Why are there so many people missing in the manor?” Mo Xuetong asked, pretending not to care. Then she walked up the steps of the courtyard. The courtyard where Princess Royal lived was not in the center of the entire manor. She heard from Princess Royal that she preferred peace and quiet, which was why she chose a remote place that was right in front of her.

Mo Xuetong had come here a few times, but each time she was here, she felt it too lonely. When there were many young and old maidservants, it was not so obvious. At this time, when there were fewer people, Mo Xuetong found that this place was even more desolate than Qingwei Garden where she used to be in!

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