Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 725 – Meeting Bai Yihao Again

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Chapter 725 Meeting Bai Yihao Again

Mo Xuetong woke up in the morning light. Looking at the curtains s.h.i.+ning with multicolored light, she could not come back to her senses. The seats of the large carriage were covered with bamboo mats. The curtains fluttered in the breeze and the morning light shone brightly. It was as beautiful as brocade. This was an extremely rare piece of cloud satin. It was a tribute from overseas and was rarely seen even in the imperial palace of the Qin Kingdom.

Because of the small number of it, this satin was only used to make handkerchiefs for the favored imperial consorts. Unexpectedly, there was such a large piece of cloud satin to be used as a window curtain in the carriage. It was extremely extravagant!

“You’re awake.” A clear and sweet voice came.

Mo Xuetong looked in the direction of the voice and realized that there was also a beautiful lady sitting in the horse carriage. The lady was dressed in a long snow-white dress that outlined her graceful figure. However, her expression was rather cold. She faintly raised her head and proudly looked at Mo Xuetong with slight enmity in the eyes, without avoiding Mo Xuetong’s gaze!

Mo Xuetong touched her forehead and still felt a dull pain, especially at the back of her head and the back of her neck. When she turned her head, the pain almost made her scream. She reached behind her back, and touched the back of her neck, which was a little swollen. She knew that the previous strike was aimed at the back of her neck.

“Miss, who are you? Where are you taking me?” Mo Xuetong sat up with the help of the table beside her. She looked calm and did not seem like she had been kidnapped at all.

The beautiful woman in white seemed to be very curious about Mo Xuetong’s att.i.tude. She looked her up and down and did not answer her. Instead, she asked back, “Third Young Miss Mo, don’t you want to go back?” Most people should have cried, yelled and freaked out when they were kidnapped and woke up. Why was she so calm?

“Of course I want to. But if I want to go back, will you agree?” Mo Xuetong smiled leisurely.

“No, I won’t!” the beautiful lady in white replied decisively.

“Since you won’t let me go back, what’s the point of me asking for it? I might as well wait for your master to come and ask for it.” Mo Xuetong cast a glance at her with a hint of disdain.

Her expression and words provoked the beautiful lady in white. She suddenly put down the needle and thread in her hand and said coldly, “Even if my master comes, you can’t go back. You are so beautiful, and there must be many people who like you. This time, my master really gets an excellent p.a.w.n.”

“Your master wants me to be a p.a.w.n?” Mo Xuetong asked with interest. Then she picked up a cus.h.i.+on from the side and placed it behind her back. In this way, when the carriage shook slightly, the swollen back of her neck wouldn’t be hit. This woman was so vicious. Mo Xuetong would not forget that the last person she saw before she fainted was this woman.

“Otherwise, what do you think the reason why my master wants to get you? You’re a married, faded woman; do you want to win my master’s heart? There are all kinds of beauties around him, so how can he fall in love with you?” The anger on the face of the beautiful lady in white faded away, leaving only ridicule. She raised her head on purpose, obviously looking arrogant.

“Hehe!” Mo Xuetong did not take it to heart and smiled lightly. Then she shook her head and gave a little cough, asking, “Miss, why are you so nervous? Could it be that you have feelings for your master? So you…”

Before she could finish her words, the beautiful woman in white raised her hand and gave Mo Xuetong a clear slap in her fair and tender face. Immediately, her left cheek became red and swollen. “b.i.t.c.h, you have no right to talk. You’re just a defective woman. How dare you ask me?” An expression of disgust appeared on the beautiful woman’s proud face. She withdrew her hand and wiped it with a handkerchief in disgust. Then, she threw the handkerchief aside.

On the couch, Mo Xuetong only had the time to cover her face. Then she felt her cheek was on fire.

“Behave yourself. Don’t ask around. This is not good for you,” the beautiful lady in white warned sharply as a trace of coldness flashed in her eyes. Just now, what she was most willing to do was kill this woman with her sword. Why did a faded woman deserve her G.o.d-like master to pick her up with his own carriage?

Mo Xuetong put down her hand and asked lightly, “Are you wanting to kill me? But you don’t dare!” There was a hint of blood on the corner of her lips. Clearly, it was a hard slap.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? If you continue to talk nonsense, I will scratch your face in a while.” The beautiful lady in white did not expect Mo Xuetong to be so sharp. She was so embarra.s.sed by her question that she flew into a rage. She stood up and wanted to slap Mo Xuetong again.

“If you dare to slap me again, I will let everyone know. Let’s see how you will explain it to your master,” Mo Xuetong said coldly. She had been slapped because she did not pay attention to it earlier. Now that the beautiful woman in white wanted to hit her again, she would not be willing to play this sort of game of physical and mental maltreatment with her. She lifted up the curtain of one side tartly. Listening carefully, she could hear the sounds of the horse carriage wheels outside the curtain. It was obvious that there was more than one horse carriage.

The lady’s outstretched hand paused stiffly in front of Mo Xuetong’s face. Even though the beautiful lady in white was angry, Mo Xuetong saw a trace of fear in her eyes as expected.

“You’re just a p.a.w.n. You don’t think that my master will care about such a trivial matter, do you?” the beautiful lady in white snorted unwillingly, but she had to withdraw her hand. She didn’t expect that this vixen was so cunning that she could tell at once that she didn’t dare to let others know that she had slapped her. She wanted to severely punish her and then apply some medicine to her wound. In just one night, the swelling on her face would fade away. Her master would come in the afternoon of the next day, at the soonest.

As long as she didn’t admit it and there was no wound on Mo Xuetong’s face, her master wouldn’t do anything to her!

But it would be different if Mo Xuetong called for help right now. There was Princess Royal’s carriage outside and the coachman was her master’s trusted subordinate. Of course, there were also other people. If these people knew, they would definitely testify for Mo Xuetong. It would be impossible for her to deal with the vixen in secret.

“Since I’m just a p.a.w.n, why are you angry? Furthermore, there’s no need for your master to tell a maidservant about what he thinks. Could it be that your master has to get your permission before he does something?” Mo Xuetong’s expression was slightly cold as she looked at the maidservant who was jealous of her for no reason.

“Nonsense,” the white-clothed maidservant snapped angrily. However, her voice lowered, and the sweat on her forehead could be seen.

“If I’m really talking nonsense, why are you so nervous? It sounds like there’s another horse carriage besides this one. Could it be that my mother is worried about me and has also come? I wonder if she would get revenge for her cheap daughter if she finds out that I was beaten by a maidservant.” Mo Xuetong smiled warmly and gently as she put down the cloud satin in her hand.

No matter what Princess Royal wanted to do to Mo Xuetong, she was Mo Xuetong’s aunt, which was a fact that could not be changed. Even if it was for her own face, she would not allow a maidservant to humiliate Mo Xuetong. This was also why Mo Xuetong was not afraid that the lady in front of her would do anything to her.

No matter what, Bai Yihao would care about his aunt’s pride.

“Do you want to apply medicine on my wound later? If others couldn’t see any wound on my face, no one will believe me even if I said that you hit me. But why are you so sure that my cousin will believe in you, instead of me, his cousin, who has always been very trustworthy?”

Mo Xuetong continued before the beautiful lady in white spoke.

Cold sweat trickled down the head of the white-clothed maidservant!

She was a maidservant by Bai Yihao’s side, and of course, she knew that her master was heartless and cold-blooded. If she really went against his will, the only thing waiting for her was… When she thought of what happened to Yu Mei, who was also serving Bai Yihao by his side, the arrogance on Qing Zhu’s face automatically faded away.

Who would her master believe? Her or the Third Young Miss Mo in front of her? Ever since Qing Zhu knew that her master wanted to kidnap Mo Xuetong and bring her back to the Yan Kingdom, she knew that Mo Xuetong was different in her master’s heart!

However, she was unwilling to accept it. She had become her master’s maidservant since she was a child and thus she had been with him for so many years. How could she no match for her cousin, who had just been recognized by her master?

Qing Zhu was unwilling to be weak and snarled, “So what if you are my master’s cousin? You have been used by him again and again. If he sends you to the First Prince this time, the First Prince will no longer be wary of my master. At that time, there will be no obstacle for my master to get the throne.” However, there was too much panic in the corner of her eyes.

“Cousin is in such a good mood. Even you maidservant knows about this.” Mo Xuetong smiled as she raised her brows.

However, the smile on Qing Zhu’s face stiffened. If her master knew that she was discussing the court affairs behind his back…

“What is it that my maidservant knows?” A light voice that sounded like flowing water came from outside the carriage. The curtain of the horse carriage was lifted and Bai Yihao, who was as elegant as a cloud, got on the horse carriage. He was still dressed in a snow-white robe. However, unlike his usual white clothes, which did not have any patterns, the collar of this robe was embroidered with dragon patterns. His robe was luxurious and gorgeous, making him look admirable and n.o.ble in the secular world.

On his unparalleled handsome face, there was a half-smile in his warm black eyes and a happy smile tugged at his lips. His dark eyes seemed to be full of tenderness and landed on Mo Xuetong. When he noticed the redness on her face, he suddenly became cold.

“You slap her?” he asked in a casual tone, without turning his head at all.

“I, I…” Qing Zhu knelt down in fright. She was no longer as arrogant as she was just now. She lowered her head, s.h.i.+vered, and could not even utter a single word. She would never have thought that her master would come so quickly. If her master heard what she had said earlier, combined with the fact that she had slapped Mo Xuetong, she could hardly absolve herself from the blame.

“Go out and receive the punishment!” Bai Yihao’s enchanting eyes were exceptionally bright and deep. He stepped in and walked to Mo Xuetong’s side. Then he squatted down and carefully lifted Mo Xuetong’s face. His moves were gentle as if he was afraid that a little bit of strength would hurt her.

Qing Zhu did not dare to say anything else. Her face was pale as she pressed the table beside her to stand up. Her master called it punishment, but she might lose her life. It was that vicious woman who had caused her to end up like this. She glanced at Mo Xuetong and wanted to tear the beautiful face of the vixen apart.

She did not hate Bai Yihao, but only hated the s.l.u.t who had won her master’s heart.

“Cousin, let her go. I angered her intentionally earlier.” Mo Xuetong reached out to push his hand away with a hint of coldness and distance at the corners of her lips. Even though she called him warmly, she did not behave warmly at all. It was just a form of address, so there was no need for her to go against Bai Yihao.

In terms of kins.h.i.+p, Bai Yihao was indeed her cousin.

Qing Zhu was stunned, not expecting Mo Xuetong to plead for her. Her legs gave way and she knelt down again.

“Why?” Mo Xuetong obviously pleased Bai Yihao by calling him cousin. His smile grew even gentler. He sat by Mo Xuetong’s side and helped her put up the cus.h.i.+on behind her higher. His actions were so intimate and elegant, without any pause, as if they had been so intimate all the time.

“No reason. I just feel that she does not deserve death,” Mo Xuetong answered lightly, some alertness and distance in her cold and beautiful eyes.

Bai Yihao did not say anything and just looked at Mo Xuetong with a smile. The carriage quieted down immediately. Only Qing Zhu’s nervous and heavy panting could be heard. No matter how arrogant she was, she did not dare to go against Bai Yihao. She had made a mistake and felt that her life and death were only a matter of her master’s will. When she thought in fear, she could not be bothered to hate Mo Xuetong anymore and could only feel her heart beating faster.

“Alright!” Bai Yihao nodded. His handsome face was as bright as the spring moon; his voice was as gentle as the spring breeze. With a hint of a smile in his voice, he said, “Since you want her, I will give her to you.”

Then he turned around and looked at Qing Zhu who had just heaved a sigh of relief, staggered and sat on the floor, saying, “I will give you to Tong’er from now on. You will protect her for me. If Tong’er dies, you will die too!”

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