Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me Chapter 723 – Jiang Haoting Makes His Move

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Chapter 723: Jiang Haoting Makes His Move

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Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

It was impossible for Yan Kuan to not know Jiang Haoting’s physical condition

from his deployment to China. However, when he heard Huang Yueyan

suddenly say that something was wrong with Jiang Haoting’s body, Yan Kuan

was the one who was the most surprised. If there was really something wrong.

He should be the first to know.

Huang Yueyan looked at the two people who were so surprised and clapped her

hands calmly.

“As you know, I met that person this morming. During our half-hour

conversation, his hand moved unnaturally five times while holding the teacup.

His eyelids also twitched more than three times.”

This news was really surprising. If that was the case, then it was very likely

that jiang Haoting’s situation was not optimistic.

The most important thing was that if that was the case, Jiang Haoting’s

urgency would not be able to wait any longer. The key now was to get accurate


Yan Kuan immediately took out his phone and issued an order. He would get

the news as soon as the evening came.

Tiang Haoting must know about his physical condition. No wonder Jang

Haoting rarely shows up on the news recently. It seems that Han Jia’s news

came in time. T’m afraid that Jiang Haoting is more anxious than us right now.

Shen Xiaoxiao was right. At this moment, Jiang Haoting was indeed anxious.

He was only 55 years old today and was the country’s leader. In China, he was

considered the youngest. As long as there were no problems, he could still be

the next leader six years later. In the end, when he retired, he could even

support a successor that he was satisfied with. This successor must be

inextricably linked to the Jiang family. Of course, the candidate had already

been chosen. However, these conditions had to be under the condition that

there were no problems with his body.

However, now, after Jiang Haoting learned that he had this common geriatric

disease, he was extremely afraid. Once this news was known to the outside

world, not to mention the election in six years, even now, it could be ignored

He could not afford to gamble, so Han Jia’s news came so timely.

In total, there were no more than three people in the world who knew that he

was sick. His wife, attending physician, and personal guard.

He didn’t expect that Huang Yueyan could observe him so carefully during a

meeting even though they were so far away from each other. According to

normal people, they would all be nervous if they could meet with the leaders of

the country. Many people didn’t even dare to look at him, let alone observe

him so carefully.

This was all thanks to Huang Yueyan growing up in the Ouyang family. The

Ouyang family was once a local emperor in China. Even when facing Ouyang

Tian, Huang Yueyan could make a few jokes, let alone Jiang Haoting.

Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to be discovered by Huang Yueyan.

However, even though Yan Kuan looked at Huang Yueyan with a bad

expression, disturbing the warm life of their family of four..Did this woman

have a sense of judgment?

Why did Huang Yueyan not have eyes? If it was a normal day, she would

definitely let you look bad and let her be comfortable. However, when she

thought about the possibility of a good show appearing tomorrow, Huang

Yueyan was a little excited.

Yan Kuan was so smart. If he found out, it would not be fun anymore.

Therefore, Huang Yueyan still felt that she should temporarily hold back her

anger. She gave Shen Xiaoxiao a look again and Shen Xiaoxiao understood. In

the end, the family of four watched as Huang Yueyan left the cake shop with

big and small bags.

Although Yan Kuan was curious about how easy it was to get rid of Huang

Yueyan today, he didn’t pay attention to the situation of other women because

he had too many things on his mind.

f he had the time, he might as well take care of his wife and children. Other

women and things like that were not a problem at all.

Recently, 19 had been very busy with Moxing’s official induction of the Shen

family, and Dark 1 had also been given a rare break by Yan Kuan to accompany

Therefore, not only Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao, even Dark1 and 19 had a

short reunion and private s.p.a.ce.

The two children kept talking about pocket money on the way. Yan Kuan did

not mind the embarra.s.sment of being seen by the children when there was

only a family of four. On the contrary, he felt that it was very good. Only then

would they be like a family.

Then, he really took out all the cards in his bag. Instead, he only took out a

small bank card attached to Shen Xiaoxiao. In other words, Shen Xiaoxiao

would know what kind of money he was going to use in the future. He would

definitely let Shen Xiaoxiao control the financial power.

This made Shen Xiaoxiao even more helpless.

She was supposed to bring the kids to the banquet tomorrow, but the news had

just been sent over. It was confirmed that Jiang Haoting was indeed suffering

from geriatric disease. Then, it was very likely that jiang Haoting would take

action again at the banquet tomorrow.

Therefore, the best way was to have the children stay at home and follow them

closely. They also had hundreds of secret guards protecting him. They didn’t

believe that anyone would make a move on the children under such tight


On the other hand, their banquet tomorrow night might be more important.

According to their a.n.a.lysis of Jiang Haoting, the current Jiang Haoting couldn’t

wait to obtain the elixir of immortality. The most important thing to do was to

get the key. As for finding the old woman, although they couldn’t give up.. It

was still not as good as getting the key.

But the key was held by shen Xiaoxiao, so the key person was shen Xiaoxiao.

As for threatening Shen Xiaoxiao with the children, it was a good idea, but it

was also very easy to annoy Shen Xiaoxiao. Shen Xiaoxiao’s temper was that

she would rather die than be destroyed. Even if she died with you. She would

never let her children get hurt.

Therefore, Jiang Haoting was not a fool. Shen Xiaoxiao was his main target.

For example, a marriage alliance.

Of course, if all of this did not succeed, Jiang Haoting would still attack Shen

Xiaoxiao’s children. That was something he had no choice but to do.

After the children fell asleep, there were no more restrictions and no more

interruptions. Yan Kuan began to enjoy the benefits he wanted the most these

days. After the small appetizer at noon yesterday, he thought that he would be

able to enjoy a big meal in the evening. However, the excitement of the hunt in

the afternoon continued until this morning.

Moreover, the children claimed that they had never slept with their parents

before. Even if Yan Kuan wanted to refuse, he couldn’t say it out loud. However,

they also agreed that it would only be this once.

Therefore, the family of four squeezed onto the big bed last night. Although

Yan Kuan didn’t receive his benefits, the feeling of the family of four sleeping

together made him a little excited and full of satisfaction.

Tonight, he watched the person who walked into the bathroom to take a bath.

He locked the door to prevent the two little ghosts from running over in the

middle of the night and sneaking into the bathroom.

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