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Chapter 1215A – Prize

After composing his state of mind, Qin Yu pulled open the courtyard doors and smiled, saying, “Brother Xu has come! If my welcome was lacking, I ask for your forgiveness.”

The first one to rush over was definitely not patient. Xu s.h.i.+ was the son of a Half-Saint and had lived for countless years, but it was difficult for him to change his impulsive instincts. As Xu s.h.i.+ heard this, he squeezed out a smile and said, “Junior-apprentice brother Qin, the reason I came to visit today is because I heard some rumors that are simply…laughable to the extreme, and yet they also involve you as well as Miss Peachy’s reputation. So, I would like to ask you to clarify them so that we can prevent these rumors from spreading further and harming the reputation of the peach garden.”

Qin Yu certainly knew what he meant. He cursed Dragini in his heart once more. Then he deliberately pretended he didn’t know anything and asked, “What rumors? I have been in closed door seclusion so I am not too sure about what is happening outside.”

Xu s.h.i.+ stared at Qin Yu and said, “Haha…it’s actually not anything important. Anyone with a discerning eye would know that such preposterous rumors are made up…cough cough…well, It is about a matter between you and Miss Peachy. The rumors said that the two of you unexpectedly obtained the approval of the Spring Master. This is just ridiculous! What kind of status does the Spring Master have? How could he deign to make a statement on a matter between juniors? He has always doted on Miss Peachy, so he would certainly respect her opinion in choosing a son-in-law, and would never directly interfere. Junior-apprentice brother Qin, don’t you think these rumors are just hilarious?”

Qin Yu lightly coughed. “This matter…” He welcomed Xu s.h.i.+’s eyes and his heart suddenly began to race. He understood that if he said what he was about to say, he would become a s.h.i.+eld!

Right now, Xu s.h.i.+ was reluctantly keeping a smile plastered on his face. But in the next moment, he might leap forward and try to swallow him whole.

“The truth is that this is a misunderstanding. The Spring Master…” Just as Qin Yu spoke up, Dragini came out from the shadows and immediately interrupted him. She said, “Yes, there is a misunderstanding. The Spring Master hasn’t officially announced anything, so what can we say as juniors?”

She side-eyed Qin Yu and said, “I’ve already told you not to give any further explanation, otherwise things will get more and more muddled. After a few days of talking about this, everyone will lose interest.”

Qin Yu nearly vomited blood on her. What kind of bulls.h.i.+t was this? With just these words, I am suddenly accepting everything!?

Not good, this definitely isn’t good!

But before Qin Yu could say anything, the impatient Xu s.h.i.+ who heard this blew up like a firecracker.

What else was there to say? The Dragon Saint’s daughter had been clear in what she said. The rumors were true, and he, a solemn son of a Half-Saint, had been played around with!

“Qin Yu, you villain!”

With a loud roar, he punched at Qin Yu’s head.

Without Qin Yu needing to dodge or avoid, Xu s.h.i.+ was grabbed by the two guards behind him.

“Young master, you cannot hit this person!”

Xu s.h.i.+ had gone ballistic with anger, “Let me go, let me go!”

“What are you all standing there for? Hurry and take the young master away!”

“Go go go!”

Lifting him up and tightly holding his arms and legs, the two Xu Family guards scurried away, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Xu s.h.i.+’s furious roars could be heard echoing from the distance. “Qin Yu, watch your back…you villain…I’ll never forget this!”

Hey, the situation isn’t like this! What are you running away so fast for? Stop and listen to me!

Qin Yu pointed a finger at Dragini, his field of vision flas.h.i.+ng black.

“Don’t be excited, don’t be excited.” Dragini smiled. “Not even the son of a Half-Saint dares to touch you. Tsk tsk, this new status, this new deterrent power, don’t you feel as if a whole new world has opened up for you?”

Qin Yu resisted the urge to curse out loud. This was the East Sea after all, and if the Dragon Saint heard him, he would be in trouble.

He suppressed his voice and roared, “Do you want me to die!?”

This woman had definitely done this on purpose, interfering so that Qin Yu couldn’t give an explanation. Since he couldn’t explain now, no one would believe him in the future. He had already been tossed into the pit.

If he wasn’t careful, there was a chance he could be buried alive and die a miserable death!

Dragini put on an expression of mocking fear. Then she raised an eyebrow at Qin Yu, as if taunting him. Yes, I did this, but what can you do?

Qin Yu wished he could pick Dragini up and blast her to pieces. But if he did this he would definitely die. Moreover, he didn’t have the time to waste on her. Once Xu s.h.i.+ returned, news of this would quickly spread out.

Those elite juniors that had been close and friendly to him before would hate him! In other words, without doing anything, Qin Yu had made enemies from all throughout the world, and every single one of them was incredibly strong.

And this wasn’t the key. The key lay in the Spring Master’s manner.

Although the Spring Master was different from how Qin Yu imagined, this was a matter that involved Peachy and he couldn’t underestimate anything. If he made the slightest mistake, a hand would appear from nowhere and grind him to mush.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and turned around. With a bang, the courtyard doors slammed shut.

Dragini’s eyes lit up. She seemed to have guessed what Qin Yu planned to do next, and she laughed out loud.

Qin Yu, oh Qin Yu, do you dare to confess everything to Peachy? That is no different from seeking death!

She understood Peachy’s personality well. Since Qin Yu had created such a disturbance, he was bound to have a miserable fate.

This would sever any idea Qin Yu had about hitting on Peachy in the future.

Hum hum, other b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were far away from Peachy, but Qin Yu was in the peach garden. A person had to grasp the crux of the situation when handling matters. Without eliminating him first, how could Dragini feel at ease?

As for Qin Yu, he would definitely drag Dragini into his confession. She had already prepared for this. At the right time she would rush in and cry pitifully, saying that she had done all of this in order to help Peachy beat away those loathsome flies.

Hum hum, even that serious incident from back then had been reduced to something almost forgotten. Today would be even less of a problem.

Of course, only when Qin Yu suffered enough hards.h.i.+p would she shove open the doors and watch the fun. She would only feel comfortable after he received a full lecture!

He should have already appeared in front of Peachy’s door. Thinking of this, Dragini’s eyes grew increasingly bright as they flashed with light.

After provoking countless juniors and gaining endless enemies, he would then be angrily scolded by Peachy and gain the dissatisfaction of the Spring Master…Qin Yu, oh Qin Yu, you are too naïve.

From here on out, whether it is in the peach garden or outside, there will be no place for you to find a foothold. You dare to fight with me? This is your fate!

Hu –

Letting out a door, Qin Yu knocked on the door.

Dragini’s guess had been correct. The reason he hurried back was to confess what happened to Peachy and then try to obtain her forgiveness.

With this, even if the Spring Master was furious, the situation wouldn’t be as dire.

That crazy woman Dragini must have already thought about this long ago. There was no way she had peaceful intentions at the start. This time he had been fooled by her.

As Qin Yu clenched his teeth, the door opened from inside. Peachy looked at him with indifference and said, “What is it?”

“Senior-apprentice sister Peachy, I was misled by Dragini and unintentionally did something offensive. I ask for senior-apprentice sister to forgive me.” As Qin Yu was about to explain what happened, he was interrupted by a wave of Peachy’s hand.

“I know.”

These two words caused all of Qin Yu’s prepared words to come to a grinding halt in his throat.

I know…what did that mean?

Could it be…

Qin Yu’s eyes widened.

Peachy said, “Is there anything else?”


Bang –

The door closed. Because he was too shocked, the door almost smacked Qin Yu in the nose. He staggered backwards, taking several steps before he was able to steady himself.

But when he came to a stop, his mind still buzzed.

What did Peachy mean by that?

She knew…did she know what just happened? Or did she know about everything from the start, from the moment Dragini came looking for him?

Since when was Peachy’s cultivation so high? Or was it because of the so-called dao quintessence that Dragini said existed in her?

All sorts of random thoughts raced through Qin Yu’s mind. He spent a great deal of effort before he managed to press them down.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his eyebrows. Then he began to sort out his thoughts. Soon, he came to a conclusion – Peachy wasn’t angry!

Regardless of when she learned about it, that wasn’t the key point. The key point was Peachy’s att.i.tude. It seemed that she…tacitly approved?

Sure enough, for a long time already Peachy had been sick of all those random fellows that rushed over like bees from a beehive, spreading out their feathers like peac.o.c.ks and demonstrating all sorts of self-aggrandizing displays of affection, and everything Qin Yu did was in line with what she wanted.

As Qin Yu thought of this, he relaxed. Since Peachy didn’t lose her temper, then the Spring Master likely wouldn’t investigate this.

After all, this was just a temporary measure and there was nothing substantial behind it. If the Spring Master were to fly into a rage because of this, it would only attract more attention.

This was good. This was definitely good. Even though senior-apprentice sister Peachy was cold and indifferent, she was still a reasonable person!

As for the juniors he offended, even if they were troublesome, it wasn’t much at all.

When Qin Yu agreed to cooperate with Dragini, he already completed preparations for dealing with the anger of these people.

As long as he was still a disciple of the peach garden, who cared if these people were mad at him? Would they actually dare to attack him!?

Taking a step back, even if these people did dare, was he supposed to be scared? Hehe, at that time, it was unknown who would be left crying!

Looking at the closed door, Qin Yu cupped his hands together before leaving.

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