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Chapter 1215B – Prize

Behind the door, as Peachy listened to the sound of his fading footsteps, she placed a hand on her chest.

Thump –

Thump –

Her heart was beating fast. An unfamiliar emotion shook her being.

Why was she like this?

This wasn’t just because of her racing heart and her emotional shock. It was also because she didn’t grow angry at what Qin Yu did.

She understood her personality the best. She had never been someone who got along with others easily. She had a faint temperament and was never close to people. She maintained a cold and indifferent att.i.tude towards all things in the world.

She had known many of the disciples at the peach garden for a long time, and yet none of them had ever dared to do anything out of the ordinary to her.

Was what Qin Yu did considered out of the ordinary?

Of course it was!

It was so out of the ordinary that it stepped over all reasonable limits!

This was what Peachy didn’t understand. Was it the entanglement of destiny that her father spoke of?

She looked at the divine mesmerizing wine on the table and couldn’t help but think about when she could find a chance to make Qin Yu drink it.

After determining that Peachy wasn’t angry and even tacitly agreed to this, Qin Yu suddenly felt much better, as if his day had brightened. He no longer cared about arguing with Dragini.

To try and seek justice from this woman in the East Sea was far too difficult. But that didn’t matter. They all came from Holy Lands, so there would be many more opportunities in the future to settle this score.

In short, he couldn’t swallow this insult and let things end here…Dragini, just you wait and see!

After returning to his room, Qin Yu had no idea that Dragini had stretched out her neck and was waiting with a sneer outside.

But after waiting and waiting, the courtyard remained silent with no sound coming out.

Could that boy Qin Yu have chickened out? He didn’t go and see Peachy at all? No, his eyes at the time showed his resolve, and this was the best opportunity for him to confess things to Peachy.

She couldn’t figure it out!

After waiting for a while longer, Dragini finally exhausted all her patience and pushed open the courtyard doors, walking in.

The courtyard had spells defending it, but they were useless against Dragini. She knew where Peachy’s room was. After scanning around and not discovering any trace of Qin Yu, she walked over and knocked on the door.

Creak –

The door opened. Peachy furrowed her eyebrows, “What do you want?”

This expression, it didn’t seem right.

Dragini’s heart shook. Her smile brightened and she said, “Big Sister Peachy, I haven’t seen you for several days, so is it a crime if I miss you?”

Peachy said without expression, “So you made up rumors about me?”

Dragini’s smile stiffened. What was this? Qin Yu had already spoken to her? That was impossible, she hadn’t heard anything at all just now!

Did this mean that sinister and despicable boy had already confessed the situation to Peachy? But that wasn’t right. With Peachy’s personality, once she learned about it she would definitely not let them act unreasonably and would try to stifle their plan. It was impossible for her to do nothing.

Dragini was left confused.

Peachy looked at her, “The matter ends here.” She paused and then continued to say, “Stop trying to target Qin Yu.”

Bang –

The door closed shut.

Dragini’s eyes flew open. As she looked at the closed door, she felt her heart ache and a sound spread out.

This was the sound of heartbreak!

Peachy knew everything yet she didn’t say anything at all. Whether she learned of it a long time ago or just now, in Dragini’s eyes it was all the same.

She didn’t lose her temper. Or in other words, she had tacitly agreed to this.

No, Peachy wasn’t like this. She had never been like this.

So why…why…

Peachy never wanted to get entangled in troublesome matters, yet she had taken the initiative to warn Dragini not to target Qin Yu anymore!

Qin Yu…it was Qin Yu!

Dragini clenched her jaws, her teeth grinding together and almost breaking to pieces.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! That deceitful sc.u.mbag b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Where can I not compare to that useless little gigolo? Impossible, this was impossible!

Peachy actually liked him!

Dragini turned and stomped away. She rushed over to Qin Yu’s door and wanted to kick it in, but in the end she held back.

Calm. She had to be calm. She could not alert the enemy ahead of time.

She swallowed her frustration and walked away with extreme speed. She feared that if she was any slower, she would change her mind and tear Qin Yu to pieces.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I came here to watch a play, and now things got real! With this old lady here, you can forget taking Peachy away from me! I can ignore everyone else, but you, Qin Yu, you must be eliminated!

The red-eyed Dragini had a dismal atmosphere surrounding her as she returned to her palace to silently recuperate. At the same time, she began to prepare a sure-kill strike for Qin Yu.

This time, it didn’t matter what price she had to pay!

Qin Yu originally believed that after Xu s.h.i.+ left, other people would come to cause trouble.

After all, looking at things from their point of view, what he didn’t wasn’t authentic or right.

But facts proved that after Xu s.h.i.+ left, no one came again. The courtyard that had received guests all day long had suddenly become quiet and peaceful.

Who said that those second generation juniors were brainless idiots? As far as Qin Yu could tell, they were all elite cultivators.

Of course, this didn’t rule out that after they confirmed Qin Yu’s status as the ‘peach garden’s son-in-law’, they were just swallowing their anger.

After all, Qin Yu’s status wasn’t one that was easy to mess with!

With no position and no opportunity, would they just try and fight him? It was understandable that the Spring Master would be angered because of that.

But no matter what, he had offended people, and many people at that. Things seemed fine for now, but he wouldn’t have many peaceful days in the future.

The quiet days came to an end four days later.

The East Sea’s Lord Dragon Saint finally woke up from his sleep. The postponed longevity feast was about to begin.

That’s right. The reason that such a large group of people who had rushed over countless miles from all over the vast brightness world to come here had just been waiting all day was because the Dragon Saint had fallen asleep.

No one suggested waking him up. Let alone sleeping for several days, what could they do if he slept for three to five months? If they could wait they would wait. If they couldn’t wait they would figure out a way to wait!

This was a True Saint who had reached the other sh.o.r.e.

After Qin Yu received the notice, he knocked on Peachy’s door. But this time she didn’t immediately come out. After waiting for a long time and receiving no response, he frowned. A foreboding feeling started to rise in his heart. As he prepared himself to forcibly break in, Peachy opened the door.

“What is it?”

Without replying, Qin Yu first looked at her. Her breathing and aura were normal, but for some unknown reason, he felt that there was a change from before.

Exactly what it was, he couldn’t say. He could only suppress it for the time being and not mention it.

He bowed and said, “Senior-apprentice sister Peachy, the Dragon Palace has sent a message saying that the longevity feast will begin today.”

Peachy nodded, “Let’s go.”

He looked over her simple and plain clothes and had a heart to remind her to change. After all, today was the longevity feast of the Dragon Saint. But after thinking about it, from the first time he saw her, Peachy had been wearing this pale pink dress. So, he decided not to say anything.

The Dragon Saint had woken up today, and after waking up he decided to hold the longevity feast. It was definitely hastily done, but the Dragon Palace’s arrangements were smoothly prepared and there wasn’t a single error.

After leaving the courtyard, Peachy and Qin Yu were invited into a carriage. The beasts pulling the carriage were giant seahorses. They were tall and covered with scales that s.h.i.+ned like armor. When one looked at them, their eyes glowed with intelligence.

When Peachy boarded, without her needing to say anything, the four giant seahorses kneeled down, allowing her to board more easily.

When it was Qin Yu’s turn, there was no such treatment. In fact, the four seahorses snorted at him in warning.

This kind of discrimination was too brazen!

For better or worse, he was the Ninth Mister of the peach garden. Could they really take things this far? He began to suspect that this was related to Dragini!

Humph, that woman, she liked to play such small tricks!

With disdain in his heart, he took a seat beside Peachy. Soon he no longer bothered with the four seahorses in front of him. This was because the carriage itself wasn’t completely closed and he could see outside, and those outside were able to see him.

With sounds of greeting, eyes fell on Qin Yu. Although these people laughed joyously, their eyes were filled with dark malice.

They were like a pack of eager beasts with sharp bloodstained fangs, ready to rush out and hunt him!

This wasn’t right. Something definitely wasn’t right. Something must have happened that he wasn’t aware of.

As Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows, Dragini’s carriage approached. She first smiled and greeted Peachy, before turning her eyes to him.

“Junior-apprentice brother Qin, this is my father’s longevity feast. In order to express how much we value the honored guests that have come to join us today, I asked my father to take out a treasure as a prize. Later, you must do your best to succeed. After all, this is the first time that the peach garden’s Ninth Mister has made a public appearance, so you can’t shame yourself!”

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