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Chapter 537: Don’t Be So Cruel to Me

Was she not planning to go if there were only the two of them?

Yan Nuo wanted to say yes, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw Ji Yinbing’s eyes. Those brown eyes were filled with alienation and calmness. Yan Nuo clearly realized that if he dared to nod, Ji Yinbing would find an excuse to reject him.

She was already sensible enough to know that Vera didn’t like her. She knew how to avoid suspicion.

Such an obedient and sensible Ji Yinbing made Yan Nuo’s chest tighten.

Yan Nuo’s words changed. “There are others.”

Ji Yinbing nodded.


Three hours later, the two of them appeared at the airport in Mumbai.

It was Ji Yinbing’s first time on a plane, and she didn’t know how to do security checks. She followed closely behind Yan Nuo the entire time. She looked very similar to when she first arrived at the Yan family when she was young.

Yan Nuo stared at the little tail behind him and his restless heart started to calm down again.

When they got on the plane, Ji Yinbing did not see any of his friends, so she braced herself and asked Yan Nuo, “Master, where are the others you mentioned?”

Yan Nuo said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “It’s Suzanne from Sweden. She’s a friend of mine. We agreed to meet in Binjiang City.”

Yes, their destination for this flight was Binjiang City.

Ji Yinbing did not know what they were going to Binjiang City for, but wherever Yan Nuo asked her to go, even if it was a mountain of knives or a sea of flames, she would not refuse.

Seeing that Yan Nuo was about to rest, Ji Yinbing stopped disturbing him.

The plane arrived at Binjiang City. The moment the plane landed, Ji Yinbing, who was wearing a short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt, s.h.i.+vered from the cold.

“It’s so cold!”

Ji Yinbing, who was overseas for the first time, was frozen into a popsicle.

Mumbai was hot all year round.

As for Binjiang City, the coldest time during winter could be as low as -2 degrees Celsius, and the warmest time was only 7-8 degrees Celsius. In the late winter, the average temperature of the day was about three degrees Celsius. Ji Yinbing wore short sleeves, so it would be strange if she wasn’t cold.

Yan Nuo was already prepared. When he got off the plane, he put on a down jacket.

Seeing that Ji Yinbing was so cold that her teeth were chattering, and the people around her were looking at her as if they were looking at someone invincible. Yan Nuo stood behind her and looked at her trembling body. He had ten thousand urges to walk up and lock Ji Yinbing in his wide down jacket.

But he couldn’t do that.

He could not break all the peace.

He squatted down and opened the zipper of the box. He took out a long down jacket and threw it to Ji Yinbing.

“Put it on.”

Ji Yinbing took the down jacket with trembling hands.

She thanked Yan Nuo before putting it on.

After putting on the down jacket, Ji Yinbing realized that the size of the jacket suited her very well. She could not help but think to herself. “Did Master specially buy this for her?”

Yan Nuo didn’t explain and brought her out of the airport.

They took a taxi to the hotel. Along the way, Ji Yinbing turned her head to look out of the car window. Even though it was cold, she still rolled down the car window. She looked at the scenery outside the window with a shocked expression. She was a little nervous, probably because of homesickness.

Her gaze swept across the tall buildings and the well-dressed children. She saw a group of boys and girls in their teens strolling along the streets, chatting and laughing. She did not know what the boy said to anger the girl, but the girl raised her leg and kicked the boy’s calf.

Not only was the boy not angry, he even leaned his head towards the girl with a mischievous smile.

This was a scene that could be seen everywhere on the streets of Binjiang City.

However, in India, this was an unimaginable scene.

Ji Yinbing grabbed the red rope around her wrist and said softly, “You lied to me.”

Yan Nuo heard her voice.

“Yes?” He was confused.

“What did I lie to you about?”

Ji Yinbing lowered her head and looked at the red string. She said, “This country is clearly heaven.” Her eyes were a little red. She yearned to live like the girls in this country. She could play with the boys she liked and do what she wanted.

Yan Nuo felt terrible.

He was on the top of India’s pyramid. His days were very blissful. He knew how difficult the lives of the poor and lowly people in India were, but he had never personally experienced it. Without experiencing it, he could not feel it himself. Naturally, after seeing the scene of the men and women fighting on the streets of Binjiang City, his emotions did not change.

However, Ji Yinbing was different. The family and environment she was in constantly told her that girls had to respect boys, girls could not touch boys and girls were born to serve men.

Yan Nuo couldn’t help but touch Ji Yinbing’s hair.

Ji Yinbing was a little stunned. She quickly said, “Master, quickly remove your hand.”

Yan Nuo remained motionless.

Ji Yinbing looked at him in a daze and suddenly said, “Master, you’re torturing me like this.” He was the high and mighty master. He was always like this. When he wanted to give her warmth, he would give her warmth. When he wanted to stay away from her, he would stay away from her.

He was… too cruel.

If he couldn’t give her what she wanted, then he shouldn’t give her hope. Ji Yinbing looked up at Yan Nuo’s cold side profile and said to him sadly, “Master, don’t be so cruel to me.”

Yan Nuo was shocked.

His pupils were constricted.

He thought that Ji Yinbing did not understand those things.

It turned out that she had already sensed the change in his mental state over the past year.

Yan Nuo was ashamed.

He retracted his hand. There seemed to be Ji Yinbing’s warmth on his fingers.

Yan Nuo rubbed his fingers and waited for the warmth to turn cold before saying, “Okay.”

Hearing this, Ji Yinbing lowered her eyes.

No one could guess what she was thinking.

When the car arrived at the hotel, Yan Nuo brought Ji Yinbing to a room. He had booked a suite, the kind with two beds. One was a big bed inside and the other was a small bed outside. Ji Yinbing was quite dissatisfied with such a room. She said, “Can’t we change rooms?”

Yan Nuo said, “There are many people here. The rooms are booked.”


Ji Yinbing had never doubted Yan Nuo’s words.

When Yan Nuo went to take a shower, his phone rang.

Ji Yinbing walked in and saw that the caller was Vera.

She didn’t touch the phone. When Yan Nuo came out, she said, “Miss Vera called just now.”

When Yan Nuo, who was drying his hair, heard this, he suddenly tilted his head to look at Ji Yinbing. Seeing that Ji Yinbing’s expression was natural and he was lowering his head to tidy up his things, he suddenly laughed at himself. What was he looking forward to?

Yan Nuo closed the door to make a call.

A moment later, the door opened and Yan Nuo walked out. He said to Ji Yinbing, “Suzanne called.”

“She’s here?” Ji Yinbing stood up and asked.

Yan Nuo shook his head but said, “She had something on at the last minute and couldn’t come.”

Ji Yinbing never doubted Yan Nuo’s words..

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