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Chapter 538: You’re Lying

She felt sorry for Suzanne.

Yan Nuo turned around and held his phone. His eyes shone with a strange light.

That night, Ji Yinbing ate her first Chinese meal of her life.

Yan Nuo didn’t know much about Chinese food. He ordered all the signature dishes in the restaurant. The table in the restaurant wasn’t that big, so the shopkeeper had to put together a table to serve them. Seeing that Ji Yinbing was still standing, Yan Nuo said to her, “Sit down. This isn’t India. We can sit at the same table.”

Yin Bing believed this firmly.

She sat down.

When they were waiting for the dishes, Yan Nuo kept sizing Ji Yinbing up. He realized that this was the first time they had eaten together after knowing each other for so many years.

Ji Yinbing was very curious about this country.

There were ink paintings hanging on the wall of the dining room. They were lotus flowers and chrysanthemums. Everything Ji Yinbing saw was fresh. She had been looking around in the room, but she politely did not touch anything. She waited for the dishes to come up and stared at them again.

“My mother used to tell me that Chinese food is especially delicious.”

Yan Nuo nodded. “Yes, it’s delicious.”

All the dishes were served. Ji Yinbing waited for Yan Nuo to start eating before moving her chopsticks. Her eyes widened slightly with every bite. She swore that this was the best meal she had ever eaten in her life. She suddenly said, “If only I could marry a Chinese man.”

Yan Nuo suddenly felt that the Chinese perch in his mouth was a little sour.

He calmly picked up his gla.s.s and took a sip.

“Why do you think so?” he asked casually.

Ji Yinbing was a little embarra.s.sed. She lowered her head and said, “China is good. The food is delicious, the security is good, and the economy is developing well. If I find a Chinese man, I can eat Chinese food every day.” Just thinking about it made Ji Yinbing so happy that she wanted to bubble with joy.

For some reason, Yan Nuo said, “I know how to make Chinese food.”

“Is that so!”

Ji Yinbing was shocked. She pointed at a red pork ribs in front of her and asked Yan Nuo, “Master, what dish is this?”

Yan Nuo stared at the plate of food. The red bones were decorated with green broccoli. He looked at it for a while and said, “This dish is called red pork ribs and broccoli.”

Ji Yinbing took a look and said, “You’re lying. This dish is clearly called sweet and sour pork.”

Yan Nuo was speechless.

“How did you know?”

Ji Yinbing said, “I’ve read about Chinese delicacies. The book says that sweet and sour pork ribs are a famous home-cooked dish in China. It’s very delicious.” Ji Yinbing picked up a piece of pork rib and took a bite. It was sour, sweet, and especially delicious.

When she looked at Yan Nuo again, her gaze seemed a little… disdainful.

Of course, she could only secretly despise him.

The second leader who lost to sweet and sour pork ribs was speechless.

After dinner, they strolled around the lively streets for a while. It was the 26th and Christmas had just ended. The Christmas trees in the shop and the festive decorations on the street had not been removed. Ji Yinbing knew about Christmas, but she did not know that China also celebrated Christmas.

“My mother said that the biggest festival in China is the New Year. If Christmas is so lively, won’t the New Year be even more lively?”

Yan Nuo had not spent the New Year in China, so he was not sure.

“Next time, you can come and take a look.”

Ji Yinbing did not reply.

Who knew if there would be a next time?

In the end, Yan Nuo brought Ji Yinbing to buy some clothes.

There were many styles of clothes in the mall. The clothes here were completely different from the clothes in the mall in India. The women in India wore more saris. Even if there were some fas.h.i.+onable socialites who were dressed fas.h.i.+onably, that was still a minority. Most shops sold local clothes.

However, the mall here sold different types of clothes. There were cheongsams, modern dresses, and occasionally, a shop selling Chinese clothes.

Ji Yinbing had rarely worn sandals in recent years. She could no longer wear the two sets of clothes that were made for her when she first entered the Yan family. After that, she had always worn clothes that Yan Yu did not want. All these years, she had never bought new clothes herself.

Yan Nuo brought her into a women’s clothing shop.

He asked the salesperson to pick some clothes for Ji Yinbing.

She was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl dressed in youthful and fas.h.i.+onable clothes that were not mature. The shop a.s.sistant sized up Ji Yinbing and picked out a pair of white tight pants, a white velvet sweater, and a pink woolen coat for her.

Ji Yinbing had never worn pink clothes before. She hugged the clothes and was a little hesitant.

Yan Nuo only said two words. “Go change.”

Hence, Ji Yinbing carried her clothes into the changing room.

A few minutes later, Ji Yinbing walked out of the changing room.

Yan Nuo had been standing at the door the entire time. When he saw the brand new Ji Yinbing, he was a little stunned. He didn’t praise Ji Yinbing for her beauty. Yan Nuo said to the shop a.s.sistant, “Follow this size and come up with a few more sets.”

The sales a.s.sistant immediately did as she was told.

Ji Yinbing was about to take off her clothes when Yan Nuo stopped her. “Just wear this.”

They left the clothing shop with large and small bags. Yan Nuo brought Ji Yinbing to buy a few pairs of shoes, sports shoes, flat boots, and snow boots. When they returned to the hotel in the car, Ji Yinbing was still thinking about the price of these clothes. Just the coat on her body, when converted into rupees, was enough for an ordinary family to live for a month.

She felt that her clothes were a little heavy. What made her feel even heavier was everything Yan Nuo had done for her.

She thought that she had to work harder and be successful in the future to repay Yan Nuo.

Suzanne did not come. Ji Yinbing thought that they would return to China the next day. In the end, Yan Nuo said that their destination was not Binjiang City at all. Binjiang City was just a transit place. Their final destination was Lengji Village in Inner Mongolia River City.

That’s right, they were going to a village!

He and Ji Yinbing took an off-road vehicle to get to Lengji Village. The ground here was covered in a layer of ice, and their wheels were covered in iron chains. They still slipped a few times. Fortunately, they arrived at Lengji Village safely in the end.

Lengji Village was really cold.

The moment Ji Yinbing got out of the car, she s.h.i.+vered. Yan Nuo got out of the car behind her. He took out his cigarette and subconsciously took out a lighter to light it. Only then did he realize that the liquid in the lighter had frozen.

Yan Nuo was speechless.

Ji Yinbing felt that this place was extremely beautiful.

This was the first time she saw snow. Ji Yinbing had only seen it in books before. Only when she saw it with her own eyes did she realize that books and cameras could not explain the true beauty of snow. They first went to the hotel, and this time, Yan Nuo booked two single rooms.

Their rooms were next to each other. Ji Yinbing changed into warmer clothes and went to eat with Yan Nuo at the local farmhouse before setting off to admire the river and wetlands. On the way, the private tour guide kept introducing them to the area in English.

Through the introduction, Ji Yinbing learned that the wetlands here would not freeze even in bad weather at -58 degrees Celsius..

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