Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 540 – Let Him Wipe My Foot and Warm My Bed

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Chapter 540: Let Him Wipe My Foot and Warm My Bed

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“Do you know Snow?”

Ji Yinbing knew Snow, the man who had been chased away by his family several years ago because he had married a lowly girl.

Vera said, “You probably don’t know. After Snow eloped with that girl, he abandoned the commoner and child not long after because he couldn’t stand being poor and looked down on. He had already returned to his family a few days ago. Bing, no high-cla.s.s boy would really like a commoner! Even if he did, it would only be temporary.”

Ji Yinbing listened quietly, feeling desolate.

However, she was not defeated by Vera’s words.

A faint smile appeared on Ji Yinbing’s usually cold face.

The smile on Ji Yinbing’s face made her look confident.

She said to Vera, “You came specially to find me today and specially told me these things. You deliberately stepped on my clothes to slander me. Why?”

Seeing Vera’s eyes flash and her expression sink, Ji Yinbing’s smile became even more dazzling.

That smile made her look exceptionally charming.

“Isn’t it because you’re afraid of me? You’re afraid that Master will fall in love with me, you’re afraid that you’ll lose to a lowly commoner like me. Why are you afraid?” Ji Yinbing said bluntly. “Because you know better than anyone that in Master’s heart, I’m more important than you!”

She was clearly a girl with a charming smile and cold facial features, but the words that came out of her mouth were sharp and hurtful.

Ji Yinbing was completely faking it. She actually knew very well that her master had no love for her.

However, she understood Vera’s thoughts.

She knew that her words would definitely hit what Vera cared about.

In fact, she was right. Vera was right.

Vera smiled cruelly. Her smile was no longer elegant and arrogant, but was instead filled with anger, making her face look ferocious. “Lowly peasant! Have you forgotten your status? What right do you have to speak to me like this?!”

Vera pretended to hit her.

Ji Yinbing easily dodged.

Vera’s slap did not even touch Ji Yinbing’s hair.

“I didn’t let you hit me because I’m untouchable.” Ji Yinbing walked behind Vera and said softly, “It’s because I despise you. If you touch me, I’ll feel dirty!”

Vera’s expression changed.

This lowly commoner was completely different from the submissive girl she knew.

She had always been obedient in front of Yan Nuo.

When had she ever been so sharp-tongued?

Could this be the true face of this lowly person?

Vera turned around and looked at Ji Yinbing with a probing gaze. Ji Yinbing let her size her up. She looked at the pile of clothes on the ground with anger in her eyes. Her master had bought them for her…

Taking a deep breath, Ji Yinbing said, “Miss Vera, you’re mistaken about something.”

Vera looked at her cautiously and said nothing.

She heard Ji Yinbing say in a cold and steady voice, “Someone destined to only wipe Master’s feet is indeed not qualified to have the dream of warming his bed.”

She turned to look at Vera.

Ji Yinbing, who was only 16 years old, was actually as tallas Vera.

The little girl that she had once looked down on had already gained the ability to fight back.

Ji Yinbing’s face was filled with pride that did not match her status and age. She said, “However, no one has stipulated that I, Ji Yinbing, can only be that person who wipes someone else’s feet in this lifetime! One day, I will become someone above others. One day, I will have the right to warm my bed for my master!”

“Not only that, I want him to wipe my feet and hands personally to warm my bed!”

Ji Yinbing boasted.

With that, her heart raced.

She had to admit that she felt extremely good seeing Vera’s expression change.

Vera was speechless.

She pointed at Ji Yinbing and was so angry that she wanted to hit her. However, when she thought of the difference in their skills, she could only give up. She wanted to scold her, but she was not as eloquent as Ji Yinbing.

She could only suffer in silence and leave angrily.

After Vera left, Ji Yinbing bent down and picked up her clothes.

She gently patted off the dust on her clothes, but how could it be so easy to remove the mud and dust? What Vera had said just now had still left a mark on Ji Yinbing. She also understood that even if Yan Nuo loved her, there was no way he could be with her.

The difference in their statuses was too great.

Ji Yinbing used the phone from the dormitory to call the Yan family. She was not surprised to know that Yan Nuo had not returned home yet. When she was about to hang up, Ji Yinbing suddenly asked La Pu, “Butler La Pu, do you know Snow?”

La Pu was stunned for a moment. For a moment, his mind was racing.

When he spoke again, there was more meaning in his words. He nodded and said, “I heard that Snow has returned to the family and abandoned his wife and child. I heard that he’s going to marry the daughter of the Qiaohan family in the next few days.”

After answering, he did not hear Ji Yinbing speak. La Pu pretended not to know and even asked, “Bing, why are you asking about him?”

“Nothing. I just remembered.”

Ji Yinbing hung up the phone and returned to the bed. She sat down and started thinking uncontrollably.

Yan Nuo reached home the moment the call ended.

He saw La Pu standing by the phone and asked him, “Did someone call?”



“…Bing.” La Pu saw that Yan Nuo, who had been calm a moment ago, had a serious expression when he heard this name. They had just separated when she called. Did something happen? “What did she say?”

Young Sir’s tone was really urgent.

La Pu thought to himself that his previous guesses were probably true.

He thought about it and hid the fact that Ji Yinbing had asked about Snow. He only said, “She just wanted to ask if you were home.”

“Oh.” Yan Nuo visibly relaxed.

Yan Nuo and Vera went to attend the marriage between Snow and the Qiaohan family. At the wedding, Snow smiled very happily. He had probably completely forgotten about the mother and daughter he abandoned. Beside him, Vera casually mentioned, “In the past, Snow also thought that he would love that woman for the rest of his life. Three years gave him the answer.”

The person beside her said disdainfully, “A lowly person is a lowly person. I wonder how Snow took a fancy to that person.”

Samit, who was sitting at the same table, said, “That mother and daughter are quite pitiful. Snow is too much. If he could have been aware of his feelings, he wouldn’t have had to ruin someone else’s


The person beside Vera said, “It’s that cheap person who seduced him!”

Samit shut up.

Yan Nuo seriously considered Samit’s words.

He ruined someone’s life because he was not aware of his feelings…

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