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Chapter 542: I Won’t Marry You

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Then Then does Brother Yan Nuo know?” Vera hoped that Yan Nuo didn’t


Annita narrowed her eyes and said, “I don’t know about that, but the siblings

have always been on the same page. I guess he probably knows. Otherwise, why

hasn’t he married you yet?

Thinking about how Vera came back to cry and make a fuss one night, Annita’s

eyes flashed. She said, “Let me ask you, did Yan Nuo humiliate you on


Vera couldn’t help but think of that night when Yan Nuo brought her into the

room but chased her away.

In an instant, her face turned pale.

A mocking smile appeared on her pale face. “I see.

Vera felt pain and hatred.

Annita took in her daughter’s reaction, her beautiful eyes s.h.i.+ning with venom.

Annita endured her illness for more than two months before finally dying.

A woman who had once been beautiful and fit had died, but she had been

tortured by illness until she was as thin as a skeleton. Yan Nuo and YanYu

attended the funeral. Annita was going to hold a cremation after she died and

scatter her ashes in the Ganges because of her religious beliefs.

Vera sobbed the entire time. Yan Nuo was half an adopted son of Annita. Yan

Nuo had to do all the things that should be done by the eldest son.

After the funeral, Vera went home to take a shower and moved to the Yan

family’s house for a few days.

For the past few days, Vera had been troubled.

Yan Nuo thought that she was missing Annita, so he did not pay attention.

One month after Annita died, Vera suddenly said to Yan Nuo, “Brother Yan Nuo,

I’m 23 years old this year.”

Yan Nuo nodded and said, “I know. You’re a year younger than me.”

Seeing that he did not understand what she was saying, Vera was anxious. She

could not help but say, “Girls my age are usually married.”

Yan Nuo added, “You’re only 23 years old. You’re still young”

Vera finally understood that Yan Nuo was pretending

“Brother Yan Nuo, you don’t plan to marry me, right?” Vera didn’t plan to

continue beating around the bush with Yan Nuo. She knew that if she didn’t

mention it, Yan Nuo would continue to delay it.

Yan Nuo’s expression finally turned serious.

He looked at Vera and saw the girl’s shy and anxious expression. He felt a little

irritated. Yan Nuo suddenly said, “T won’t marry you.”

These words successfully cut off the last bit of hope in Vera’s heart.

“Brother Yan Nuo, why? You were the one who confessed to me? Do you want

to break up with me?

Yan Nuo frowned when he heard Vera’s accusatory words. He said, “Have you

forgotten? At that time, I did confess to you in front of Anita. But after that, I

also told you clearly that I confessed to you and dated you to stop the people

from pestering you.”

Vera wrung her hands tightly and said softly, “So you never loved me?

Yan Nuo remained silent.

This was a tacit agreement.

Vera hated it

Yan Nuo’s mother was her father’s murderer, but she was still chasing after the

son of her father’s murderer!

She was too inhumane!

Vera hid her hatred and asked Yan Nuo, “Then what’s it like to be with me? A

boring game? Or do you think you’re happy to see me running around for you?

“Vera.” Yan Nuo frowned. He didn’t like hearing her say such things. He

corrected Vera’s wrong thinking and said, “Tm with you to save you. I didn’t

break up with you because I wanted to save your face.”

Yan Nuo’s words made Vera give up completely

Vera said, “I understand.

She left the Yan family.

Yan Nuo did not know if they had broken up, but he unilaterally thought that

they had broken up.

The next time he saw Vera was in the mercenary team.

Come to think of it, Vera was originally the third leader of the mercenary

group. It was reasonable for her to appear here. However, these subordinates

were unwilling to accept her, because Vera was obviously a flowervase. She

could not lift her arms or shoulders. The first time she heard a gunshot, she

was so frightened that she trembled.

Yan Yu mumbled with her lips when she saw Yan Nuo. She said, “Look at you.

You injured her so much that she’s mentally il. A lunatic should go to a mental

hospital to stay. Why are you here? Are you embarra.s.sing yourself? Her words

were arrogant and venomous.

Yan Nuo remained silent, but he disagreed with Vera’s actions.

He looked for Vera to talk to her.

“You don’t even know how to fire a gun. Why are you here?

Vera said, “I can learn.”

“What are you trying to say?

Vera said, “My father was one of the founders of the Black Fiend Mercenary

Group. He died to save your mother. As his only child, I think I have a share in

this mercenary group.” The Black Fiend Mercenary Group was like a big cake.

She had to take a bite.

Yan Nuo narrowed his eyes. “Do you know what you’re talking about?

“I know.”

“Very good.”

Yan Nuo suddenly stood up and left without saying anything.

The next morning, when Vera reappeared, she saw that the training ground

was no longer as hot as it used to be. All the mercenaries were gathered in a

few circles, sitting cross-legged on the gra.s.s. Yan Nuo and Yan Nuo were

surrounded by them.

Only then did Vera know that today was Challenge Day.

The so-called Challenge Day meant that every mercenary had one chance to

challenge their superior. Once he suppressed his superior in terms of strength,

he had the chance to replace his superior. There were only two such Challenge

Days every year.

And today was exactly that time.

Upon seeing Vera, Yan Yu said to her, “You can’t be the third leader of the Black

Fiend Mercenary Group just because you want to. It’s very simple if you want

to be the third leader.”

Yan Yu fingers circled the mercenaries in the circle before she said, “Today,a

warrior will be born here. He will be the most skilled person apart from Ah Nuo

and me! If you want to be the third leader, it’s simple. Just defeat him!”

Vera’s face turned ugly. “You guys did it on purpose!” He knew that she had

never practiced martial arts, but he still humiliated her like this!

Yan Yu sneered. “Yes, I did it on purpose!”

She said, “There’s not a single useless person in our mercenary group!

Naturally, we can’t let a useless person be the leader.”

When those mercenaries heard their big leader’s words, they howled at the

same time.

Vera’s lips trembled as she asked softly, “What if the challenger fails?

Yan Yu’s red lips curled up and she said cruelly, “Then get lost and become a


The words “get lost” were especially loud.

The mercenaries began to roar again. They could not wait to see Vera suffer..

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