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Chapter 543: Hug

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This mercenary group had long changed dynasties. Batches of fresh blood had

been poured in. The group of people who had once been loyal to Vera’s father,

Neya, had long retired or died. The current Black Fiend Mercenary Group was

dominated by the Yan siblings.

Their words were like an imperial edict.

The entry of Vera, the daughter of one of the former founders, was an outsider

to these mercenaries and was not welcomed.

After half a day of battle, a new victor was borm.

That person was called Xiao Fengyi. It was said that he was kidnapped by

human traffickers and sold to this country when he was young. Later on, he

was saved by Yan Yu. Although Xiao Fengyi was not tall and st.u.r.dy, Vera, who

had watched him fight with other people, turned pale when she saw him.

This person had successfully defeated all the challengers.

Vera subconsciously looked at his hands. His hands could easily break her neck.

Vera swallowed and said softly, “L.. I volunteer to be a logistician.”

Xiao Fengyi was speechless.

He was already done warming up, but she was going to run away?

Yan Nuo and Yan Yu looked at each other speechlessly.

Vera’s days as a logistician in the Black Fiend Mercenary Group were not easy.

Logistics would also go out on missions sometimes. She had to learn first aid

treatment and the easiest way to shoot and use weapons. When Vera was

enslaved by the entire mercenary group, Ji Yinbing did not idle around.

On this day, Ji Yinbing returned.

On the day she returned, Yan Nuo did not go on a mission. This day was neither

a festival nor a holiday.

When Yan Yu found him, Yan Nuo was doing sit-ups on the double bars. He

had done about 200 of them, and his breathing was a little chaotic. Yan Yu’s

face was magnified in front of Yan Nuo.

Yan Nuo sat up when he was done.


He looked at Yan Yu standing in front of him.

Yan Yu rarely took the initiative to look for him. Once she did, there must be

something going on.

Yan Nuo asked her, “Why are you looking for me?”

Yan Yu’s words were directed upwards and she sat dowm beside Yan Nuo. She

placed her legs on another pole and said, “Bingbing is back.”

In the years that Yan Nuo had been studying in the military academy at West

Point, Ji Yinbing’s relations.h.i.+p with Yan Yu had improved immensely.

In private, Yan Yu called her Bingbing very affectionately

Yan Nuo was a little dazed.

It had been almost three months since he last saw Ji Yinbing.

She’s home?


Yan Nuo hesitated.

He didn’t know if he should see her.

Yan Yu suddenly said, “1I think she seems very happy and can’t wait to share

something with someone.”

Yan Nuo imagined that scene.

He had to admit that he wanted to be the person who shared Ji Yinbings joy.

Yan Nuo jumped down from the horizontal bar and strode towards the manor.

Yan Yu narrowed her eyes and suddenly sighed.

When Yan Nuo returned to the house, Ji Yinbing was sitting on the gra.s.s in

front of the manor, talking to a servant. It was unknown what they said, but

the servant was congratulating Ji Yinbing excitedly.

What happened?

Yan Nuo quickened his pace.


Hearing Yan Nuo’s call, ji Yinbing turned around.

The servant beside her quickly knelt down to greet her, and Ji Yinbing also

knelt down.

“Alright,get up.”

The two of them stood up at the same time. The servant retreated consciously,

leaving Ji Yinbing and Yan Nuo standing face to face.

Yan Nuo asked her, “Is there anything good?

Ji Yinbing nodded vigorously.

She seemed to want to laugh, but she pretended not to.

Tell me what happened.” Yan Nuo’s mood soared.

ji Yinbing snmiled mysteriously.

Putting away her smile, Ji Yinbing suddenly asked Yan Nuo, “Master, are you

afraid of being corrupted

Yan Nuo was stunned. Then, he shook his head.

In the next second, the little slave in front of him suddenly tiptoed and hugged


Yan Nuo was speechless.

That was the first time they hugged.

In the garden outside the Yan family’s house, after asking for his permission, Ji

Yinbing boldly hugged him

She was untouchable, and anyone who touched her would be corrupted.

So before she hugged him, she asked for his opinion.

Yan Nuo was very nervous. Whenever he was nervous, his face would tense up.

Ji Yinbing hugged him tightly.

She was much shorter than him and had to tiptoe to wrap her arms around his

neck. Yan Nuo heard that Ji Yinbing seemed to be crying. Her tears fell into his

short-sleeved T-s.h.i.+rt. Yan Nuo regained his senses and slowly raised his


His hand was about to land on Ji Yinbing’s waist.

At this moment, Ji Yinbing suddenly whispered into his ear and said softly,

Thank you, Master.”

Yan Nuo suddenly retracted his hand.

He felt guilty like a thief who had done something bad.

“Why are you thanking me? He felt uncomfortable talking when she hugged

him tightly.

Ji Yinbing said, “Thank you for being willing to help me.” “The year she was

eight years old, she lingered for thirteen days in front of those colleges. She

begged more than four hundred people. Some scolded her, some stayed away

from her, some spat at her, and some threw stones at her.

Only he had brought her home.

It was a one in four hundred chance.

Ji Yinbing finally let go of Yan Nuo.

She rubbed her red eyes with her hand before taking off the bag on her back.

Yan Nuo had yet to recover from the warmth and beauty of this hug. The

person in front of him opened the bag and took out an envelope. Ji Yinbing

opened the envelope in front of Yan Nuo.

Yan Nuo looked down at her actions with a warm gaze.

From Ji Yinbing’s trembling fingers, she could tell that the thing inside must be

very important to her. She finally opened the envelope and took out a thin

piece of paper. Ji Yinbing did not open the piece of paper. She handed it to Yan


She said, “Master, I hope that you can open it for me.”

It was great to have someone she respected and liked open the first precious

gift of her life.

Yan Nuo took the letter and looked at i Yinbing deeply for a long time before

lowering his head and opening the letter slowly.

Harvard College.

After reading the largest row of words in the letter, Yan Nuo’s expression


In his hand was Ji Yinbing’s acceptance letter, an acceptance letter from

Harvard College in the United States!

He suppressed the thousands of emotions in his heart and s.h.i.+fted his gaze

away from the letter to look at Ji Yinbing. The girl in front of him had a rare

smile on her cold face. She was smiling so widely that her eyebrows were

curved. Seeing Yan Nuo look at the letter and then at him, Ji Yinbing could not

help but say to him, “Master, I really got in!”

Yan Nuo remained silent.

Ji Vinbing did not notice Yan Nuo’s abnormality. She continued, “Master

promised that as long as I got into Harvard, you would send me overseas to

study.. I really did it!

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