Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1194: Fake magicians and real magicians

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Chapter 1194: Fake magicians and real magicians

The DEM magicians are well over twenty years old. Even so, Jessica who is the oldest among them is only 25 years old. She’s not in her 30s yet.

Being called brats by a kid who is at least a decade younger than them just rubbed them the wrong way. They didn’t like how Natsuki talked down to them.

Ignoring what Ellen and the other magicians had to say, Jessica is the first one to lose her cool.

“You’re just a spirit, you want me to rip your mouth off?!”


Natsuki laughed.

“I think I recall a bunch of brats trying to pick on a single spirit but they ended up getting their b.u.t.ts handed to them. In the end, the boss had to come in and rescue the cronies, I wonder who they were?”

“That’s because the monster over there had an Angel that is built for group fights.”

Jessica tried to justify her defeat.

“If I went in alone…”

Natsuki sighed.

“You look like you’re older than me but you can’t even admit your own failure. Plus, your temperament is exactly the same as a kid who can’t put a curly one on the soap. I think you can forgive me if I treated you like a kid.”


“Enough, I am not skilled enough to win a puerile argument with a brat.”

Natsuki stopped Jessica nonchalantly with one of her hands on her waist.

“If you don’t like my term of endearment then I can call you by another moniker, granny…”


Jessica shook with anger. She shot leers in Natsuki’s direction.

“Hmm, I see, you don’t like granny either…”

Natsuki grinned.

“How about Miss ugly?”

Jessica lifted her gun as she took aim at Natsuki.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! You stupid brat!”

Jessica wanted to pull the trigger but a beam of light sliced her rifle apart.


Jessica gasped when her rifle broke in two. A cold voice rang near her.

“Did I order you to move?”

Jessica shivered when she knew what just transpired. Who else had that lightsaber?

Ellen brandished her lightsaber, she showed Jessica a frosty look.


Jessica felt a drop of cold sweat rolling down the side of her cheek.

“You fell so easily to the enemy’s taunt. To think you’re Adeptus 2…”

Ellen shifted her gaze away. She felt it beneath her to pay Jessica any further attention.

“I will report this to Isaac. you should prepare yourself for a few years of training. Don’t even think about taking on missions during this time.”


Jessica’s face paled but Ellen shot her a stern look.

“What? You got something to say?”

Jessica knew there was no way out of this. She can only accept her fate.

Jessica stared at Natsuki with hateful eyes. She wanted the little girl dead.

It’s all her fault!

Jessica made up her mind to shoot a few holes into Natsuki after getting barred from missions.

Too bad for her, Jessica forgot it was the d.a.m.nable brat who blocked her captain’s full-power attack without flinching.

Natsuki didn’t think much of Jessica’s animosity. She addressed Ellen with a slightly approving att.i.tude.

“It seems you guys are not beyond salvation. Even if you’re just fake magicians…”


Ellen frowned. Her gaze sharpened.

“What does that mean?”

“Hmm, who knows?”

Natsuki lifted her parasol, she pointed it at Ellen in a provocative manner.

“Rather than explaining, why don’t I show you?”

“What a real magician can do…”

A storm started blowing all around Natsuki, she’s using real magic power that is far different from the maryoku known in this universe.

The sudden storm caught the DEM magicians by surprise. They kept their eyes on Natsuki nonetheless.

Originally, Natsuki is a formidable magician on her own. However, she never had enough magic power to cause a storm with pure magic power. However, she lost her magic power after becoming Wu Yan’s va.s.sal beast.

As an ent.i.ty of pure magic power, Natsuki relied on Wu Yan’s magic power to appear in the material plane. As long as Wu Yan keeps supplying her with magic power, she is like an extension of Wu Yan’s magic power.

If Wu Yan allowed it, Natsuki can extract more magic power from her master, she can probably extract Wu Yan’s magic power until she depletes his magic power.

In other words, Natsuki is now someone who had a True Ancestor’s magic power.

Of course, the DEM magicians couldn’t fathom this.

In fact, without their CR units, most of them can’t even detect magical fluctuations as they would be no different than other humans.

Granted, their sensors did pick up the spike in energy.

The support DEM magicians with oversized machines screamed out loud.

“We are detecting elevated levels of energy coming from the ent.i.ty in front of us!”

“This signature, it’s not Reiryoku nor is it Maryoku!”

“What do you mean neither Maryoku nor Reiryoku?!”

Ellen & co turned grim.

There is a third supernatural power besides spirits and magicians?

No, that’s impossible!

“It’s possible that is her Angel’s ability!”

Ellen came up with that theory.

“The enemy is using her Angel, raise your guards!”

Natsuki stored her parasol away before snapping her fingers.


An invisible ripple expanded outward without warning. It sounded like a drop of water hitting the water’s surface. There is a gigantic array of purple magic formations.

“This is…”

Ellen yelled out loud as her pupils shrunk.

“Everyone, open your defensive territories now!”

Ellen is the first one to deploy her barrier. The other magicians also did the same despite initially lagging.

The purple magical formations spat out chains with a purple sheen. The chains behaved like vipers that zipped across the sky and wrapped up the DEM magicians.

Ding clang clang

The DEM magicians got bound in their own defensive Territories.

Although they had their defenses up, the chains still wrapped Ellen & co up in chain coc.o.o.ns.

The b.a.l.l.s of light containing DEM magicians got suspended in the sky by Natsuki’s Chain of Commandment.

Ellen turned grave.

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