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Chapter 362: Make Us Some s.p.a.ce, Wheeze [Part 2]


Lung’s subordinates wore strange expressions on their faces yet again.

Even the infant of these so-called worms were at least half a meter long. They also possessed tough, sharp claws and teeth, and a violent behavior to boot. From the gray cat’s point of view, these “worms” might as well be giants.

Pascado kept his mouth shut because he had seen Wheeze in action before, but the same couldn’t be said for the rest of his companions. Some of them even laughed after the gray cat had made its declaration.

“Look, little fatty, some of these worms might look like this from here,” one man pretended as if he was holding a sesame between his thumb and forefinger before spreading his arms wide, “but they’re really this big at the very least!”

Wheeze shot the speaker a disdainful glance before complaining to Cillin, “Uncultured swines are just pitiful…”

The guy would’ve argued further, but Lung raised a hand and stopped him. He asked, “What do you think, Cillin?”

Cillin grabbed Wheeze by the nape and held it in front of his face. “Are you sure you can do it?”


“You sure you won’t go overboard?”

“One hundred percent!”

Cillin continued watching Wheeze until the gray cat raised a paw and swore on its fish biscuits. Only then he finally let go.

It wasn’t that Cillin didn’t trust Wheeze’s abilities; it was the opposite. He also knew that Wheeze was to losing control especially when it was feeding. There were a ton of sea beasts on the atoll, and they only needed to clear out a small place to rest. If Wheeze caused too big a commotion during the hunt, it might trigger a chain reaction and cause other sea beasts to grow curious. That would be the opposite of what Cillin wished to happen. Their numbers were few after all.

Lung also supported Cillin by explaining their next move and offering to reward Wheeze if it cleared out an area successfully. It definitely motivated the gray cat to treat the mission a lot more seriously.

“We’re counting on you, Wheeze!”

“No problem! Just don’t forget the reward you promise me!” Wheeze balled its paws eagerly.

“Should I lower the s.p.a.ceplane now?” The pilot asked.

“There’s no need.”

Cillin opened the hatch, and Wheeze shot outward like an arrow. The next moment, everyone saw on the camera display that Wheeze stretching its wings and flying straight toward the designated area.

“What the… f.u.c.k? Is that really a pair of wings? My eyes aren’t deceiving me, right? What kind of cat is it?”

Pascado and the others oohed and aahed like they were watching a live miracle.

Cillin was also watching the feed, but it was so that he could warn the glutton in a timely fas.h.i.+on in case it still lost its head despite its promises.

There was a spot on the atoll that was jampacked with smaller sea beasts. Not far away from this spot were a bunch of twenty to thirty meter tall plants that looked like a mini forest. It was also the dividing line between territories.

Wheeze’s mission was to clear out the cl.u.s.ter of smaller sea beasts and any other creature within the area.

Right now, the the smaller sea beasts were lying on top of the coral reefs and enjoying the sunny weather. Some of them were playing with one another and some were lying on their front and absorbing the sunlight. They looked like they were having the time of their life.

Once in a while, their claws would brush against the coral reefs and leave thin scratch marks on them. The coral reefs of Sea Paradise were several times tougher than the generic coral reef, however. Their claws would’ve gone through those like knife through carrots.

Suddenly, the sea beast lying on the highest spot of the area opened its eyes and stared at the sky. A shadow was moving closer and closer toward them, and it could feel that their gaze were anything but friendly. Feeling very uncomfortable, it puffed up the plates on its back until it looked twice as big as normal.

The sea beast also let out a guttural warning growl which caused the surrounding sea beasts to look up, spot the invader, and growled out themselves. It was their habit to warn any invader to stay away from their territory even if they turned out to be beneath their notice. Of course, if their prey insisted of delivering itself to its death, they had absolutely no reason to stop it. They all revealed their mouthful of sharp teeth and waited patiently for their prey to fall into their mouths.

Wheeze’s eyes grew brighter and brighter as it sped up. When it was ten meters away from the atoll, it abruptly withdrew its wings and landed right in the middle of the atoll.

After that, what looked like a feline’s giant maw suddenly appeared into existence. It was what most of them saw before they were devoured.

The maw took its time devouring its prey, and it started with none other than the sea beast that was lying at the highest spot of the coral reef. The poor thing didn’t even get to swing its claws in retaliation or make a squeak before it was sucked into the black hole.

Meanwhile, the s.p.a.ceplane was enveloped in shocked silence. Pascado and the others were busy digesting the fact that Wheeze wasn’t the harmless fat cat it seemed, and that its appet.i.te was absolutely humongous!

In less than half a minute, every sea beast within ten meters of the spot Wheeze landed had become the food in its stomach. The farther, lucky ones had escaped as soon as they realized what was going on.

After Wheeze had cleared out what it felt was an appropriate amount of territory, it leaped up to the highest spot of the coral reef, informed the others that they could land their s.p.a.ceplane, and scratched its ears with its hind legs. A yawn later, it lay down and began cleaning itself.

Right now, everyone in the s.p.a.ceplane including the serious-looking Big Rock was looking at Cillin with envy. To say that it was a dream to have a pet like this would be an understatement. The cat had easily taken care of what would’ve been a tiring task for them.

When a human fought against the sea beast, they normally just shot them to death. However, Wheeze did it by devouring them whole an establis.h.i.+ng itself as the alpha predator right from the get go. Animals had their own way of settling their score, which was why Wheeze’s method worked way better than anything Lung and the others could’ve come up with.

“We can land now,” Cillin broke them out of their reverie.

They flew down on a smaller s.p.a.ceplane instead of their existing s.p.a.ceplane. This new s.p.a.ceplane would be the group’s transport in the sky and underwater. It could even dive very deep into the sea.

Triphibian flying cars were fairly well known, but not triphibian s.p.a.ceplanes because they were extremely expensive to build. After all, they could dive deep into the sea like a submarine, function as a mobile base on land, and fly between Sectors like a normal s.p.a.ceplane.

The one they were currently piloting was even more expensive, of course. A triphibian s.p.a.ceplane that could withstand the unusual electromagnetic field of Sea Paradise was even rarer.

While the triphibian s.p.a.ceplane was landing on the coral reefs, a bunch of sea beasts could be seen prowling around the edges. They instinctively raised their forelimbs when they noticed what the humans were doing, but withdrew backward the moment they recalled who currently owned the territory. A bare of fangs from Wheeze later, the sea beasts hurriedly dove back into the sea water and escaped.

“We’ll rest here for the moment and wait for our bodies to acclimatize to the environment,” Lung said.

After Lung measured the surroundings with a device, he took off his breathing mask and his protective suit. Then, he began stretching and warming up his body.

Cillin knew that Lung wasn’t a standard human, but he didn’t expect him to be able to withstand even an environment like Sea Paradise’s.

“This is our species advantage. We have a natural affinity with ocean environments. It’s not easy, mind you, but it’s only a matter of time before we adapt to it,” Lung explained.

Lung’s subordinates also took off their breathing masks, but two of them had to put it back on after a while. Their ability to adapt to this atmosphere was weaker than the others.

Cillin gave it a go himself and confirmed that he couldn’t get used to the atmosphere either. He would last longer than your standard human, but he would have to take a lot longer to adapt to the atmosphere compared to sea-friendly humans like Lung.

Wheeze took a moment to relax, and only a moment. It wasn’t long before it began searching around the coral reefs for sea beast eggs to eat. Cillin allowed it as long as it promised not to go out of its way to provoke the other sea beasts on the atoll. Czedow was collecting data and recording the extraordinary sceneries of Sea Paradise.

Cillin took off his protective suit and took a moment to soak in the unusual atmospheric pressure. Soon, he was able to stretch and warm up like Lung as well. That was the advantage of having an extraordinary const.i.tution. A normal person would’ve broken a blood vessel or a hundred already.

Cillin was in the middle of a warm-up when Wheeze called out from the forest.

“Oh my meow! A treasure!”

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