Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1513 – 50% Chance, and Clairvoyant

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Chapter 1513: 50% Chance, and Clairvoyant

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For now, Luke felt that it was better to look for Hydra first.

Roxxon, which abided by the laws of America in order to eat up people, wouldn’t run. It had always been there.

The chance of uncovering Hydra members was rarer, but the aftermath of taking them down would be simple.

‘Most Hydra deaths wouldn’t alarm the authorities, which would have to do their best to cover them up.

Such considerate opponents who conscientiously dealt with the cleanup were Luke’s favorite.

Making up his mind, Luke ran around D.C..

His luck was terrible. Three people were missing, and two were dead.

Luke figured that the three missing people were probably dead too.

The two dead also hadn’t died at home.

They had left the house not long ago. One fell into the river and drowned, and the other was killed by a car.

But without exception, the “Clairvoyant” device in their eyes had self-destructed.

Luke watched the patrol officers take the two bodies away with great interest.

This was a cautious and ruthless opponent who had killed five people without any hesitation.

Except for the female manager who didn’t know anything to begin with and the engineer from Roxxon Corporation, all the other targets whom Luke was interested in had disappeared.

Of course, that didn’t mean that all traces had disappeared.

It was just that it would take a little more time to uncover more clues through these people.

Luke still had another way.

Thinking that, he asked the A.I. Polaris, “Is the reverse trace program done?”

Polaris: “Sir, the program is almost complete, but the other party has a counter program. There’s a 72% chance that the connection will be cut off early.”

Luke said, “But there’s also a 50% chance that they will overlook something, right?”

Polaris: “Uncertain; I cannot determine how capable and cautious the technical staff are.”

Luke chuckled. “No, when I say 50%, it’s just ‘yes’ or no.”

With that, he disappeared into the night.

Looking at the information on the computer, Garrett rubbed his chin. “n.o.body actually appeared. Did I overestimate the opponent?”

Although he said that, his eyes were dark.

A faint sense of danger warned him that this wasn’t the end.

Finally, he stood up and returned to the researcher. “Work 24-hour s.h.i.+fts for the next few days. Pay attention to everyone in the Clairvoyant system. If there’s a problem, don’t hesitate to clean it up.”

Stunned for a moment, the researcher turned around. “Are you sure?”

Garrett nodded. “I have a feeling that this opponent isn’t that simple. Don’t be careless. That’s it. I’m leaving.”

The researcher turned around and looked at the screen again.

He would do whatever the Clairvoyant said.

Everything here was paid for by the boss. He was just a technician.

After Garrett left, he entered an underground parking lot. He took off his nanomask, then switched faces and cars before he left.

Two hours later, Luke entered the parking lot.

Amoment later, he stood in front of the car that Garrett had been in and smiled. “Gotcha, clairvoyant!”

Luke’s reverse trace program had indeed been discovered in the first instant. The other party had cut the connection to protect themselves.

The probability of being discovered was indeed 72%, but the 50% Luke mentioned was also in play.

The other party didn’t notice what was behind the reverse trace program.

By the time the connection was cut, something else had already slipped in, and it waited for an opportunity to send out the other party’s coordinates.

Less than five minutes later, Luke received the coordinates.

The difference in skills was clear.

Apart from Batman’s online fans, Luke had yet to discover any Earthlings who could compete with the tyc.o.o.n’s technology and A.I..

‘The other party definitely wasn’t bad. It was just a pity that their software and skills weren’t on the same level.

‘They were worlds apart.

Luke arrived at the location to discover that it was a high-tech prosthesis research inst.i.tute.

Hm, there was nothing wrong with that. It was just like how the tyc.o.o.n called the Mark suit his artificial limb; it made sense.

Luke followed the coordinates and found an office, but there was n.o.body inside. His real target was the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Luke didn’t want his opponents to know that he had discovered this place, so he didn’t sneak into the bas.e.m.e.nt. Instead, he walked around the research inst.i.tute, which only had two security guards.

Then, he detected a scent that he remembered.

After thinking for almost a minute, he matched the scent to the person.

He couldn’t take records of Sharp Nose, and he could only rely on his brain to recall scents as he encountered more and more people, which was very inconvenient.

Even though his Mental Strength and memory had increased significantly, he still couldn’t remember everyone.

He could only focus on the more distinctive and important people.

‘The person Luke had found tonight had only appeared before him once or twice, so the scent hadn’t left a very deep impression on Sharp Nose.

However, the fact Luke remembered him at all proved that the person wasn’t just some pa.s.ser-by.

Luke finally remembered that he had run into two people who had claimed to be FBI agents during the earthquake charity concert.

One was John Garrett, and the other was Grant Ward.

Coincidentally, their credentials said they were from the FBI’s 17th Division, which was Phil’s favorite departmental alias.

s.h.i.+ELD’s headquarters, the Triskelion, was in D.C.. The three suspects in that failed terrorist attack were also from D.C..

Luke quickly connected the dots, and the middle-aged man’s appearance became clear in his mind.

‘That was right, it was this John Garrett.

His scent was extremely clear in this enclosed s.p.a.ce and in the elevator which led to the bas.e.m.e.nt.

It was a quiet night, and his scent was as conspicuous as a firefly out in the fall.

Following nearby surveillance cameras, Luke found the car and followed it to the underground parking lot.

This time, he was very sure that he had caught the mastermind.

John Garrett and Grant Ward were both bright red in the system’s list of enemies; it seemed they were very hostile toward him.

Would a normal s.h.i.+ELD agent hate him so much? Obviously not.

Even if there really were agents who wanted to arrest Batman or other superheroes, they would at most be the light red of an ordinary “work-related” opponent.

The only ones who hated Luke so much were probably the Hydra members in s.h.i.+ELD.

Thinking about how Garrett called himself the Clairvoyant, Luke couldn’t help but laugh. This guy sure knew how to have fun! He actually knew to come up with an alias to fool people.

It was a pity that everything could be used to trick people except for scent.

And the smallest shortcoming could lead to a downfall..

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