Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1515 – Cooperation and Temporary Training

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Chapter 1515: Cooperation and Temporary Training

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Luke left.

This time, he had left Phil with “fierce” words.

Of course, Phil was only the messenger who would deliver these “fierce words” to Nick Fury.

With Garrett’s intelligence, Luke absolutely had the ability to stir up trouble on his own.

If Fury didn’t want any accidents, he would have to accept Big Dipper’s insistent “partic.i.p.ation,” or there might be a huge hitch in his plan to eliminate Hydra.

At the same time, he would also receive a -10 character a.s.sessment from the Bat Squad.

After receiving the information from Phil and hearing the name Garrett, Fury’s heart was in turmoil.

But it wasn’t long before he started considering Big Dipper’s condition.

If it were anyone else, the director might not care.

There were too many people who had threatened to cut his head off and use it as a toilet, yet he was still alive and kicking.

But since Batman and Big Dipper shared the same view, this was different.

After the Battle of New York, he had learned a lot of information from Tony and his own men.

There were three individuals who were the most important.

The first was the sniper.

With enough support, he could blow up most people, including superhumans, at a range of dozens of kilometers with a single shot; he could even send the surrounding people flying.

n.o.body dared to ignore such a super hitman.

The second was the top-tier tactical commander.

Although this person didn’t appear prominently on camera during the Battle of New York, this battle “formula felt very familiar to Nick Fury.

If it really was the person he was thinking of, then the Bat Squad was over ten times more terrifying than the Avengers — especially when it came to killing.

The third was Big Dipper.

Big Dipper didn’t stand out in terms of performance during the battle, but Nick Fury attached great importance to him.

The reason was simple.

At the critical moment, the scepter became the only thing that could save Earth.

During battle, Black Cat tumed into an escort when Batman gave the scepter to Big Dipper to close the s.p.a.ce portal.

For someone like Nick Fury, it was actions and not words that were the most important.

From this alone, he dared to say that Batman trusted Big Dipper more than he trusted Black Cat.

It didn’t just have to do with character, but strength.

Batman believed that Big Dipper wouldn’t be taken down by the Chitauri when he closed the s.p.a.ce portal.

That could only mean that Big Dipper’s combat ability was beyond imagination.

Would Nick Fury dare treat Big Dipper, a super strong fighter with especially “black” hands, the way he treated Batman?

Of course not.

Everybody knew that Batman had a bottom line.

The biggest thing about the few times that Big Dipper had appeared… was that he killed everyone without question.

From over 100 mercenaries to a bunch of test subjects to the overwhelming Chitauri army, this person had never hesitated to kill them all.

It was useless to use delay tactics with such a person, because the other party wasn’t giving him the right to refuse at all.

Giving them the information was just a way to “buy their vote’ first.

Could Nick Fury run over to talk things out with Big Dipper after making a move? Who the h.e.l.l knew who this guy was.

If it wasn’t for the imminent threat of Hydra, the director would definitely be considering how to deal with the Bat Squad.

This small squad of only a dozen people was no weaker than Hydra; it was just that they weren’t doing bad things.

But possessing the strength to kill anyone they wanted was a “sin” in itself.

Thinking that, Nick Fury decided that Big Dipper and Batman had to partic.i.p.ate in the operation to eliminate Hydra.

Firstly, this would make Hydra focus on the Bat Squad and not on s.h.i.+ELD.

While Hydra still thought they had yet to be exposed, s.h.i.+ELD was their best hiding place and backup.

Secondly, it didn’t matter who died in a fight between both sides. Only then would the Avengers be able to maintain the balance of power on Earth.

Nick Fury, who had a heart blacker than his face, quickly made up his mind. All that was left was how to make the two parties fight each other.

Phil and Batman had a good relations.h.i.+p. Both of them were “martyrs,” and could probably carry out an internal purge of s.h.i.+ELD together.

Something “unexpected” just needed to happen to the highly suspicious agents when they were out in the field; Fury could follow the clues from there to find the Hydra members who were inside s.h.i.+ELD.

As long as more than 80% of them were eliminated, the rest would have no chance of turning things around.

Nick Fury would use his position as director to slowly crush them.

At noon the next day, Phil and Luke met at a diner in D.C.

By the time Phil arrived, Luke was already waiting for him and had already ordered a bunch of food.

As they ate, they reached an agreement.

Of course, all they said was “the boss agreed,” “a happy cooperation,” and “T’ll go with you as the point of contact.”

Anybody who heard their conversation would only think that it was an ordinary work discussion.

This was indeed just a formality, but Phil felt that it was awkward for the two of them to eat without talking.

After lunch, Luke took Phil to his car.

Phil had been told not to bring any equipment from s.h.i.+ELD with him, and his car was no exception.

After getting into Luke’s car, he observed it for a moment before he sighed. “Your car can’t fly, right?”

Batman had a “boat” that could dive, so it wouldn’t be strange if Big Dipper had a car that could fly.

In fact, Phil himself had “Lola,” which could fly, so some of the modifications to this car made him very suspicious.

Luke said, “No. This car is a land-based vehicle with strong defenses and firepower.”

Phil understood.

It was the perfect combo for resisting beatings and beating other people up.

Luke tossed him a phone. “This is our exclusive communication device. Also, we need to prepare something for you before we give you temporary training.”

Phil caught the phone and asked curiously, “What training?”

Luke said, “To make it harder for you to die.”

Phil: …Can you stop talking about that? It’s not like I wanted to be stabbed.

‘Was it hard for the second prince of Asgard to stab an Earthling? Obviously not.

If it had been anyone else in Phil’s position, there was a 90% chance that they would’ve also been stabbed.

The only people who could keep Loki down were his brother, Thor, and the Hulk.

When Selina and Luke had taken care of Loki before, it was only because the latter had underestimated them, so their sneak attack succeeded.

The second prince wouldn’t fall for that again so easily.

After taking Phil to an abandoned factory on the outskirts of D.C., Luke gave him a set of armor.

Considering the nature of Phil’s work, the suit didn’t have especially outstanding protection, but it was very stealthy and flexible.

Watching Phil swing his limbs around, Luke reminded him, “You can take it off after playing with it. You’ll have a lot of time to practice with it, so you should train first.”

Phil simply did as he was told.

He was a veteran agent, not a kid. He was never sloppy when it came to work..

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