Supreme Crazy Wife Chapter 716 – A Woman’s Heart Is A Deep Ocean Of Secrets

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Chapter 716: A Woman’s Heart Is A Deep Ocean Of Secrets


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“Butler Yu, is there anything else? Leng Ruoxue frowned and asked in


“That Feng Xian is still poisoned!” Yu Tian reminded. Although he did not want

to meddle in the Phoenix Clan’s affairs, Feng Xian was poisoned in Shadow City

after all, so he could not stay out ofit.

“oh! Where are they now?” Leng Ruoxue asked with a smile.

“At the Shadow League encampment!” Yu Tian replied honestly. However, for

some reason, after he finished speaking, he felt a chill run down his spine. Oh,

this Young Lady Leng’s smile made him feel very pressured!

“Butler Yu, if you have something to do, go ahead! We’re going to the Shadow

League camp to see the patient.” After Leng Ruoxue finished speaking, the four

of them and the beast left the prison cell without looking back.

“Eh! Nothing will happen, right?” Seeing the backs of Leng Ruoxue and the

others, Yu Tian, who was standing at his original spot, couldn’t help but mutter

to himself. Wu. why was his heart so uneasy?

After Leng Ruoxue and the others left the prison, they slipped towards the

Shadow League’s camp.

“Master! We can’t give the antidote to that d * mn woman so easily! We have to

ean some money! I heard that the Phoenix Clan is very rich!” Feng Zhan

suggested as they walked.

Who said I sent her the antidote?” Leng Ruoxue raised her eyebrows and asked


“Ah! Could it be that Master wants Fiery to bite her again? Feng Zhan guessed.

Hehe, this idea was good! He liked it!

Pa!” Leng Ruoxue slapped Feng Zhan’s head and said righteously,” Am I that

kind of person! I just wanted to see if that woman is dead!

“En, en. Master is the kindest. She definitely won’t watch that woman die in

pain. Heh heh! If she hasn’t died yet, then let’s euthanize her to prevent her

from suffering!” Feng Zhan suggested.

That’s a good idea, but Ive never eaten roasted phoenix meat before! I wonder

if the meat is thick?” Leng Ruoxue frowned and thought seriously.

“Xue’er, I heard that the Phoenix meat is extremely delicious.” The demon


“Master, let’s have some roast phoenix meat! Feng Zhan said with an

expectant look on his face. His saliva was about to drool at the mention of

delicious food.

Feng Zhan! Is that your kind? Leng Ruoxue said somewhat speechlessly.

“So what? Actually, in my eyes, they’re only large sized turkeys. Moreover,

many carnivores will eat their own kind. We beastmen don’t care about that.”

Feng Zhan spoke indifferently. Hmph! So long as it wasn’t him who was eating,

then who would he care about eating?!

Feng Miao, who had remained silent at the side, broke out in a cold sweat after

hearing their conversation. She thought to herself, These people are really too

evil. Fortunately, Ive long abandoned the darkness and turned to the light.

Otherwise, wouldn’t I become food in their mouths?

The few of them chatted as they walked. Soon, they arrived at a very tall

courtyard. Looking at the two words ‘Shadow League’ on the plaque outside the

courtyard, Leng Ruoxue signaled Feng Zhan to knock on the door!

“Dong! Dong!” Feng Zhan knocked loudly a few times. Not long after, a guard

came to open the door.

“Who are you looking for? The guard asked curiously.

“We are looking for Fengxian. We heard that her injuries are not light, so we

specially came to take a look,” Leng Ruoxue said bluntly.

“You’re from the Phoenix Clan as well?” The guard was confused. The Shadow

League hadn’t received any news that other members of the Phoenix Clan were


“We are not, my beast beast bit Feng Xian, as the owner, I naturally have to

come and ask.” Leng Ruoxue’s beautiful face was filled witha wicked smile.

“Wait a moment.” After hearing Leng Ruoxue’s words, the guard turned around

to report. Not long after, he opened the door and invited them in.

The guard brought Leng Ruoxue and the others into the living room. At this

moment, there were three inconspicuous old men sitting in the living room.

When the three old men saw them, they didn’t even lift their eyelids, nor did

they invite them to sit down.

When Leng Ruoxue and the rest saw that no one called out to them, they did

not stand on ceremony and found a chair to sit on. Then, they took out tea and

snacks from their bracelets. The four of them and the beast began to eat as if

there was no one else around. Originally, Feng Miao was still a little nervous

when she saw the three of them and the beast, but after being infected by

them, she started to gorge herself!

“Miss, this snack is really too delicious.” Feng Miao stuffed her mouth without

any care for her image and said with a little unclear mouth.

“of course. Don’t you know who did it?” Feng Zhan said proudly.

“Miss, please order more dishes! It’s almost noon, Im hungry.” Feng Miao

looked at Leng Ruoxue pitifully and pleaded.

“Okay! You guys bring that small table over, let’s have lunch,” Leng Ruoxue


“Alright!” Feng Zhan and Feng Miao moved at the same time, each moving a

small table and piecing them together.

Meanwhile, Leng Ruoxue took out plates of food from her bracelet and placed


the table. The aroma of the food immediately spread far and wide…

After the food was taken out, Leng Ruoxue’s group of four and one beast began

to gorge themselves. Their actions had angered the three old men sitting in the

hall to the point of almost spitting blood! Seeing the four people and one beast

eating happily not far away, they were envious and angry at the same time.

Wu.. Originally, they had a.s.sumed their stance to give Leng Ruoxue and the

others a show of strength, but who knew that they didn’t take them seriously

at all and instead treated this place as their owm dining hall. This was too


“Cuckoo!” At this moment, the stomach of the old man sitting in the middle

actually let out a disappointing cry. Instantly, the old man’s face turned red

with embarra.s.sıment and was extremely embarra.s.sed. He wished that there

was a hole in the ground for him to crawl into.

The hungry voices seemed to be contagious, and the stomachs of the other two

old men started to protest. However, the skin of the other two old men was

obviously thicker, because their faces were not red, and their hearts did not

skip a beat as they sat calmly on the chairs. Actually, no one knew who was

hungry, but the two of them did not feel good either! Moreover, the gluttonous

worms in their bodies had been lured out by the table of food that could only be

hoped for but could not be obtained..

Right now, it could be said that they were riding a tiger and couldn’t get off.

They wanted to leave, but they couldn’t bring themselves to do so. However, if

they didn’t leave, they would have to starve again. Sob.. They asked for it! At

this moment, the three of them were filled with tears of regret!

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