Supreme Crazy Wife Chapter 718 – A Woman’s Heart Is A Deep Ocean Of Secrets (4)

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Chapter 718: A Woman’s Heart Is A Deep Ocean Of Secrets (4)

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“Little Sister Xian, don’t be agitated!” Feng Yan hurriedly reminded, and he looked at the uninvited Feng Miao with a hostile gaze. His will was extremely firm as he said, “Don’t waste your efforts, I won’t change my min

Uh! What’s going on? Leng Ruoxue and the devil looked at each other, a huge question mark appeared in their hearts. Oh! From what he said, could it be JO?

“Hey! I say, you cheap man, don’t think too highly of yourself, okay? Little Miaomiao isn’t here to change your mind.” Feng Zhan couldn’t stand it anymore. Hmph! How dare she bully his people, she was really courting death!

“Who are you talking about? You’re merely a second rank super divine beast. You really don’t know the meaning of death!” Feng Yan was instantly infuriated when he heard Feng Zhan, and he roared loudly. In the clan, he was a beast that was respected by his peers, yet a tiny second rank super divine beast

actually dared to humiliate him in front of him. He’d really lived long enough!

“Even if I’ma level-two super divine beast, I can still beat you up like a pig’s head. Humph! Aren’t you just a level-seven? What’s so great about that? My master’s’ food ‘rank is even higher than yours!” Feng Zhan said with a face full of disdain.

“pfft!” Hearing Feng Zhan’s words, Leng Ruoxue and the others couldn’t help but laugh.

“Where’s your Master? I want to kill him!” Feng Yan roared with rage from embarra.s.sment when he heard this laughter. Hmph! He’d lived for so many years and had always been a proud son of the heavens. When had he ever suffered such a humiliation!?

“You want to kill my master?”

“You want to kill me?”

Two voices rang out at the same time. Feng Zhan looked at Feng Yan as if he had heard a fantasy story while Leng Ruoxue was a little speechless as she said, wu… did she get shot again? This guy couldn’t win against Feng Zhan, so why did he start with her? Although she was here to get back at him for

the beast, what right did a smelly bird have to target her?

“You’re his master?” Feng Yan was stunned, and he looked at Leng Ruoxue with a stunned expression. How could there be such a beautiful human like Feng Xian who was called the number one beauty in the Phoenix Clan? Compared to this woman before him, even a phoenix had become a chicken!

“En, it’s real!” Leng Ruoxue nodded her head as her beautiful eyes sized up the pretty boy in front of her. Oh, this fire phoenix’s skin is tender and tender, and it’s strong. It looks quite delicious. Moreover, since he’s about to kill her, then there’s no need for her to be polite.

“Brother Yan, kill this woman for me.” Feng Xian, who was sitting on the bed, saw her man staring straight at another woman and suddenly roared with jealousy. However, what made her even angrier was that this woman was even more beautiful than her!

“Sigh!” Leng Ruoxue looked at the demon with slight grievance. Boohoo… someone wanted to kill her again, why was she so easy to kill? However, she had always thought that jealousy was human’s specialty, but now it seemed that the world of beastmen wasn’t peaceful either! However, wasn’t the person

this woman was jealous of Feng Miao? Why did it turn to her now? She really couldn’t figure it out no matter how hard she thought. Oh! No wonder people always said that a woman’s heart was like a needle in the ocean!

“Don’t be afraid. With me around, no one will be able to kill you!” The demon pulled Xue’er into his arms to comfort her. At the same time, his cold, bright eyes swept across Feng Xian in an unfriendly manner. Hmph! Two little birds actually wanted to kill her woman. These two birds had touched his soft

spot! Therefore, his heart was filled with killing intent!

“En, en!” Leng Ruoxue nodded. Hehe! The feeling of having a man to protect her was indeed different! She was so happy in her heart! In reality, no matter how strong a woman was, she still needed a man to protect her!

“Hmph! An adulterous pair!” On the bed, Feng Xian saw the two of them flirting with each other, her jealousy intensified, she shouted again, hmph! This is really infuriating, not only is this woman prettier than her, even her man is better than the man she had fought so hard to get! This is really

infuriating! At this moment, she had already forgotten that she was not human!

“Adulterous pair? Us?” Leng Ruoxue looked suspiciously at the demon.

“Mhm, it looks like they’re talking about us!” The demon shrugged his shoulders innocently and said helplessly. Boo… he and Xue’er were engaged! How did they become an adulterous couple in the mouth of that ugly woman?

“Haha!” At this moment, Feng Zhan Zai couldn’t help but laugh wildly as well. He truly admired this woman’s way of thinking. He was clearly the adulterous couple, yet she actually threw dirty water on his master. Thus, he could already foresee the outcome of this woman!

“What are you laughing at? You and Feng Miao are also an adulterous pair!” Feng Xian said angrily.

“Uh!” Feng Zhan really couldn’t laugh after hearing this. Boohoo… he felt wronged too! He and Feng Miao were obviously very pure colleagues, but when it came to that woman’s mouth, it was… sigh!

“Feng Xian, how shameless can you be! You and him are the adulterous pair, but now you are shamelessly accusing others, hmph! How can there be a clan member like you in the Phoenix Clan, I really feel ashamed for the Phoenix Clan!” Feng Miao pointed at Feng Xian and Feng Yan, she could not bear it

any longer and scolded.

“Hmph! Feng Miao, even though Feng Yan was once your fiance, he did not like you at all, he loved me! So, no matter what you do, it is useless, he will never change his mind, just give up on that thought! Furthermore, you actually colluded with outsiders to harm your clansmen, if your clansmen find out

about this, they will not let you off.” Feng Xian looked at Feng Miao provocatively, saying with a bit of pride.

“Aren’t you afraid we’ll kill the birds to silence them?” Leng Ruoxue said lightly. She really didn’t expect these three people to have such a complicated relations.h.i.+p. Sigh! Poor Fengmiao!

“We are the Phoenix Clan! You will not dare to kill us.” Feng Xian said confidently.

“Is that so? But, you’re all going to kill me. Do you think I’ll leave behind a hidden danger for myself?” Leng Ruoxue lightly smiled. Then, with a thought, she summoned her ‘food’ from her ring.

As soon as the ‘food’ appeared, the small room naturally could not contain them. Therefore, they all squeezed together. Suddenly, a few loud cracking sounds could be heard.. The house had already been torn apart, but there were no casualties in the room! Feng Xian and Feng Yan were both dumbfounded!

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