The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 2079 – Meteorite X-D13?

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Chapter 2079: Meteorite X-D13?

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To Mo Fei, work-related problems were not something worth worrying over.

“I’m annoyed at Qian Yikun,” Mo Fei answered Ding Junhui while eating. She had not eaten much today.

This was good. Not bad.

Ding Junhui sat opposite her and continued watching her eat. “How’s the investigation going?”

“Have you heard of Meteorite X-D13?” Mo Fei asked.

Meteorite X-D13?

Ding Junhui shook his head, indicating that he had never heard of it before.

“Right, you’re a mathematician. You should just focus on your mathematics.” After finishing her food, Mo Fei said that with a hand under her chin. She did not wish to involve her second brother too.

Ding Junhui got up to clear the table. “You should rest here first. Dad and Mom aren’t back yet. You can go back when they come back.”

After eating and drinking her fill, she went over to lie down on the sofa. “Second Brother, don’t tell me you still like Wen Shan? She’s your biological cousin.”

Ding Junhui paused and continued washing the dishes.

He could not really tell the nature of his feelings for Wen Shan right now.

Ding Junhui returned after washing the dishes. He looked at Mo Fei, who was still lying on the sofa, and went over to sit beside her. “I’ll clean up your room for you. If you don’t want to go to work, then don’t go. Uncle Liu has been in the company for so many years. He’ll manage on his own.”

Mo Fei was not concerned about what was going on in the company. She lay down on Ding Junhui’s lap directly. “Big Brother has Le Tian now. Are you really not going to find me a second sister-in-law?”

Ding Junhui did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I think you should go back to Qian Yikun soon. Now that Mom and Dad finally left the country, you’re here to rush me to get married again.”

She crossed her legs and stared at the ceiling. “How can you live in a place like this? Have Mom and Dad been here before?”

“They’ve been here before, and they like it. The place is a little small, but it’s enough for one person,” Ding Junhui said as he lowered his head to look at Mo Fei. “Is the world you used to live in so good that makes you want to go back so badly?”

Mo Fei laughed, but it sounded unnatural. “At least that world isn’t this complicated.”

“A world that is either black or white is really simple,” Ding Junhui said as he reached out to touch her head. “However, it’s not that easy to maintain a world that’s either black or white. Violence?”

“Isn’t that a simple matter? If you can’t stand the sight of someone, just beat them up. Who likes being like that lunatic, Qian Yikun? To him, it’s as if everyone’s being irresponsible just because they use their fists.” Mo Fei got angrier as she spoke.

Ding Junhui smiled. It was unclear whether it was because he felt sorry for Mo Fei or because he was mocking Qian Yikun. Qian Yikun was a straight man indeed.

“Feifei.” Ding Junhui held Mo Fei’s hand. Although he had not known his sister for long, perhaps because they were related by blood, there was not much distance between them. “I’ll go clean your room. Sleep early today.”

After Ding Junhui pushed her away, Mo Fei was now lying on the sofa as she looked at Ding Junhui who had gotten up. “Why are all of you so nice to me?”

To answer this question, Ding Junhui turned around to look at Mo Fei. “You’re my younger sister. Of course, I’ll treat you well.”

“Is it because everyone lost me back then?” Mo Fei did not doubt this possibility—that everyone treated her so well out of guilt.

When Ding Junhui heard Mo Fei’s reply, he thought for a while before turning in the direction where the room was. “Feifei, I treat you well because you’re my sister. Even if you grew up with us, I’d still give you the same treatment.”

“I don’t think you guys have ever explained to me how I got kidnapped in the past.” Mo Fei was still lying on the sofa, her hands directly under her cheeks. She looked at Ding Junhui, wanting an answer.

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