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Chapter 2082: Chapter 2082 wanted to go to the Ding Group

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Unfortunately, Le Tian’s mother fell for it.

Ding Junqi was a best actor himself, so why would he care whether he was good at acting or not?

He didn’t care at all, okay?

Therefore, Ding junqi was completely capable of coaxing le Tian’s mother to be happy.

However, Le Tian still wanted to go to the ding group’s elevator, if that was a way for her to recall everything.

“Previously, Yu Dong told me that there was a parent-child program that invited me. I was wondering if I wanted to partic.i.p.ate.”Ding junqi finally placed his gaze on his son.

Ding Yuejia:”…”

He suddenly felt that this was not a good thing.

“Aiyo, it’s the kind of program that is similar to where Daddy Goes. I really like that program.”Le Tian’s mother was a television addict, especially for variety shows. If her little grandson could partic.i.p.ate, that would be the best.

“It’s more or less the same. It’s just a kind of adventure show that brings children along. The people who partic.i.p.ate are not necessarily actors, but also elites from all walks of life,”Ding Junqi explained in detail.

“Like Gu Juexi?”Le Tian suddenly asked. If Gu Juexi were to partic.i.p.ate —

Ding junqi turned around and gave her an unfriendly look, but it was so that Le Tian’s parents would not see it. “What show do you think can afford to hire Gu Juexi?”

“If Gu Juexi were to partic.i.p.ate, the traffic would not need you, the best actor, to drive it,”Le Tian said and stood up with Ding Yuejia. “Let’s go. Mom bought you new clothes. Let’s go and try on some new clothes.”

Ding junqi:”…”

Her heart was pierced, and it was the kind that was pierced through.

“Ignore her.”Le Tian’s mother glared at her daughter and turned around with a smiling face. “But it’s such a young child. Wouldn’t it be unsafe to bring him on an adventure?”

“The safety crew must have some arrangements. The main reason is that Yuejia is too delicate sometimes. It’s good to bring him on an adventure.”The main reason was to let her son learn not to stick to her mother all day long.

Le Tian’s mother’s heart melted when she thought of her little grandson’s baby voice. She could completely forgive him for being delicate.

Ding Yuejia belonged to that category. No one could refuse his request once his baby voice was released. This child was simply cuter than ever.

“But, the child is so young –”

“Auntie, it’s alright. I heard from Yu Dong that the production team has invited an active-duty soldier to bring along a pair of dragon and Phoenix Twins. They are more than a year younger than Ding Yuejia. Young lady can partic.i.p.ate, and so can ding Yuejia.”Ding junqi was doing the work of Le Tian’s mother, “Furthermore, Le Tian also said before that Ding Yuejia doesn’t want to go to school and doesn’t want to interact with others. Just take it as bringing him out to interact with others.”

Le Tian’s mother heard that the young lady was going and thought about how she had taken Ding Yuejia with her for more than ten days. The Little Fellow did stay at home all day and didn’t want to go out. Even if he went downstairs, he didn’t like to play with other children.

This was a big problem.

“Alright then. You have to tell your parents about this. After all, Yuejia is so small. We are really worried.”Le Tian’s mother still felt sorry for her little grandson. If it was an ordinary variety show, then forget it. The main point was that it was an adventure, she was afraid that her little grandson would not be able to endure this hardship.

Ding Yuejia sneezed when he was changing his clothes. who was scheming against him?

“Are you cold?”Le Tian hurriedly reached out and touched his little body. Then, she turned the air conditioner up a little.

“Daddy must be thinking of ways to harm me..”Ding Yuejia snorted.

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