The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 2085 – finding a meteorite

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Chapter 2085 finding a meteorite

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Ding JUNQI entered the elevator. The strong light on the elevator was even stronger. He suddenly reached out to hold the edge of the elevator. At this time, the elevator had already closed, leaving behind a group of Ding employees and Ding Yuejia, who did not know anything.

‘Wen Shan was one step too late when she ran up. She went over and pressed the elevator b.u.t.ton a few more times, but it did not open.

“F * ck –“Wen Shan immediately cursed. Did she have to run down?

It wasn’t enough for one to go in, and now another one had gone in?

Were they rushing to die?

“Aunt.”Ding Yuejia stared at his big eyes and looked at Wen Shan pitifully. What happened to his parents?

‘Wen Shan looked down at Ding Yuejia. She reached out and pinched her waist, then continued to press the b.u.t.ton to descend.

In the elevator, Ding Junqi pressed the elevator with one hand and supported the unconscious le Tian with the other. He endured the dizziness in his head and tried his best to touch the floor b.u.t.ton. However, the b.u.t.ton seemed to be running further and further away from him.

“Le Tian, Le Tian.”Ding junqi lowered his head to look at the blurry le Tian in his arms and tried his best to fight against the dizziness.

At this moment, at a certain country’s secret research base.

“The signal of meteorite No. 13 has been found.”

‘With just one sentence, the research base exploded. This meteorite No. 13, which had disappeared for more than 20 years, finally appeared.

The Red Dot was finally confirmed to be somewhere.

“B City, ina renovation company.”

Ablack man pressed his hands on the table. “It’s indeed there. Inform the people of B City to move.”

In the elevator, the bright light was so dazzling that it was annoying.

Ding junqi growled and threw his phone over.

“Bang -—”

The phone instantly shattered. A palm-sized stone fell to the ground, and the bright light finally disappeared.

The silver-white stone rolled a few times on the ground and finally rolled to Ding Junqj’s feet. It touched his skin, which was exposed because of the creases on his pants. Then, the brightness decreased again until it disappeared.

“The signal is gone.”The people in the base watched the red dot disappear and tured to look at the black-skinned man.

“Ding jungi, it’s that man,”the man said. He reached out for his phone and dialed a number. “Why is Ding Junqi still alive?”

The people on the other side said something. The man directly threw the phone in his hand. “Let’s go to B city.”

Now, whoever got hold of the No. 13 meteorite would be in control.

The elevator reached the first floor and returned to the 15th floor.

‘Wen Shan saw the elevator door open, and the two people inside had already fainted.

“Brother, Le Tian.”Wen Shan hurriedly ran in. After she went in, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. “Ding Yuejia, help Auntie Press the b.u.t.ton.”

“Okay,”Ding Yuejia replied. He pressed the elevator switch with his little toes.

Wen Shan called for the staff to come over and help. When the staff helped Ding jungi out, the stone under his feet suddenly emitted a faint light. Wen Shan let out a low cry and hurriedly picked up the stone and placed it in Ding Junqj’s pocket, she roughly knew what this was.

It was much safer to place this deadly thing on her brother’s body.

‘The two of them were taken out. Wen Shan wanted to send them to the hospital, but Ding Yuejia could not be placed here either.

Ding Yuejia’s RV was downstairs, so Wen Shan directly brought Ding Yuejia down with her.

After getting into the car, Wen Shan said that they were going to the hospital, so she called Nalan Chunbo. “We found the meteorite, but now my brother and Le Tian have pa.s.sed out.. We’re on our way to the hospital now, and then –”

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