The First Order Chapter 1098: Beaten into seclusion

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Chapter 1098: Beaten into seclusion

The yellowed pages introduced Russell’s biography. “Russell, born in 1981 AD,

was one of the greatest sorcerers of his era.

“He had dedicated himself to the develop

nt of the magus order and

advocated recruiting civilians and foreign nationalities as new sorcerers so as

to introduce new blood into the sorcerers’ lineage.

“During The Cataclysm, he had led the magus order to search for new lands

with civilians to restart civilization. At that time, Russell was the idol of


“However, Russell was not only a great sorcerer but also one of the most

powerful archmages in sorcerer history.

“He was one of the wielders of and a past protector of the black Eye of True


“He dedicated his entire life to mastering the Meteor Shower spell, secondarily

supplementing it with Resist Fire and Fire Dragon..”

Russell’s biography was over a 1,0oo words long. Ren Xiaosu only realized after

reading for a while that the man was really powerful. Even the author of The

Sorcerer Chronicles was a fan of the guy.

However, his inclusive ideology was not in line with the blueprint of the magus

order of that era. That was why the Introduction to Sorcery was edited seven

times to the point where even the author’s name was not printed anymore.

Meanwhile, The Sorcerer Chronicles in front of him, which dated back 80 years

ago and had written Russell’s biography, could be considered fortunate to have

survived the censors.h.i.+p.

Ren Xiaosu skimmed through Russell’s biography. However, the earlier

portions were all about what this guy had done before. For example, it talked

about how the young Russell was a cheerful and energetic person, how he

helped his cla.s.smates, how he organized young sorcerers, and how he

established a new sorcerer a.s.sociation.

It was clear that Russell was very good at networking. At that time, he was

likely very active in the magus world.

It was written in the book. “Russell has the most outstanding talent in the

history of sorcerers, so much so that a large number of young magi who

gathered around hinm saw him as a role model for their own progression.

“With the arrival of a new era, Russell could not stand the feudal conservatism

of the magus order’s old guard and started gathering forces around him to seek

a revolution.

The magus order of the old era believed the Magi should prioritize protecting

their pure bloodlines, as well as protecting the secret of the Eye of True Sight

from being exposed. The old era’s magus order insisted the fate of the Magi

was tied to the Eye of True Sight, and that outsiders should not interfere as it

could very well lead to the Eye of True Sight becoming lost through the


“However, Russell believed that if the Magi wanted to be recognized by the

world, they must insist on having an inclusive mindset. Only by having more

and more people becoming sorcerers and influencing the world could they

stand and face the world.

“The interests of the old guard clashed with the young magi of the new era. A

large number of young sorcerers did not hesitate to go against their own clans

and follow in Russell’s footsteps.

“During this period, Russell had great charm and gained many followers.”

However, Russell underwent a midlife crisis, changing his personality.

The author of The Sorcerer Chronicles wrote, “When Russell was 47 years old,

he suddenly decided to resign from his position as the head of the Sorcerer

a.s.sociation. It was so sudden that no one was prepared for it. His good friend,

Tingens, wrote many letters to try to persuade Russell to continue leading the

New Sorcerer a.s.sociation forward. However, Russell did not agree to resuming

his role. Instead, he settled down and decided he wanted to study nonverbal


The Sorcerer Chronicles did not mention the reason for Russell’s change of


Upon reading this, Ren Xiaosu nodded to himself. It all made sense now. From

these events alone, he could confimm that Russell was indeed the Introduction

to Sorcery’s author.

As for why Russell’s personality had suddenly changed, Ren Xiaosu seriously

suspected Ren He had beaten Russell into seclusion.

Ren Xiaosu thought to himself, ‘Ren He was really brutal. He actually turned an

optimistic and cheerful social b.u.t.terfly into a recluse who spent all his time


It was quite a pity. Through the Introduction to Sorcery, it could be concluded

that Russell had still been unable to figure out a way to cast nonverbal spells even after researching for a long time. This was in spite of the fact he

possessed the black Eye of True Sight.

“But why didn’t this book mention anything about the two black Eyes of True

Sight? Ren Xiaosu wondered. “Melgor said he read about it in this book”

Ren Xiaosu flipped to the back and realized that between pages 31 and 61 of the

book was a compilation of letters between Russell and his good friend,


Tingens: Dear Russell, ever since you resigned from your position as the head

of the New Sorcerer a.s.sociation, the aristocrats have returnmed to their old

ways. They’re trying to drive away the foreign sorcerers so that they can

protect the pure bloodlines of the Magi and the Eye of True Sight. They feel

that sorcerers should not reveal themselves to the world. Our efforts have all

been in vain…

Russell wrote: Dear Tingens, I’nm aware of your worries. However, I’m currently

too preoccupied with researching nonverbal spells, so I don’t have the energy

to manage the New Sorcerer a.s.sociation. I hope you can choose a new leader to

lead you all forward..

Tingens: Respected Russell, please frankly tell me what caused this great

change in you. I’ll be dropping by to visit on the 15th of next month. I hope you won’t turn me away then..

Russel: Tingens, I don’t wish to see anyone right now. Life is short, and I have

to explore the infinite mysteries of sorcery within my limited lifespan. It’s

greatly distressing me.

Tingens: Dear Russell, I’m fine with not going over to bother you, but I hope

you can tell me what this is all about. Did a sorcerer from the old aristocracy

take your family hostage?

This time, the contents of Russell’s letter finally mentioned the most crucial

clue. “Dear Tingens, I encountered that powerful Central Plains rider, and he

took a black Eye of True Sight from me. You and I both understand what this

means. I’m no match for him.”

To put it more simply, “I can’t f.u.c.king defeat him. The black Eye of True Sight

has been taken away, and I’m embarra.s.sed to continue on as the leader of the

Sorcerer a.s.sociation!

“Get someone better, I’m way too ashamed!”

It was no wonder The Sorcerer Chronicles author did not mention this affair.

The author clearly had these verifiable exchanges and knew the reason for

Russell’s change of heart, yet he did not mention a word about it in the biography.

Ren Xiaosu suddenly felt like he understood the author’s thought process.

Imagine how it would feel when you realize your idol had suddenly been beaten

into seclusion.

The reason why The Sorcerer Chronicles author did not mention this was

because he had also been plunged into depression!

In truth, Ren Xiaosu found this matter quite surprising. He did not expect Ren

He to be such a terrifying figure in that era.

He continued reading and suddenly had his attention captured by another

exchange of letters.

Tingens: Dear Russell, I’m very sorry to hear about this. I feel very sad for you

too… but I don’t understand why that Central Plains rider would want to take

the Eye of True Sight away from you.

Russell: He said he wants to use the Eye of True Sight to save his child.

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