The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1031: Softhearted

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Chapter 1031: Softhearted

Nangong Yu was only puzzled for a moment, then he immediately said, “In this case, we will go to Yongan City to inquire about it. If we follow their trail, I believe we can find a clue.”

Hexi nodded, then her cold glamorous face slowly became frosty and murderous, “I want to see who is so bold to touch my spiritual pets!”

Several people swiftly bid farewell to Zhuge Feng and Zhuge Xiaotian, ignoring the enthusiasm of Zhuge and his son to stay.

It was just that Hexi didn’t expect that as soon as she left the City Lord’s Mansion, she ran into Master Yuehua.

Moreover, at this time, Master Yuehua’s face was pale. There was blood on his mouth. His spiritual power seemed to be unstable too. He was seriously injured.

As soon as he saw Hexi, he immediately exclaimed, “Miracle Healer Xi, you… it’s great that you are here! Hurry, go and save your spiritual pets!”

Hexi’s pupils shrank suddenly. She lent him a hand and said in a deep voice, “You saw my spiritual pets?”

“Yes! Yes!” Master Yuehua coughed a few times with blood coming out from his mouth, but he didn’t care about it at all. “I saw the Yunlan Sect’s people took your 4 spiritual pets. “

“Yunlan Sect!” Hexi slowly uttered these 3 words in an icy low voice as if she wanted to tear apart these words.

Even Bai Hu, who was listening beside, felt a chill down his spine.

Our princess rarely gets angry, and this time she is really infuriated. It seems that Yunlan Sect is going to suffer!

Gu Liufeng on the side suddenly said, “Xi Yue, that day Bai Hu and I went to Li Family to collect debts. Little Egg and the others were showing great power. Before I left, I saw that Li Family’s Patriarch Li Zongming looked at Little Egg and the others with strange gaze. Sorry, I saw that at the time, but I didn’t think deeply. I didn’t expect them to dare to make a move.”

In fact, Gu Liufeng asked someone to take care of Little Egg and other spiritual pets these days, but after so many days, the Li Family didn’t do anything, so Gu Liufeng thought he was overthinking.

Unexpectedly, this group of people actually dared to kidnap the little ones.

If I knew it earlier, I will pay more attention or tell Xi Yue. If it weren’t for my carelessness, Little Egg and the others would not disappear and Xi Yue didn’t have to be so worried.

Hexi sneered indifferently, “Gu Liufeng, what are you struggling with? How can you always guard against the thief? Even if you are well prepared, they will also find opportunities to take advantage of it. So, the best way is not to prevent thieves from stealing, but to beat up the group of thieves until they remember the pain in their spines, then they will never dare to provoke us again!”

Gu Liufeng stunned slightly, then he suddenly clenched his fists and chuckled softly, “Yes, I understand!”

Nangong Yu suddenly said slowly, “Instead of letting them remember the pain in their spines, it is better to eliminate the danger forever. Xi’er, you are still too soft-hearted.”

Bai Hu, who was listening beside, almost staggered in fright.

He just thought that Yunlan Sect was really poor to offend the princess, but now he knew that the worst thing about Yunlan Sect was not to offend the princess but the princess that his master who pampered like his life.

Tsk tsk, I am the one who witnessed the extinction of the Liu Li Sect with my own eyes, and now I have to witness the end of the Yunlan Sect again!

I almost want to grieve at these poor cannonfodders!

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