The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 543

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The girl’s facial features were still immature, but she had a long nose, small lips, long eyelash, and slanting eyes. Every detail looked like it was carved by an artist. Every inch of her skin was so smooth as if it would break by the wind. It was obvious that when this young lady grew up, she would be a resplendent beauty after getting rid of her tenderness.

Feng Lianying was astounded on the spot, staring deadly at the girl in front of her eyes. Her hands clenched into fists.

She already hated and was jealous of Xi Yue so much when she was pretending as a man. However, now that she found out that Xi Yue wasn’t a man but a woman who was a hundred times beautiful than her.

Yes! More beautiful than her Feng Lianying, and it was a hundred times more beautiful!

Feng Lianying couldn’t stand the fact that she turned her head to see her fellow apprentices.

All of them showed an obsessed expression on each of their faces. Each eye stared at Hexi; they were unwilling to look away.

Looking at those obsessed looks, they seemed to have forgotten about the intention of this trip.

Even Nie Jinchen, who was always obsessed with her, also looked lost. The pair of eyes were full of surprise and l.u.s.t.

Why?! Why does this b.i.t.c.h always want to compete with me?

Why does this b.i.t.c.h like to seduce men so much ?!

These fellow apprentices of her always praised her like a fairy, saying that the other women were all mediocre women, and only her Feng Lianying was the G.o.ddess that could charm the man all over the world.

Those sweet words seemed to be still in her ears, but at the moment, they all looked at Xi Yue with fiery eyes. They completely forgot Feng Lianying’s existence.

Did Brother Yu know her female ident.i.ty long ago, that is why he is so obsessed with her and cherishes her, and even… even wants to marry her?

No! I don’t allow this to happen; I will never allow it!!

Feng Lianying suddenly screamed sternly, “Why are you all just standing there? Quickly catch this shameless b.i.t.c.h!”

The people who were obsessed with Hexi finally woke up, and their faces turned red.

But Feng Lianying was the young master of Liu Li Sect; the only niece of the Feng Family. If they disobeyed Feng Lianying’s order, they could no longer stay in Liu Li Sect.

So after being shocked, these people quickly went behind Hexi and surrounded her.

Hexi took a deep breath. She felt the surge of spiritual power in her body.

Just before Feng Lianying and others came over, she had already taken a medical pill.

This medicinal pills could quickly stimulate her potential, allowing her to exhibit 60% of her original strength in a short period of time. Of course, there would be side effects later, but she couldn’t care much at this time.

However, it would take a while for these medical pills to work. Therefore, when Feng Lianying and the others approached her, Hexi took no action.

As for the makeup on her body, after Feng Yunjing removed her face mask and the vest, she only focused on treating herself and the few little ones. She didn’t have time to redress. She only had one human skin mask of Nalan Hexi, so she wanted to bother about it after reaching the rank four magical beast area. She didn’t expect to be blocked here by Feng Lianying.

Hexi took a deep breath and looked at Feng Lianying who showed a crooked face, then she said slowly, “Feng Lianying, I have no grievance with you, why do you keep pestering me?”

“No grievance?!” Feng Lianying suddenly uttered a harsher scream; her face was twisting.

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