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Chapter 2718: Unraveled

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The divine halos emanating from the character “xing” widened and flooded Ye

Futian. He was immersed in the s.p.a.ce encompa.s.sed by the character and came face-to-face with the illusory figure.

The illusory figure kept moving, anda miraculous will burst forth. Many other illusory figures were formed in the surrounding s.p.a.ce. “This is..” exclaimed someone. The surrounding cultivators felt their hearts tremble violently. All of them had their eyes fixed on the shocking scene before them. The divine stone remained floating in the sky. After the character “xing” had been activated, the divine stone emitted a divine light which enveloped Ye

Futian’s body. It was as though a domain was sealed in the stone, and the character was the key to unsealing it.

This looks like a divine technique,” someone commented. “Hmm. This might be the way the old Heaven Court recorded their divine methods. Instead of carving them on the walls, they sealed the methods in the divine stones. One would need to unseal the stones with their power of the

Great Path before they could comprehend the methods,” a.n.a.lyzed Supreme

Swordlord. “In that case, does it mean that each divine stone here represents a unique divine technique of the Old Heaven Court?

House Deva was the head of the Eight Legions. Under the command of the ancient Heavenly Emperor, the Old Heaven Court had countless Tianshens.

They never lacked divine techniques. Surely, they possessed many unusual divine methods. There were innumerable divine stones in the ruins, but it was nothing shocking considering that these were the divine treasures of the Old

Heaven Court. “We have more than 100 divine stones here,” someone stated.

This amount might mean nothing to the members of the Old Heaven Court, but was astounding for thoOse who were present here. If all 100 divine stones here contained divine methods in them, it meant that Ye Futian’s group was now in possession of more than 100 divine techniques from ancient times.

This was undoubtedly sensational news.

The divine treasures of the Old Heaven Court were hidden in some rubble. Who would have thought of that? If the cultivators from the Heaven Realm learned of this, they would most likely rue their loss of the golden opportunity. The rubble was right under their noses, yet they didn’t even take a look at it. “It’s a divine technique,” announced Ye Futian as he turned around to look at the crowd.

His eyes gleamed with excitement as well. If 10o divine stones corresponded with 100 divine methods, the cultivators of the Ziwei Segmentum would never lack divine techniques from now on. Everyone would have access to top-tier methods.

They had pills that could aid them in improving their bodies and talents. The relics of the Great Emperors which they had seized would allow them to continue experiencing transformation. Now, they had divine techniques which they would cultivate. The members of the Ziwei Segmentum were indeed blessed to have so many cultivation resources. The resources they had were on par with that of Emperor-level forces. The Ziwei Segmentum was even better in some aspects.

The only difference between the Ziwei Segmentum and Emperor-level forces was that the former did not have a Great Emperor who could contend with the six Great Emperors in the world currently.

Aside from Ziwei Imperial Palace, Ye Futian intended to slowly build up the other forces in the Ziwei Segmentum. Over time, those forces would surely become as powerful as the top forces in other worlds. of course, due to the recent major changes, everything would be different in the future. More and more extraordinary cultivators would emerge. “This divine technique is a remarkable movement method. That’s why the divine stone in which it is stored has the character “xing” engraved,” Ye Futian said in a low voice. In that case, the character carved on each divine stone was more than just the key to activate it. It was als0 a label.

The character symbolized the type of divine technique that was stored in the stone. “Jian!

Supreme Swordlord looked towards the divine stone with the character “Jian” carved onto it. If Ye Futian’s explanation was valid, then the technique sealed inside this character was the swordsmans.h.i.+p created by the Tianshens. A sense of antic.i.p.ation welled up inside him. Even though he had reached perfection in his Taishang Swordsmans.h.i.+p, there were still other top-tier swordsmans.h.i.+ps in the world that were worth comprehending. Even if he chose not to cultivate the swordsmans.h.i.+p hidden in the stone, he could still apply its strength in perfecting his technique. “Swordlord, please have a try,” Ye Futian said upon noticing the gaze of

Supreme Swordlord. The latter nodded. The next moment, the will of Taishang

Swordsmans.h.i.+p gushed towards the targeted divine stone. The intense might of Taishang Swordsmans.h.i.+p pressed onto the divine stone, causing a faint glow to light upon the character.

When the crowd saw this scene, they thought, Supreme Swordlord’s cultivation is more vital than that of Palace Lord, yet he could not unravel the mystery of the divine stone as smo0othly as the latter. This was perhaps due to the difference in their wills of the Great Path. Ye Futian had merged the power of the Divine Ruler in his will. Therefore, he could easily activate a divine stone.

Supreme Swordlord continued to push more of his will into the divine stone.

The character grew brighter and brighter, and gradually, an unparalleled divine halo of swordsmans.h.i.+p burst forth from it. After that, a domineering divine halo of swordsmans.h.i.+p poured out from the stone. The light emanated a sharp will, causing many cultivators among the crowd to retreat uncontrollably and disperse. Supreme Swordlord was the only one who remained in his original spot. His gaze was fixed on the character as he immersed himself in this extraordinary Sword Will. “He opened it!” someone exclaimed.

It is true. Each divine stone contains a divine technique,” someone else added.

The cultivators of Ziwei Imperial Palace felt their hearts throbbing. Of course, it was the same for the cultivators of the West Imperial Palace. Before this, their speculation was enough to make them very excited. Now, the scene before them had proven without a doubt that their guesses were correct

The divine stones contained divine techniques.

There were more than 100 divine techniques here.

Ye Futian was also somewhat excited. He said to the others, “All of you, give it a try. See whether you can unlock the divine stones.”

The crowd nodded their heads and began to try out the divine stones. Yet, no one managed to succeed after this.

Even ‘Two Tribulation Plane cultivators could not immediately unlock the divine stones.

The divine stone, with the character “xing” carved on it, dimmed in Ye Futian’s hand. It appeared that without him providing his power of the Great Path, the stone would reseal itself. He did not pay it heed as he looked at the others.It was not the time for him to cultivate now anyways.

When he saw that no one managed to unravel the mystery behind the divine stones, Ye Futian frowned slightly. It seemed that these divine stones would not be figured out so easily. It was just that his power was unique, and the ability of Supreme Swordlord was extraordinary. Their Great Paths were also compatible with the powers within the divine stones. Hence, they had managed to unlock them.

Things weren’t as simple for the others. “G.o.ddess Chiyao,” Ye Futian called out to Xi Chiyao. Xi Chiyao s.h.i.+fted her gaze towards him. Ye Futian pointed at a divine stone and said, “Try that one.”

Xi Chiyao looked at it. The character “yu” was carved on it. “Alright!” replied Xi Chiyao as she nodded. She understood Ye Futian’s intention. He must have guessed that to unlock the divine stones, the characters on them needed to be compatible with one’s cultivation.

The divine power of Raindrop Divine Sword surged into her fingers as Xi

Chiyao pointed at the divine stone. Immediately, raindrops shot towards it and traced out the character. Gradually, the character lit up with a faint glow. “That’s it,” said Xi Chiyao as a look of excitement flashed past in her eyes. Not long after, she unraveled the mystery of this divine stone and appeared within its domain. The entire world became a world of rain. She saw the Rain G.o.d of the past. She felt emotional. This power was very compatible with her cultivation.

When Ye Futian saw this scene, he understood something. From the looks of it, they needed to fulfill two important conditions to unlock the secrets of the divine stones. They needed to have a powerful enough Great Path, and their

Great Path had to be compatible with the divine stones.

Only then could they unlock the divine stones and peer into the divine techniques contained within them.

Among those present here, Ye Futian, Supreme Swordlord, and Xi Chiyao were the only three who managed to unlock a divine stone so far.

Speaking of which, the majority of the members of the other forces, which had seized the divine stones, would not be able to activate the stones either. Only very few top figures could decipher the mysteries of the divine stones.

Ye Futian wondered, “Can my power unlock all the divine stones?” He looked towards another divine stone. Emerald-green divine light shone from his body.

Divine power surged out from his Life Palace and rushed into the stone.

A moment later, changes occurred to the stone as it radiated divine halos. “I can!” Ye Futian said to himself. Then, he attempted to open other divine stones. As the characters on the divine stones lit up one by one, the crowd noticed that Ye Futian could activate all of them. His power of the Great Path seemed to be compatible with everything.

This meant that they had access to all 100 divine stones here. They could cultivate the divine techniques sealed in every stone unhindered.

However, they would need to trouble Ye Futian in the process. They required his help to unseal the divine stones.

Ye Futian stopped trying. He sank deep into his thoughts as he stared at the divine stones. It would take him a long time to sort through the contents of all the divine stones before he could match each stone with a suitable cultivator

However, this was not a sustainable solution. The others would still need to depend on themselves to activate the divine stones in order to cultivate the techniques anytime they wanted.

Aside from this, Ye Futian thought of another thing. These divine stones were very valuable!

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