The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2810 – Did You Catch Him?

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Chapter 2810: Did You Catch Him?

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How could Lu Qi do that!

He Zhengbai’s expression was dark. Just as he was about to push open the door and rush in, someone held his wrist.

“Master He, you can’t go in. Don’t forget that the outside world does not know about your marriage with Lu Qi,” said the a.s.sistant who was brought along by He Zhengbai.

The a.s.sistant was a.s.signed specifically to He Zhengbai by the He family; he was skilled.

The a.s.sistant also knew about Lu Qi cheating and planning to climb the ranks using unspoken rules.

He came with He Zhengbai because it was not convenient for He Zhengbai to face this.

He Zhengbai touched his chin while looking at the doork.n.o.b with a dark expression.

The a.s.sistant understood, took out the room card, swiped it, opened the door, and rushed in immediately.

This was too unexpected.

The two who were inseparable in bed did not expect or worry that someone would come in while they were having a good time in the room.

n.o.body could enter without a room card.

Suddenly, an outsider barged in.

And the two were too into what they were doing, so they did not notice that a.s.sistant.

That a.s.sistant rushed in without talking, took out his phone, which already had its camera opened, and started taking a huge amount of photos of the two people in bed.

Lu Qi was just acting. Actually, she did not feel anything at all.

So after Lu Qi had acted for a while, she felt bored. She did not stop making noises, but she opened her eyes to look at the television in front.

She thought about how, if she had not turned off the television, she would still have been able to watch some television shows. How nice it would have been.

But she did not expect to see a stranger standing in front of the bed when she opened her eyes.

Lu Qi jumped.

No matter how immoral she was, she was not planning to have s.e.x in front of others!

Lu Qi’s body was cold. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

The director was drenched in sweat as he suddenly became soft, scared by the scream.

He turned around and saw He Zhengbai’s a.s.sistant.

It was as if He Zhengbai’s a.s.sistant did not see their shocked and furious looks.

He continued to take pictures rapidly, capturing the front and the faces of the two clearly.

The director and Lu Qi finally came to their senses.

Lu Qi screamed as she took the blanket to cover herself.

The director reached out to block the camera and tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the a.s.sistant’s phone while shouting, “Who are you? How did you come in?!”

The a.s.sistant had captured everything that he needed to. He ran out without saying another word.

The director wanted to rush out.

However, he was not wearing any clothes, so he could not do so.

But he could not just let that person escape.

The director hurriedly wrapped a towel around himself and rushed out.

But he was delayed for quite a bit, and He Zhengbai and his a.s.sistant were gone.

The director was enraged.

A person rus.h.i.+ng in to take pictures all of a sudden was definitely not a good thing.

Even if he was not famous, he was a person with a family.

It was definitely not a good thing to be fishy.

The director returned to the room angrily.

Lu Qi had put on her clothes. When he came back, she asked him, “Where is he? Did you catch him?”

“No, he’s gone.” The director also put on some clothes. “What’s wrong with that person?!”

The director had asked Lu Qi this.

He did not know whether it was for Lu Qi.

However, Lu Qi no longer had any news value.

Unless she made herself ill, even the paparazzi was too lazy to deal with her.

The director suspected, could it be that his own wife knew?

However, as a director, these things always happened.

The unspoken rules that involved female stars who could not be famous.. There were also quite a few low-tier movie stars who came to him.

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