The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2813 – You Want to Expose Me?

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Chapter 2813: You Want to Expose Me?

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That agony took away the strength from his limbs. It was so painful that he wanted to cry. It was the most painful experience in his life.

He Zhengbai raised his head and pointed ferociously at Lu Qi. “b.i.t.c.h!”

“You touched me. Don’t think of living a good life!” screamed Lu Qi vigorously

He Zhengbai was so enraged that his hand was shaking. “I want to divorce!”

Lu Qi heard this, but she was not afraid at all. “Divorce? If you divorce me, I will spill everything that you did! Aren’t you unwilling to admit to the public that you’re already married to me, even saying that you’ve broken up with me? “If you dare to divorce me, I will expose you. I’ll say that you’re already married to me, but you still pretend to be single, lying to the daughters of the rich. The netizens will not care about it after the hype dies down about you hiding your marriage. However, those daughters of the rich you have lied to and who have their families behind them, will they not care too?”

Lu Qi sneered

Since they were all daughters of big families, who would not have pride?

Even if they would not be in charge of their marriage in the future and they might not get married to the people that they liked, there was n.o.body who could lie to them and make them mistresses like that.

He Zhengbai’s case was not as simple as lying about marriage.

He was playing around with them as if they were idiots. He was also playing with the families of the girls as if they were idiots.

Only He Zhengbai was smart, right?

To such families, this was extremely shameful.

Their daughters were perfectly fine, but they were lied to and became


Which family would be willing to accept that? However, those who were involved with He Zhengbai would be talked about behind their backs.

To show their innocence, these families would target the He family like crazy, showing that they were also lied to.

After learning the truth, they would be furious.

They were also victims.

Lu Qj sneered. Can you handle this?

Seeing the change in his expression, Lu Qi thought that he was scared. Lu Qi mocked him coldly. “Huh! If you knew this, why did you dig your own grave? Divorce me? You wis.h.!.+”

Unexpectedly, after Lu Qi finished saying this, He Zhengbai suddenly laughed.

And his laughter was very proud. Lu Qi held her swollen face while looking at He Zhengbai, full of surprise. Looking at Lu Qi now, He Zhengbai only had hatred for her. The Lu Qi now was not good-looking: both sides of her face were swollen after getting hit by him. They were red and swollen, like two big red steamed buns.

They were in symmetry.

Lu Qi had dressed up before going to the director; her face still had makeup.

But because she was. .h.i.t, her hair was disheveled.

She was like a maniac.

The makeup on her face was heavy as she was messing around with the director.

Now, she had been slapped twice, and there were tears that flowed out because of the pain

As such, her whole face was full of colors, extremely ugly.

But He Zhengbai still could not forget the scene that he saw in the director’s room just now. Although the one who went in to take pictures was the a.s.sistant, when the door was opened, He Zhengbai also saw Lu Qi and the director together from outside.

He Zhengbai did not have any feelings for Lu Qi. Instead, he felt annoyed by


Even if she was willing to go to bed with him, he would not seek out Lu Qi.

However, when he saw that scene, He Zhengbai still felt angry and disgusted.

Being betrayed by Lu Qi, he felt like he was cheated on a lot.

“You want to expose me?” He Zhengbai sneered. Lu Qj saw his reaction, which was completely different from what she imagined, and she froze without saying a single word.

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