The Photoplay Part 6

If you are looking for The Photoplay Part 6 you are coming to the right place.
The Photoplay is a Webnovel created by Hugo Munsterberg.
This lightnovel is currently completed.

Psychotherapy pp. 401, New York, 1909

Psychology and the Teacher pp. 330, New York, 1910

American Problems pp. 222, New York, 1910

Psychologie und Wirtschaftsleben pp. 192, Leipzig, 1912

Vocation and Learning pp. 289, St. Louis, 1912

Psychology and Industrial Efficiency pp. 321, Boston, 1913

American Patriotism pp. 262, New York, 1913

Grundzuge der Psychotechnik pp. 767, Leipzig, 1914

Psychology and Social Sanity pp. 320, New York, 1914

Psychology, General and Applied pp. 488, New York, 1914

The War and America pp. 210, New York, 1914

The Peace and America pp. 276, New York, 1915

The Photoplay New York, 1916

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