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Chapter 1718: The Supreme G.o.d 3

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Bi Ling spat out a mouthful of blood and raised her head to look at Si Mobai ferociously. She then laughed out loud and said, “As long as we get married, I will listen to anything you say.”

This was Wu Ya and also Si Mobai. So what? She wanted him for himself. She wanted him since a thousand years ago.

As long as he was hers, whatever happened in the process had nothing to do with her.

Si Mobai glanced at her coldly. If this body wasn’t Lan’er’s sister, he would not bother to show mercy? After all, he had said that he would protect the people Lan’er cared about. He would never go back on his words.

Bi Ling looked at Si Mobai, who did not even want to look at her, and her eyes were filled with deep hatred. This man was actually able to go to such an extent for Feng Tianlan. It really made her gnash her teeth in hatred.

What was so good about Feng Tianlan for her to make Si Mobai give so much. Even with Wu Ya had, he still thought of her. Could it be that he felt that Feng Tianlan was Yunyi?

No, she definitely would not let it go just like that!

Since she could not get Wu Ya like that, then she had to s.n.a.t.c.h Feng Tianlan’s body. She had to get him, be it his body or his heart!

Si Mobai descended from the Floating Island. After confirming that Feng Tianlan was no longer there, he landed in front of the State Preceptor. Within a radius of ten miles, it was still a complete mess.

The State Preceptor raised his head and looked at Si Mobai. “It went very smoothly.”

There was no zhusha mole at his glabella. Even his demonic qi had become much fainter. He had directly advanced to the Supreme Spiritual Force and became a Supreme G.o.d. He could be said to be the only person in the Wushang Continent to undergo such a transformation.

“Lan’er, she…” Not a bit of coldness could be sensed from Si Mobai’s body. There was only sadness and sorrow, as well as a deep sense of guilt and self-blame.

The State Preceptor saw his expression and raised his eyebrows slightly. “She’s very sad. Watching her cry can make one’s heart break.”

That was because her heart had also broken.

Si Mobai pursed his lips and let out a long breath. “Even if it’s Wu Ya, there are things that he doesn’t know how to do. For the Heart Linking Poison, unless the person who poisoned her is willing to cure it, there’s no other way. Now that the poison has been cured, there’s still remaining poison, so I still have to endure a little.”

“So you agree to all of my requests?”

Si Mobai chuckled, “She’s not worthy.”

The compromise now was just a strategy for him. Unless he had no other choice, he would not easily give up on Lan’er.

“Your natal contract and blood oath?” The State Preceptor looked at Si Mobai doubtfully. He was very doubtful about this.

Si Mobai raised his hand and touched his glabella, thinking about Feng Tianlan’s heartbroken gaze at that time, “The one who signed the natal contract and made the blood oath was Si Mobai, not Wu Ya.”

Therefore, his natal contract with Lan’er was still there. So was his blood oath to her.

Hearing Si Mobai’s words, the State Preceptor could not help but raise his eyebrows. So it was a game of words. According to him, there was indeed no way to break the natal contract and the blood oath. It would only give Feng Tianlan the illusion that it was already broken.

After all, only Si Mobai could do it alone.

“Let’s go.” Si Mobai glanced at the state preceptor and said indifferently.

“Where are we going?” The State Preceptor felt that after Si Mobai’s spiritual power was released, the king’s aura around him became even stronger, and the feeling of submission in his heart became even stronger.

If it was in the past, he would feel that it was unfair for Si Mobai to be a ruler while he was only a subject.. He felt that he could be of the same level as Si Mobai.

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