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Chapter 1719: The Supreme G.o.d 4

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But now, he would not resist the idea of Si Mobai being the ruler while he was a servant. There was no room for resistance. He could only obey and he meant it from the bottom of his heart.

Si Mobai did not speak and the State Preceptor followed.

Si Mobai had already advanced to the peak of his spiritual power. His supreme spiritual power was completely allowed him to fly in the air at an extremely fast speed. On the other hand, the State Preceptor’s spiritual power, which was initially better, was slightly slower so he could only barely follow.

In a few hours, the two of them appeared at the edge of the Demonic Beasts Forest. It was a place to the South. In this cold winter, the sky which was filled with white clouds coupled with the contrast of the Demonic Beasts Forest that stretched for tens of thousands of miles, made it look like a fairyland.

“This is the pa.s.sageway between the Wushang Continent and the Xuantian Continent.”

A thousand years ago, the two continents were still in contact. However, after the great battle between the three demiG.o.ds, the pa.s.sageway had been locked down and could not be opened.

Si Mobai gently nodded and raised his hand for his spiritual force. This caused the white clouds in the sky to disperse. Soon, a tall White Jade Bridge appeared before them. It was like a stairway to heaven.

The State Preceptor looked at Si Mobai’s actions in confusion. He raised his eyebrows slightly. “Did you make this White Jade Bridge?”

This was a bridge that blocked the two continents from interacting. Only Feng Tianlan could use it. Even if he came from Xuantian Continent, he did not use this White Jade Bridge.

“This is a formation. I want to change it.” Si Mobai lifted his foot and walked up. His infinite spiritual force seemed to have met its master and happily surrounded him.

The State Preceptor raised his eyebrows and also stood up. “Uh-huh?”

“Let all those who pa.s.s be able to advance to the Virtual Realm.”

“Uh-huh?” The State Preceptor was even more confused. However, he was very shocked by the vague idea he had in his heart.

Si Mobai did not explain. He only glanced at the State Preceptor and raised his hand to circulate his spiritual force. “Let’s begin.”

The State Preceptor glanced at him, then stood up to the east and released his divine power.

The White Jade Bridge gradually revealed its full appearance and then revealed a formation. Si Mobai waved his spiritual force and changed the formation. The aggressive formation gradually became gentle and the spiritual force became even more intense.

From nighttime to daytime, and then to nighttime. After three days, the formation was formed.

The State Preceptor was already weak from helping Si Mobai break the seal. Now, he was even weaker and even started to pant. On the other hand, Si Mobai did not even take a deep breath or frown.

This was the power of a Supreme G.o.d!

Si Mobai looked at the new formation and glanced at the State Preceptor. “Go to the City of Heaven and bring the United Mercenary Regiment. Bring a hundred people. If you can, bring Xi Lin and her daughter.”

“As expected.” The State Preceptor was not surprised by this answer.

Si Mobai changed the formation for the people related to Feng Tianlan. He wanted to elevate them to the Virtual Realm so that he could help Feng Tianlan establish a reliable force. Moreover, it was those people were her family and friends from the Xuantian Continent.

This was really…

Si Mobai was really willing to do anything for Feng Tianlan. As for the State Preceptor, he had already been reduced to become a bodyguard.

“Crystal Ball.” Si Mobai extended his hand to the State Preceptor.

The State Preceptor looked at him in confusion and handed the crystal ball over. “What do you want to investigate?”

Si Mobai had the Supreme G.o.d’s spiritual force. He was even more domineering than Wu Ya from a thousand years ago.. Even he could not resist.

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