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Chapter 1720: The Supreme G.o.d 5

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Si Mobai looked at the crystal ball in his palm and raised his eyebrows slightly. He only had one chance to use it now so he had to treasure it. There was no need to think about the antidote of the poison. He knew about this poison, and he would not be able to cure it unless Bi Ling helped to do so.

As for his and Lan’er’s fate, he would naturally control it in his hands, so…

Si Mobai had already thought about what he wanted to see this time. He raised his hand and injected the Supreme G.o.d’s spiritual force into the crystal ball. He wrote four words on it: find Luo Yunzhu.

As the words disappeared, Luo Yunzhu’s fiery red figure appeared in the crystal ball. He could not help but raise his eyebrows and smile. “It’s good that you’re still alive.”

At this moment, with Luo Yunzhu and Xi Lin by Lan’er’s side, it would be much better even if she was not around.

When the State Preceptor saw the display on the crystal ball, he could not help but raise his eyebrows. Did he just use the crystal ball to look for an unrelated woman?

Si Mobai returned the crystal ball to the State Preceptor. “You have ten days to bring them to the Wushang Continent.”

As he said this, Si Mobai’s figure disappeared. He had to return to the Wuya Holy Shrine and get someone to bring Luo Yunzhu to the Xuanchu Nation. This was so that Lan’er would have something to rely on.

When The State Preceptor saw Si Mobai’s figure flash past, he could not help but raise his eyebrows. He had really become a guard and could be ordered around whenever he was called.

It was better not to think too much about it. He should hurry up and do something and bring her over. No matter what, this matter could at least create a good impression in front of Feng Tianlan, right.


Feng Tianlan returned to the city and looked at the people on the streets who were still in shock. Her entire person was in a daze as if she had lost her soul. She stood at the fork in the road and was even more confused.

Should she return to the Si Manor or the Feng Manor?

Where could she consider to be her home?

These people all had Mobai’s figure, but she had already lost Mobai.

“Feng Tianlan.” Shen Yuan was extremely worried about Feng Tianlan’s safety. She ran out of the streets and searched the entire city for her whereabouts. After searching for a few hours, she still could not find her. She was really worried. She was really afraid that something would happen to her.

Shen Yuan shouted Feng Tianlan’s name loudly on the street. Just as she was about to turn around, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Feng Tianlan’s figure. Such a beautiful person could be seen with just a glance from the crowd.

“Feng Tianlan, where have you been? Do you know how dangerous it is outside? You have been gone for a few days and you didn’t even inform your family. Do you know…” Shen Yuan rushed up, held her hands, and scolded her angrily. However, upon noticing her silence, she felt strange and looked up at her eyes. Shen Yuan was completely stunned.

Her reddened eyes had lost all other color and light. Her hopelessness could be seen in her eyes.

At this moment, Shen Yuan could not bring herself to scold Feng Tianlan who was half a head shorter than her. Then, she reached out and hugged her in her arms, “Don’t cry, it’s alright. Sister is here, did you get bullied? Tell me. I will help you beat someone up and get justice for you.”

The sudden hug and protective words made Feng Tianlan regain her senses. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something but did not know what to say. She only quietly allowed Shen Yuan to hug her.

She wanted Mobai, she would rather not remove the poison.. She would rather die than have Mobai leave her.

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